• According to reports, Toyota announced that it has recalled more than 1 million vehicles worldwide because its airbags will automatically start in the absence of an accident and will not work in the event of an accident. On November 1st, local time, Toyota issued a statement stating that an electrical short could damage the circuit, causing the airbag and seatbelt warning device to fail, or causing these systems to inadvertently start. Toyota did not say whether the failure caused any accident or injury. The Toyota dealer will replace the airbag control unit of the recalled vehicle and the owner will be notified in December.
    car Gasgoo 10 hours ago
  • Last year, domestic car sales reached 28.88 million, far exceeding the US's 17.24 million. China has been the world's number one car sales for nine consecutive years. But this year, domestic car sales may stop at this highest data. In October, today, according to the weekly domestic passenger car sales data released by the Association in the past three weeks, the car retail sales in October has dropped by 23%. This is the fourth consecutive month of negative growth this year, and will undoubtedly continue the decline in the next two months. That is to say, the year-on-year negative growth of domestic auto sales will become a reality.
    car People's Network 10 hours ago
  • The competition pattern of the new energy automobile industry chain has quietly changed. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the production and sales of new energy vehicles are still strong, but the subsidies have subsided, and the production capacity of the upstream industries in the upstream of the industrial chain has been fully released. Still benefiting from the high-growth of the industry, the rapid development of new energy vehicles in recent years has attracted 46 listed companies in the New Third Board to enter the relevant industrial chain, competing for business opportunities from vehicle manufacturing, battery motor electronic control, lithium battery equipment and charging piles.
    car Shanghai Securities News 17 hours ago
  • One day after Peter Savagian, vice president of global product and technology for Faraday's Future (FF), was exposed, FF said on October 30 that company co-founder Nick Sampson resigned. A future Faraday spokesperson confirmed to the media that the two top executives had left. A week ago, FF said that FF is facing financial difficulties due to conflicts with the investor's Evergrande health. To this end, salary cuts will be cut to reduce operating costs.
    car Gasgoo 10-31 13:36
  • According to data released by the Volkswagen Group's official website, the Volkswagen Group continued to achieve profitable growth in the first three quarters of this year and is expected to achieve annual sales revenue and profit targets. Although the globally harmonized light vehicle testing program (WLTP) officially implemented since September 1 affected the Group's sales in the third quarter, the public's financial performance for the first nine months was still better than the same period last year.
    car Gasgoo 10-31 13:26
  • In the third quarter, the sales volume of China's auto market showed a year-on-year decline of 7,8, and 9 months. Among them, the decline in sales in September was expanded to double digits. According to the data of the Association, in September this year, the retail sales of narrow-seat passenger cars in China was 1,904,525, down 13.2% year-on-year; the cumulative sales of narrow-seat passenger cars from January to September totaled 6,846,812, down 0.6% year-on-year. The most direct response to the decline in sales in the auto market is that the profits of auto companies have shrunk dramatically.
    car Gasgoo 10-31 13:22
  • As the only luxury brand segment of Dongfeng Group, Dongfeng Infiniti, which has been quiet for a long time, has recently appeared in the mainstream vision because of the news of the change of registration of the company. According to media reports, Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, which is registered in Beijing, may have moved back to Wuhan recently.
    car Times Weekly 10-31 08:36
  • Recently, the A-share auto sector has also surrendered eye-catching transcripts against the market. According to market participants, according to the announcement of the car companies that have released the sales data for the first three quarters, although the overall sales volume of the passenger car market is not good, the performance of the leading companies such as GAC Group and SAIC Group is still better than the market, and the proportion of production and sales continues to increase. Optimistic about more policies to promote automobile consumption have been introduced.
    car China Securities Journal 10-31 05:24
  • According to the official data released by various auto companies, Geshi Automobile has compiled a list of sales of multinational auto companies in China. Among them, the Volkswagen Group pressed GM with nearly 360,000 vehicles and became the highest-selling multinational car company in China in the first three quarters of 2018. It should be noted that since PSA Peugeot Citro龙n Group (PSA) has combined sales in China and Southeast Asia, the sales volume of the group is the total sales volume of the two major markets; Hyundai Kia has not announced its sales in China, so the list It is not included.
    car Gasgoo 10-30 13:52
  • On October 29, Changan Automobile released its third quarter report for 2018. The report shows that in the first three quarters of this year, Changan Automobile's accumulated operating income was 49.85 billion yuan, down 3.07% year-on-year, and net profit was 1.16 billion yuan, down 79.98% year-on-year. In the third quarter, Changan Automobile's operating income was 14.21 billion yuan, down 20.51% year-on-year, and the net loss was 450 million yuan, down 137.52% year-on-year. Analysis of the reasons, Changan Automobile's performance decline is largely due to the continued decline in sales.
    car Gasgoo 10-30 13:20
  • Enlightenment has been gone, and those who know it can be chased. In "Going to the Resignation", Tao Yuanming used this sentence to express a kind of repentance and rejoicing in words. First, the words of self-blame, followed by the words of self-respect. This is also true for today's Ford. In the 2008 economic crisis, Ford was the best in the US auto industry. Mulally and his "One Ford" strategy made Ford quickly out of the crisis. And re-emerged on a global scale.
    car Times Finance 10-30 10:12
  • “Golden September and Silver 10” is the peak season for traditional automobile sales. Now October is about to pass. The reporter of China Business News found that the performance of “Golden September and Silver 10” was very bleak in 2018. Recently, when reporters visited a number of 4S stores in Foshan, they observed that many 4S stores were relatively deserted, and some stores did not even have any customers who came to see the car. There are 4S shop sales staff to explain to reporters that there are more people watching the car during the National Day and the weekend. As for the development status of the dealer market, the reporter contacted a large group, harmonious car and other enterprises.
    car China Business Network 10-30 07:53
  • Polarization is more obvious, more money flows to several star brands in the head, and corporate financing in the second and third camps is getting harder and harder. On October 24th, the Hefei plant jointly built by Weilai Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile was opened. After many doubts about production problems, the Weilai Automobile Manufacturing Plant made its first public appearance, and an ES8 was coming out of the production line. Just in the afternoon shift, the Jianghuai workers in red uniforms and the Weilai workers in gray uniforms, although the color difference is clear, but they are scattered in the factory area. This kind of scene may only be seen in the factory in Jianghuai.
    car 21st Century Business Herald 10-30 03:12
  • FAW-Volkswagen won the monthly sales champion, with sales of 189,500 units in September, down 9.2% year-on-year. The car market has entered the winter, sales have fallen, and car companies are trying to "cut ice." Recently, the first financial reporter visited some 4S stores in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and found that many brands are affected by different degrees. In the fourth quarter and next year, the auto market is still not optimistic, and some car companies stimulate consumption through preferential activities. I hope to spend the winter as soon as possible.
    car First finance 10-30 01:54
  • On October 25th, Dongfeng Honda's new mid-size car, INSPIRE, was officially launched. The new car offers a total of seven models in the fuel and hybrid versions, priced at 18.28-24.98 million. In terms of appearance, Dongfeng Honda INSPIRE adopts a black honeycomb shape, and the design of the fog light area is more prominent in sports and young positioning. The new car has a width and height of 4910/1862/1450mm and a wheelbase of 2830mm. The taillights group uses LED light source and is equipped with a flow steering light. The two-way exhaust layout can further highlight the sporty style.
    car Xinhua Net 10-26 13:31
  • According to the Beijing Small Bus Index Office, the number of individual new energy vehicle applicants broke by 390,000 in this period. Compared with the previous issue of this year, the number of new applicants was 40,000. According to the current distribution rules, this year's personal new energy passenger car indicators have all been exhausted, more than 390,000 applicants are on the waiting list, and new applicants need to wait at least eight years, that is, after 2026. In addition, the number of individual car index applications has increased again, and the difficulty will increase again.
    car First finance 10-26 09:01
  • In the autumn to winter, the Chinese car market is suffering from the north wind. The Chinese auto industry, which has grown at a high speed for 30 years, experienced negative growth for the first time this year. In September this year, China's automobile production was 2,356,200 units, down 11.71% year-on-year; sales were 2,394,100 units, down 11.55% year-on-year. This double-digit decline in single-month sales has rarely occurred after the 2008 financial crisis. In this regard, some netizens ridiculed: "Golden autumn October harvest season, the car market stocks broken."
    car Billion euro 10-26 07:51
  • On October 23, the State Council held a conference on the development of the industrial communications industry in the first three quarters of 2018. Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, responded to questions about the low output and sales of automobiles this year. The period of rapid growth in production and sales may have passed, and low growth is probably the normal state of future development. Xin Guobin said that automobile sales accounted for a large proportion of the sales volume of our entire country, and the impact on the industrial economy was relatively large.
    car Beijing News 10-25 13:31
  • The downturn in the auto market accelerated the industry's shuffling technology and demand-oriented competition. In September this year, auto production and sales decreased significantly compared with the same period of last year, continuing the downturn in the auto market this year. Among them, the decline in production and sales of passenger cars and commercial vehicles was very obvious. In the first nine months of this year, the overall growth rate of automobile production and sales continued to fall, and the overall performance was lower than expected at the beginning of the year. The sluggish auto market has accelerated the reshuffle of the auto industry, and some auto brands have gradually withdrawn from the market, and those products that vigorously promote technology upgrades and strive to meet market demand will usher in spring.
    car Economic reference 10-25 08:20
  • With the release of sales data in September, the auto companies that have long been accustomed to the rapid growth of the domestic auto market have felt the coolness. According to data from the Association, the retail sales of narrow-seat passenger cars in China in September this year was 1,904,525, down 13.2% year-on-year. The decline continued to expand to double digits; the cumulative sales of narrow passenger cars from January to September totaled 6,846,812. The year-on-year growth rate was -0.6%, and there was a rare cumulative year-on-year negative growth.
    car Gasgoo 10-24 13:47

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