• At noon today, the Chinese Football Association announced the 25-man roster of the Chinese men's national team to Guangzhou and Doha. Among them, Evergrande had 6 people selected, and the injured Zeng Cheng and Zhang Xiuwei and Fan Xiaodong were defeated. According to the arrangement, the national football team will organize training in Guangzhou, Qatar Doha from December 18, 2018 to February 3, 2019, and go to the UAE to participate in the Asian Cup finals.
    physical education People's Network 8 hours ago
  • Without fear, before the release of the net, seize every opportunity, do not hesitate to smash all the squad... Facing the world’s number one, this year’s almost desperate Japanese star Tao Tian Xiandou, Chinese team teenager Shi Yuqi on the 16th The Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center's home audience cheered and won a victory in the 2018 World Badminton World Tour Finals men's singles event. In the first game, Shi Yuqi showed an excellent competitive state. The quality of the replay ball was extremely high, and several decisive offenses made it possible for Tao Tianxian, who had strong defensive ability, to do nothing. He quickly won the first game with 21:12.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 12 hours ago
  • At 21:30 on the evening of December 16th, Beijing time, the 17th round of the 2018-19 Premier League will continue, and Arsenal will play away to Southampton. In the first half, Southampton played at home and made the lead. Bedna Reek assisted Ince and scored the lead. Arsenal's Mkhitary header was equalized. In the end of the half, Ince once again headed the goal. Open twice. In the second half, Mkhitary also scored twice in the low-refraction refracting net, and Arsenal fell twice after two degrees. Before the game, Shawn Lang break assisted Austin to break the empty goal to complete the lore.
    physical education People's Network 13 hours ago
  • In the early morning of December 17th, Beijing time, the 17th round of the Premier League in the 2018/19 season continued. Manchester United lost to Liverpool 1 to 3, and Mane scored. Lingard equalized and Shaqili scored twice. Only 2 minutes into the opening, Salah passed the ball, and Fermino's right-hand shot from the penalty area was blocked by Linderhof. Fabiano's peripheral shot was saved by De Gea. The header of Van Dyck's corner kick was blocked by Ashley Young on the line. Liverpool took the lead in the 24th minute, Fabiano picked the pass, and the unguarded horse chest stopped the ball and volleyed into the net before the small restricted area.
    physical education People's Network 13 hours ago
  • In the early morning of December 17th, Beijing time, the 16th round of the 2018/19 season continued in La Liga. Barcelona scored a 5-0 victory over Levante. Messi assisted Suarez to complete the hat trick after the goal, and helped Pique icing on the cake. After three consecutive victories in the Barcelona League, he still led by 3 points. Just 5 minutes into the opening, Jensen passed the ball directly, and Boateng’s right-hand shot from the right side of the penalty area was confiscated after being blocked by Ter Stegen. Suarez passed the ball, Messi broke through to the top of the restricted area and shot off the left column. Messi right-handed 25 yards from the free kick was confiscated by Orasabar.
    physical education People's Network 13 hours ago
  • In 2018, it will soon be turned over. After a few years, recalling the imprint of the Chinese men’s soccer team this year, what is the most impressive? The "China Cup" on the 0-6 defeat to the shame of Wales? The warm-up match is not enough to overcome the confusion of the "Asian weak travel"? Is it the warmth of the 100-game commemoration of the national team of Zheng Zhi and Yu Lin? Or it is the "severe drug" of the national team of the national team to close the military training... In general, the overall performance of the national football team has been sluggish for a year, and there are not many positive and positive contents. The upcoming Asian Cup is an important opportunity for the national football team to counter the redemption.
    physical education People's Network 12-13 16:51
  • Beijing time on December 13th at 4:00, the final round of the Champions League group match, Ajax vs. Bayern Munich. In the first half of the game, Lewan broke the door for Bayern to take the lead. In the second half, Tadic took the teammates to assist in the equalization. Wobel and Muller were sent off, and Boateng was penalized in the penalty area. Tadic was the main player. After the penalty was completed, the score was doubled. After Tiago broke down, Bayern also got a penalty. Lewan also scored twice in the penalty shot. Koman, who came off the bench, broke the goal in the 90th minute, but Tali The time-finding stage of Affico caused the Julong Oolong.
    physical education People's Network 12-13 09:01
  • In the early morning of Beijing time, the final round of Group H of the Champions League group, Valencia vs. Manchester United. In the end, Manchester United lost the game 1-2, but still advanced to the knockout as the second team. In the 6th minute of the opening, Soller passed on the right and Parejo made a push but was blocked by the defenders. In the 17th minute, Valencia attacked, Mina scored a goal from the right, but was rescued by Phil Jones, who was assisted by the front door, and followed by Soller with a ball into the right side of the penalty area. Shot a goal, 1-0 Manchester United behind the opponent.
    physical education People's Network 12-13 08:36
  • On December 13th, Beijing time, the 2018-19 season Champions League group stage was over, and all 16 teams were produced. Among them, the Premier League team has 4 seats, La Liga and Bundesliga each have 3, Serie A, Ligue 2, Portugal and the Netherlands and 1 team. According to the arrangement, the draw of the 1/8 knockout stage will be held on December 17, and the two rounds will be held in February and March 2019.
    physical education People's Network 12-13 08:33
  • In the early morning of December 13th, Beijing time, the Champions Group Group H began the final round of competition, Juventus lost 1 to 2 to the bottom of the young, but because Manchester United also lost on the road, Juve scored 12 points. Ales-Sandro sent a point. Varome scored twice. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a substitute for Deborah to break the door, and then the top column. In the opening 13 minutes, Juve almost broke the goal, Douglas Costa scored the ball, C Ronaldo left the penalty area to the goalkeeper, his small angle shot was blocked by Kamala.
    physical education People's Network 12-13 08:33
  • Beijing time on December 13th at 01:55 (Spain local time on the 12th at 18:55), 2018/19 season Champions League sixth match day G group competition, Real Madrid 0-3 lost to Moscow CSKA, suffered double kill . In the 24th minute, Vinicius's small angle low shot on the left side of the penalty area was saved. Asencio shot the right side of the penalty area and hit the crossbar. In the 37th minute, West Goodson passed the ball. Charov pushed the bottom left corner of the penalty area and the Central Army of Moscow led 1-0.
    physical education People's Network 12-13 08:22
  • The 2019 AFC Champions League East Asian Group match group and play-off match has been confirmed in recent days. Daegu FC won the Korean Football Association Cup and entered Group F where Guangzhou Evergrande was located. Puhe Red Diamond won the Japanese Emperor's Cup final and entered the G group of Beijing Guoan. At this point, all the clubs that advanced to the 2019 AFC Group match will be seated, and the remaining seats will be decided by the play-offs. Shandong Luneng, the runner-up of the Chinese Football Association Cup, will also participate in the play-offs to compete for the E group.
    physical education Beijing Evening News 12-12 09:06
  • Beginning on December 1st, the Chinese men's soccer team began a closed training session in Haikou in the final stage of the Asian Cup in January next year. In the blink of an eye, the team finally ushered in the first internal teaching competition yesterday. The opponent is the current China B team Yanbian North, and the Chinese team won 7-2. However, the reporters who came to interview were not interested in the seven goals of the national football team. Instead, they focused on two conceded goals.
    physical education Beijing Evening News 12-12 09:03
  • In the early morning of Beijing time, Group B of the Champions League group began the final round of competition, Inter Milan vs. Eindhoven, and finally 1-1 Ping Einhoven, and will continue to participate in the Europa League in the third place. In the opening 6 minutes, Asamoah left the pass, and Dan Brosio missed the header. In the 8th minute, Icardi made a pass from the right side of the penalty area. Pericic hit a header and hit the post.
    physical education People's Network 12-12 09:01
  • There is a kind of youth called "Jenwei line", there is a kind of helplessness called "the end of the crowd." Yesterday, an ordinary regular season, because of the special connection between the two stars, the game became different - Dwight Wade and LeBron James's 31st career, is also likely to be The last confrontation. This season will be the last season of Wade's career, and the Heat star is unlikely to be traded again, so whether it is as an opponent and teammate, this game is the last performance of "Zhan Wei".
    physical education Information time 12-12 08:51
  • Real Madrid has already qualified for the group's top spot, but team coach Solari still needs to prove himself in the Champions League. Tomorrow morning they will face the CSKA Moscow in the 6th round of the Champions League group stage. The first round of Real Madrid will lose to the opponent 0:1, and they will try to retaliate in the morning. After the end of this round of the Champions League, Real Madrid will start to consider the World Cup, which will have a certain impact on the team's training preparations.
    physical education Information time 12-12 08:46
  • In the early morning of December 12th, Beijing time, the 2018/19 season Champions League Group C group match continued, Liverpool home 1-0 victory over Naples, Salah scored. The two teams scored 9 points, and Liverpool won the second promotion of the group with more goals. Naples will participate in the Europa League. In the 7th minute, Robertson slanted, and Salah had a single-handed chance to stop the ball a little. In the 8th minute, Mertens returned from the right and Hamsik scored the first time on the edge of the penalty area. The ball was slightly above the crossbar. In the 22nd minute, Arnold made a pass from the right side of the penalty area, and Marne's small restricted area edge was shot and the goal was invalid because of the offside.
    physical education People's Network 12-12 08:45
  • "Thousands of words - thank you, Louis." Yesterday, the Beijingers and football clubs issued an official announcement confirming that Spanish coach Luis Garcia Prasad will no longer serve as the head coach of the team. He will return to La Liga and coach. Lia Real. The 46-year-old Prasas began coaching and teaming in June last year and led the team to the second place in the Chinese League and successfully rushed into the Super League. This season, the people and teams under the Plasa are ranked eighth in the Super League with 9 wins, 10 draws, 11 losses and 37 points, achieving the relegation goal set at the beginning of the season.
    physical education Beijing Daily 12-12 08:35
  • At 04:00 on December 12th, Beijing time, a match in the last round of Group B of the Champions League group was held between Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur. In the first half, Barcelona mastered the initiative on the field, Dembele staged a dragon break, Coutinho shot the column and almost expanded the score. The second half of the easy side battle, Tottenham blew the counterattack horn, but Barcelona goalkeeper Sileson's performance in this game was brave, Tottenham's shots were saved, the end of the game Kane cross pass assists Lucas scored the goalkeeper equalized. In the end, Barcelona home to 1-1 draw with Tottenham.
    physical education People's Network 12-12 08:31
  • On December 10th, Beijing time, the 2018-2019 season NBA regular season continued: the Raptors played against the Bucks. In the first half, both sides played a good goal, and the two teams only had a 2 point gap at the end of the half. Easy side battle, the Bucks led a small lead under the leadership of "Coin Brother" Antequenbo, he scored 19+19 large doubles. At the final moment of the game, Middleton made two free throws and Broggden hit two consecutive three-pointers. In the end, the Bucks defeated the Raptors 104-99 in the away game and gave the opponent a two-game losing streak.
    physical education People's Network 12-11 09:35

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