• At the Luzhniki Stadium, where the rain was heavy, winning the top Spanish team suffered one of the most shameful failures in history. The shame is not lost to opponents whose strength is weaker than their own, but this Spanish team did not see the desire to win most of the game. "Firefighters" Jero ruined the bullfighter from both strategic and tactical aspects.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 18 hours ago
  • It is night, the night of the door god. The Croatian team and the Danish team's eighth-final, 11 penalty kicks, the two goalkeepers saved three, but one of the penalty kicks in the extra time - Danish goalkeeper Schmeichel firmly Staying with Modric's penalty, postponed the suspense to a penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout, the first round of penalty kick was sent by Danish Eriksson, but was saved, then the Croatian penalty was also saved; the second round, both hits; the third round also hit, this time Modric did not miss; the fourth round was a miss.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 18 hours ago
  • On July 2nd, the Belgian team and the Japanese team's Russia World Cup eighth-final will be held at the Rostov Stadium. Judging from the world rankings, this game can be said to be a knockout match in which the strength of the World Cup is quite different. At present, Belgium's FIFA ranks third, while Japan ranks only 61st, with a difference of 58. For the "European Red Devils", the promotion to the quarter-finals is a task they must complete; for the Japanese team, if they want to impact the best results of the World Cup history, they need to adjust their mindset and need luck.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 07-02 07:30
  • On the 2nd, the five-star Brazil will face a real test in the Russian World Cup. They will play against the old rival Mexico in the top 16 and the Brazilian striker Neymar for Paris Saint-Germain hopes to re-enact their club teammate Mba. Pei and Cavani's offensive efficiency has helped Brazil to go further and further on the road to the crown. Compared with the many popular teams in this tournament, the Brazilian team's play is stable and getting better and better. The first group match played against the Swiss team for half a game and was finally 1:1.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 07-02 07:30
  • On June 29th, it was reported that the research institute's report showed that the sales of digital currency in the first five months of this year reached $13.7 billion, almost double the amount of the whole year. In the first five months of this year, digital currency sales were $13.7 billion, from a joint report issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers' strategic consulting division and the CryptoValley Association.
    physical education TechWeb 06-29 15:56
  • The World Cup group match will be completed in the early morning of this year, and the knockout will be fully launched on June 30. Among the top 16 seats, Europe has 10 seats: Spain and Portugal join hands in a thrilling way; France and Denmark, the "tacit", handed over the first scroll of the World Cup, which also stabilized the two sides; England and Belgium played in the group stage. Absolute strength to crush both sides; Croatia's three-war victory group first qualifying; Switzerland, Sweden with the final battle with a risky promotion; host Russia is the first team in this World Cup early qualifying.
    physical education Dahe 06-29 09:39
  • With the end of the Russian World Cup group match, 14 teams have won 16 seats. Although there are still two seats to be determined, the division of the 1/8 finals has been basically determined. The top five winners of the top five championships have been set, and the pattern of “extraordinary half-zones” has been set. This means that the upper half is more rugged than the lower half on the road leading to the World Cup. The reason why the World Cup has such a great charm is because it never has the usual "screenplay". The experience of the World Cup is more than a rough experience.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 06-29 09:29
  • The biggest upset since the start of the Russian World Cup is that the defending champions Germany team staged the end of the group, the German team created the worst record in the history of the World Cup. How do you view this defeat in Germany? Will Loew attend class? How will the German team restart in the future? With a series of questions, the reporter interviewed Li Yan, the "German footballer." Li Yan, who studied for a Ph.D. in sports competition at Cologne Sports University in 2014, was the only Chinese in the famous Cologne team behind the scenes, helping the German team win the World Cup in Brazil.
    physical education Dahe 06-29 09:29
  • With the dust of the G group ranking, the 1/8 final of the 2018 World Cup was officially released. The 16 teams are divided into upper and lower halves to start the fight. In the first half of the traditional strong team gathering method, the performance of the first half of the World Cup 1/8 finals is called the "death half zone", bringing together Portugal, France, Argentina, Brazil and Belgium. On the 30th local time in Russia, the first game of the 1/8 final was a matchup between the comets and the Earth. The most expensive team, France, played against Messi, the most expensive player.
    physical education People's Network 06-29 09:19
  • The group match of the Russian World Cup has all ended, the top 16 are in place, and all eight teams that entered the "Death Half" were also released. For the players, the "half of the death zone" means the cruelty of the Shura field; for the fans, this half zone means wonderful. The data tells us that the competition in the "half death zone" is fierce. History tells us that a strong team that can kill a bleeding road from the "half death zone" will always be closer to the championship.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 06-29 08:49
  • On the 27th, the Russian World Cup Group F ended the third round of competition, the German team lost 0-2 to the South Korean team, missed the knockout, and continued the "curse" of the World Cup without defending champions since 1962. The disappointment of the German team coach Loew is in the words: "We are not worthy of winning the championship again, and it is not worthy of the promotion knockout." In this campaign, the German team can only have a chance to win the game in South Korea, but unfortunately the loss makes them missed the title. Loew said: "It is difficult to say why it was eliminated. This is a huge disappointment.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 06-28 00:49
  • Beijing time tonight from 22:00 to 2:00 am tomorrow, 2018 World Cup Group H, Group G will play the fourth round of the third round of the group, Japan VS Poland, Senegal VS Colombia, Panama VS Tunisia, England VS Belgium The game will be staged one by one. Group H: Japan vs Poland Poland June 28th 22:00 Volgograd Arena Japan scored 1 win and 1 draw in the first two rounds of the group match. This time against Poland, which has already been out of the game, Japan will qualify for promotion as long as it does not lose. .
    physical education People's Network 06-28 14:58
  • In St. Petersburg, the Argentine team made a difficult three-point promotion from the Nigerian team. This is a World Cup group match that is of global concern. The reporters of the China Business Daily directly attacked the scene and the scenes were ups and downs. After the war, Messi and his teammates stayed in the venue for more than 20 minutes before slowly leaving. When playing the national anthem, Messi bowed his head and prayed yesterday that St. Petersburg became a blue-and-white ocean. Argentine fans flocked to the St. Petersburg stadium. On the subway, they wore flags and slammed the carriages.
    physical education Huashang Daily 06-28 09:58
  • As a difficult brother in the G group, Tunisia and Panama have been smashed by Belgium and England in the first two games. In the final round of the group stage, both teams have no chance to qualify, and the remaining battle has become a battle of honor. This World Cup is the first time in the history of Panama to enter the World Cup. They are stepping on the US to qualify for the World Cup finals in the qualifiers. As the recognized fishing team in this World Cup, every game in Panama is fighting for honor.
    physical education Information Times 06-28 09:05
  • Last night (27th), the World Cup Group F final battle began, South Korea and Germany launched a confrontation in the Kazan Arena. In the end, Germany lost to South Korea 0:2, and the defending champion was eliminated in the cold. Germany's 3 wins, two wins and two losses, only 3 points, the shame of the team's bottom record, this is the first team stage of the German team World Cup history, the worst record. Sweden joined hands with Mexico to advance to the top 16. Before the game, the qualifying situation of the F group was the most complicated. The four teams theoretically had the possibility of qualifying, and they all let go in the final round.
    physical education Dahe 06-28 08:58
  • Beijing time last night, the 2018 World Cup ended the final round of the F group. The German team lost 0-2 to the South Korean team, and the team bottomed out to continue the curse of the defending champion group stage since the 2010 World Cup. The Swedish team achieved "self-rescue", 3:0 victory over the Mexican team to get the team's first name, Mexico team was surprised to get the team second. Before the war, the situation of the F group was very complicated. The German team only had a net victory over the South Korean team for more than two goals. Otherwise, it is likely to face a situation in which the number of goals compared with the Swedish team is even red and yellow.
    physical education Information Times 06-28 08:47
  • "We are still alive, we can qualify, we have to win!" Before the game, an Argentine fan promised to the reporter. On June 27th, St. Petersburg entered countless Argentine fans. They did not give up. Messi and Argentina naturally did not give up. In the end, with the lore of Rojo, Argentina returned to life from the edge of the cliff. The final whistle, the Argentines celebrated the championship, the scene seems to win the final, and Messi fell to the ground, two-finger days, after the hardships of Argentina finally succeeded in qualifying.
    physical education Dahe 06-28 08:45
  • Group outline analysis: In addition to the two teams in the two matches, the Polish team has already been out of the game, the other three teams' qualifying situation is still chaotic. In this group, Senegal and Japan are currently 4 wins and 1 draw, and Colombia has 1 win and 1 loss and 3 points. Considering that the three teams are relatively close in strength and status, the final round of group H competition in Group H will be extremely fierce. Especially the Colombian team that had to win in this round, this "tiger" from South America will play a life-and-death speed tonight.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 06-28 08:05
  • On the 28th, another strong dialogue in the group stage will be held between the "Three Lions" England and the "European Red Devils" Belgium. If the ups and downs of the West Portugal vs. 3:3 pushed the World Cup to a climax, then this "Lion" war will draw a full-fledged ending for the group stage. After two rounds of the game, England and Belgium did not unexpectedly get the group's qualifying rights in advance. The two teams are currently in the G group, with 6 points and 6 goals. The direct dialogue will also end. Decide on the seat of the two teams.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 06-28 07:51
  • The defending champion Germany was defeated by the South Korean team. The Swedish team defeated Mexico three times. In the "cold wind", Russia, "Five Star Brazil" refused to be unpopular, defeated Serbia by 2:0, and the group won two wins and one draw. Out of line. The team coached by coach Tate is offensive and defensive, and has a reason to go further. With the Serbian team, the Brazilian team who can be leveled out has not pursued the ball control rate, but focused on controlling the rhythm. In the first half, Paulinho's pass to Coutinho's pass was a fatal blow from the sudden increase in speed after patient transmission.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 06-28 07:19

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