• When talking about the Champions League being eliminated, Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain coach Tucher said on the 11th that there will always be unexpected situations, but this kind of accident happened to him. In the 16th Champions League match with Manchester United's UEFA Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain won 2-0 in the first round away, but lost in 1:3 at the Princes Park in the second round, and was eliminated due to the goal score in the case of the total score. It became the first team in the Champions League history to win the first round of two goals but still out. Back to the French Ligue, "Big Paris" will play a rematch with the relegation team Dijon on the 12th.
    physical education Xinhua News Agency 5 hours ago
  • Two hours after the Beijing time, the last four games of the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final will be held one after another. This week's highlight is: Liverpool and Bayern who can break the ice, C Ronaldo can let the comeback continue. With the "flooding" of 3 games in 4 games last week, Juve must also try to join in it. After all, it is home game, C Ronaldo and other main players recharge their batteries, and the team still has more rest than Atletico. C Ronaldo 32 times against Atletico Madrid scored 22 goals. In Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa suspended. In another match on the same day, Manchester City played against Schalke 04 at home and needed to repel the slash and overturn.
    physical education Guangzhou Daily 5 hours ago
  • In the early morning of March 12th, Beijing time, according to NBA Chinese official website news, the NBA officially announced the latest team strength list, the Bucks still lead, the Rockets rose from the 6th to the second place last week, the Warriors fell out of the top three. The following is a detailed list: 1, Milwaukee Bucks 50 wins and 17 losses last week, the first rhythm: 103.0 (6) offense: 113.5 (3) defense: 104.7 (3) net win points: +8.8 (1) never encountered even The defeat, never lost to the same team twice in a single season, the two records of the Bucks ended in Phoenix this week.
    physical education People's Network 5 hours ago
  • The Real Madrid club announced the official announcement in the early hours of the 12th Beijing time. The team has reached an agreement with the coach Solari on the cancellation of the contract. From today, Solari will no longer serve as the Real Madrid coach. Zidane returned to become the team's new head coach, contract until June 30, 2022. At the subsequent press conference, Zidane said that the team will have some changes in the future, but it is important to play the remaining 11 games of the season. When talking about the return, Zidane said that it was because Real Madrid President Florentino called him and he had a deep love for Real Madrid.
    physical education People's Network 5 hours ago
  • The poorest team in the Western Conference on March 11 broke the biggest upset of the NBA regular season this season, they beat the Western Conference No. 1 Warriors 115:111 away. This is also the fourth victory of the Sun in nearly five games, including the Lakers, Bucks, Knicks and Warriors, only lost to the Blazers. With this victory, the Suns ended the 18-game losing streak against the Warriors. The last time the Suns defeated the Warriors dates back to November 9, 2014, when the Suns beat the Warriors at 107:95.
    physical education Information time 5 hours ago
  • In the early morning of March 12th, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the best players in the East and West last week. Pistons center Andrew Drummond and Grizzlies defender Mike Conley were elected. It is worth mentioning that this is Conley Occupation. For the first time in his career, he won this award. Drummond averaged 22.3 points, 18 rebounds, 2 assists, 1.3 blocks and 1.3 steals last week. He shot 67% from the field and led the Pistons to a 3-0 record.
    physical education People's Network 6 hours ago
  • French Paris Saint-Germain striker Mbape said on the 10th that he was "hard to sleep" after the UEFA Champions League team was eliminated by Manchester United. In the Champions League match with Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain wins 2-0 in the first round away, and the promotion situation is very good, but they lost 1:3 in the 6th round of the prince park, in the case of the total score The downside was eliminated due to the inferior goal score. Manchester United has thus become the team in the first round of the Champions League history, the first round of the two goals lost and still promoted. "I was so irritated that it was difficult to sleep.
    physical education Xinhua Net 6 hours ago
  • In the first round of the 2019 League A, the starting list of the game made the reporter feel bright, and the starting list changed a lot - adding a lot of information, with a formation map. Prior to this, the information on the starting list of the Chinese League is too single. Only the names and numbers of the starting players and substitutes of the teams on both sides of the match are only marked by the goalkeeper, captain, foreign players and U23 players. There is less information about each player. There are few. In addition to this information, the starting list of the new season also adds the player's jersey name, age, number of appearances/time, goals, red/yellow cards, position, etc.
    physical education Meizhou Daily 8 hours ago
  • Chengdu will add heavyweight events - 2019 International Sword Women's Epee World Cup will be held in the eastern suburbs of Chenghua District, Chengdu from March 22nd to 24th. The results and rankings of this competition are closely related to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics fencing competition. At that time, the global women's epee masters will integrate the cloud and 150 athletes from about 20 countries and regions. "This upcoming 2019 FIA Women's Epee World Cup Chengdu Station is the highest level of world fencing competition in addition to the Olympic Games and World Championships.
    physical education Financial investment newspaper 8 hours ago
  • On March 9, the second round of the Super League, Luneng 2:2 draw at Henan Jianye. In response to several key judgments of the referee Fu Ming, Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club wrote a complaint to the Chinese Football Association on the evening of the game on the "Opinions on the second round of the Shandong Luneng-Henan Jianye Competition in the 2019 Super League". .
    physical education Qilu Evening News 03-11 16:38
  • 1 to 2, Shenhua lost again at home last night. In the Super League standings, Shenhua, who lost two games at home, lost 6 goals and lost the ball. What is wrong with Shenhua, who is aiming for a new flower? The core team members are in poor physical condition and compared with the first round of the league, against the happiness of China, the Shenhua lineup has changed face. The starting list adjusted five players in one breath. Bi Jinhao became the Zhongwei, Wang Wei became the left avant-garde, Zhang Wei served as the right guard, Cong Zhen served as the midfielder, and Romero became the front waist. Romero replaced the first round of the Guarin. It is understood that Guarin appeared some injuries after the game.
    physical education Xinmin Evening News 03-11 16:20
  • The three teams competed in the China Football Association Cup, and all of them passed the first round of tests. This is the "big scene" that Guangxi football has not had for many years. On March 10, following the Liuzhou Yuandao and Guangxi Baoyun, Nanning Binjiang Football Club beat the Chinese team in Zhejiang Yiwu Mall at home, and broke the big upset of the first round of the Chinese Football Association Cup.
    physical education Southern Morning Post 03-11 16:12
  • On the 10th, the second round of the 2019 Super League continued. Two "promoted horses" Wuhan Zall and Shenzhen Jiazhao industry played the same song, in another game, Shanghai Shenhua 1:2 lost to Hebei Huaxia happiness, after the same city derby was already a two-game losing streak at home. Shenzhen Jiazhao Industry in the first round of the game 3:1 Lectra Hebei Huaxia happiness, showing a good fighting power. This time they played at home against Tianjin Tianhai, but let the opponent get the first opportunity. In the 2nd minute, Tian Overseas aided Renaldinho's long-range shot to help the visiting team lead the ball.
    physical education Xinhua Net 03-11 15:33
  • The most expensive signing of the Barcelona club, Coutinho, is consuming the patience of the Nou Camp fans. On the 9th in the La Liga match against Vallecano, the fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor Brazilians. However, after the game, teammates sent encouragement and support to the frustrated Coutinho. Coutinho, who joined Barcelona a year ago with a price of 160 million euros, did not go well this season. In the previous two "National Derby" against Real Madrid, he was placed on the bench by coach Balbert. For the match of Vallecano, Coutinho returned to the starting lineup but did nothing in the whole process.
    physical education Xinhua Net 03-11 15:31
  • In the 2019 season, the opening ceremony of the League A was held on the 10th and five games were held. After the opening ceremony, Zhejiang Greentown was reversed by Qingdao Huanghai, and the two “promoted horses” were defeated in the first round. On the afternoon of the 10th, the opening ceremony of the Chinese League in this season was held at the Huanglong Sports Center, the home of Zhejiang Greentown, followed by Zhejiang Greentown against Qingdao Huanghai. In the 33rd minute, the home team's foreign aid Dino broke the middle of the restricted area and scored a low shot. In the 43rd minute, the Yellow Sea team Ricardo scored to equalize the score. In the 73rd minute, Greentown team Gu Bin fouled, the referee showed the red card directly after viewing the video playback.
    physical education Xinhua Net 03-11 15:28
  • Yesterday, the Beijingers and the team lost 0-1 away to the Wuhan Zall team. The Super League season and the two-game losing streak, in the bottom of the standings, the beginning of the season has sounded the "alarm" of relegation. In the next round, the people returning to the home team will face the Beijing Guoan team. Both the first round and Zall have both lost, and both sides are striving to earn points. Compared with the first round, only one player was adjusted in the starting lineup and yesterday. Midfielder Chen Jie replaced Feng Renliang.
    physical education Beijing Daily 03-11 15:26
  • On the afternoon of March 9, Jianye challenged Shandong Luneng on the road, and the whole game was in a passive situation. Jianye got a lucky penalty in the final stage and forced Luneng 2:2. After this round, the league will usher in a three-week interim period, and Jianye will use this time to complete the in-depth running-in. In the opening match of the league, Jianli’s Brazilian foreign aid, Dorado, was accidentally injured and bid farewell to the 2019 season ahead of schedule. The foreign aid O'Handez, who just joined, ushered in his first Super League show on the 9th. O'Han Deza, who played in the middle of last season, scored 18 goals in 23 appearances and is a high-yield shooter.
    physical education Dahe 03-11 15:25
  • On March 10th, Beijing time, the second round of the 2019 Super League season ended. Beijing Guoan, who experienced the journey of the Central Asian Championship last week, scored 4 goals in Chongqing, and Evergrande won 1-0 at home. -2 wins over Suning, Jianye almost smashed Luneng in the away game, the two teams jumped 2-2, and the two newly promoted Ma Zhuoer and Kaizhao both won, and one of the R&F team shook hands after the evolution of the ball. Shenhua was at home at Huaxia. Happiness is reversed.
    physical education People's Network 03-11 15:23
  • On the morning of March 11, the 2018 China Marathon Annual Press Conference was held in Xiamen. Yu Hongchen, Party Secretary and Director of the Athletics Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, issued the "2018 China Marathon Annual Report" at the meeting.
    physical education People's Network 03-11 15:22
  • The first national fitness fluorescent activity of Jinan City, hosted by Jinan Municipal Sports Bureau and Jinan Radio and Television Station, will start in the Jinan Olympic Sports Center on the evening of April 27th. The friends who like night running can pass Jinan Sports. The "Yellow River Dragon" WeChat public number is free to register online, and the registration deadline is April 15.
    physical education Qilu Evening News 03-11 14:08

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