• A few days ago, some netizens broke the news on Weibo and met Wang Sicong with his new girlfriend Chen Yating to travel to Japan. Wang Sicong was sitting on the sofa with his legs in his legs. He was wearing a red cap and brushing his mobile phone. He also had a Net red black." According to netizens, Wang Sicong squandered nearly 8 million yen to buy things for his girlfriend, about RMB 500,000. Many netizens are also very envious: it is Wang Sicong, the shot is extraordinary. In addition, during the Valentine's Day Valentine's Day, some netizens even met Wang Sicong and Chen Yating to walk the dog together.
    entertainment North Night New Vision Network 13 hours ago
  • The entertainment industry is a special industry, and the family life of the stars is the focus of everyone's attention. Many actresses dream of marrying into the giants, but in fact many people do everything possible to become a giant, but they live a very unsatisfactory life, and even fall to the ground. On the contrary, those actresses who marry love and value the family have a happy life. Then Xiaobian will give you a list of the five actresses who will be the most married in the entertainment circle. See which one do you like best? Sun Yi Sun Yan has the gentle temperament of classical beauty, and she is pure and kind, simple and soft in life.
    entertainment Hundreds of numbers 21 hours ago
  • Lin Yichen, an actress from Taiwan, looks sweet, and a pair of baby faces makes people look very comfortable. Most of the film and television works that have appeared in the show are mostly in the form of prostitutes, and they are very popular with audiences. Zhao Liying, a popular first-line star, has won a lot of praises for his beloved appearance and profound acting skills, especially the costume drama performed by Zhao Liying. The dress is really beautiful, and the time gives a little girl, giving people a kind of I want to care for the feeling.
    entertainment Laughing at the song of the past 21 hours ago
  • It is said that the water in the entertainment circle is very mixed, especially after the event of Zhang Ziyan broke out in the Korean entertainment industry, so that more people feel that the entertainment circle is really dark. If the girl enters, it will definitely be black, and it will become a bit worse than the original one. It will definitely be a lot of anecdote and black history. There are always exceptions to everything. Today we will talk about five female stars without black history. 5. Han Xue Han Xue The actress debuted very early. I believe that many of them have seen her performance of "Fuxing Gaozhao Pig Eight Rings" after 90 years. Han Xue played the role of Princess Iron Fan in this TV series, very beautiful.
    entertainment Mouth entertainment 21 hours ago
  • In the entertainment circle, there are some female stars who are born with a hot search fire ring. Not only do they have a mess of fire, but the actors who cooperate with them can also fight the fire on the ground, so many male stars are more eager to compare. Want to cooperate with this type of female star, then what female stars have such unique personality charm and artistic charm? Afan sister today wants to put some of the more popular female stars in the order of netizens.
    entertainment Afan Entertainment 22 hours ago
  • The entertainment circle is a mixed place. Many people want to see the most resources for the sake of their interests. Some are exposed and some are hidden. It’s not easy to be a clean person in the entertainment industry. Check out some clean stars without any scandals. Yan Ni, the goddess, is generally very young, but Yan Ni is an exception. According to the truth, Yan Ni is already an aunt-level figure in the entertainment circle. When she is young, she is not red, and it is very difficult to be red behind.
    entertainment Begonia Flower Entertainment 22 hours ago
  • 5. Gao Yuanyuan: gentle and quiet, not staining the dust has become her unique place. Beauty is the usual impression of Gao Yuanyuan, but her beauty is not worthy of the country, and even some faint, but she wins the refined temperament and the sense of ignorance, has become the national goddess. In fact, Gao Yuanyuan itself has a very intellectual temperament, especially her smile is full of sunshine, is a beautiful woman that can warm your heart. 4. Wang Likun: There is a kind of martial arts spirit on his body.
    entertainment Little innocence 22 hours ago
  • In the entertainment circle, some beautiful faces really left a deep impression on everyone. Beauty is something that everyone likes very much, and it doesn't mean to be rejected. These actresses are very beautiful, and they are highly conserved. Whenever they look very oriental, they are very charming, elegant and fresh, elegant and sleek. They are the temperament charm they show and they are fascinating. Wang Likun Wang Likun, no matter from which point of view, she is a star of beauty.
    entertainment Contemporary fashion frontier 22 hours ago
  • Sixth place: Di Lieba wants to talk about Di Lieba, the momentum of these two years is rapid, in 2013, with the TV series "Analhan" officially debut, the 2015 "Carat Lovers" made him burst, Subsequently, with a number of high-impact TV dramas and movies, it has established its status as a popular flower. In 2017, he joined the fifth season of "Running Man", which made her popularity soar. However, the popularity of Di Lieba is not limited to the domestic.
    entertainment Changgu Entertainment said 11-06 07:43
  • There is a person who has been talking about in the entertainment circle, and he has escaped the hand of death. He is Hu Ge. As such a person who has already passed away in the ghost gate, many things have been seen. He can When the fire is in the shadows, I want to pursue my own ideals. That is what many stars can't do. Hu Ge has cooperated with many stars. Many of the stars who have worked with him have been fired. Xiaobian takes everyone to find out!
    entertainment Fun entertainment 11-06 07:22
  • In the big dyeing tank of the entertainment circle, what kind of people have it, there is handsome cool B type, there is also no human consumption fireworks and high cold type, and there is a low self-black type, but today, the cure smile is gentle, has one The youthful sunshine and the infectious smile are fatal to the fans and the audience, bringing the stars and ordinary people closer.
    entertainment Beautiful girl 11-06 07:01
  • Sixth, Mo Wenwei, in fact, Karen Mok's appearance is not perfect, and even some angles are a bit ugly, but with outstanding acting and unique voice, it becomes a unique existence of the entertainment industry. The fifth place, Shu Qi, is very popular now. Compared with Shu Qi's five senses, it is not very characteristic. But the combined face is unique in temperament. Especially on this face, there is a sexy lips. Looking at it more, it seems that there is really an appealing feeling.
    entertainment Oriental headlines 11-06 06:54
  • Sun Wei, an actress and singer in mainland China, is not only tall, pure and generous, but also very tough and bold. In 2016, with the film and television work "Yue Yue Chuan" won the best actress of the "White Magnolia" award of the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival, fully affirmed the acting, rarely heard her anecdote, rarely rely on the creation of negative to speculate himself, The combination with Deng Chao can be described as a male and a female.
    entertainment Entertainment forum 11-06 06:36
  • Liu Tao, born on July 12, 1978 in Xihu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, actress in mainland China. In the entertainment circle, she is not only a national sage who is praised by everyone, but also a cherished magnate who is always in love. She even turned from a little white rabbit to a smashing and overbearing president of a big boss. In Liu Tao, there is a dignified and atmospheric temperament, and the mature woman's style and temperament are undoubted. Wang Likun, an actress from mainland China, was born in Wudan Town, Chifeng Wengni Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.
    entertainment Heart-felt 11-06 06:22
  • The first pair: Huang Xiaoming and angelababy, it is well known that the couple are first-line stars, and they have appeared in a few plays. They can make money by making money, and a wedding is extremely luxurious. It is really rich and visible. Huang Xiaoming is still an investor and has invested in many high-end industries, such as red wine and golf courses. The annual dividend is a huge expense. And his wife, Angelababy, has been active on the screen, and his gold-absorbing ability is also very strong. Both the couple are properly rich and rich.
    entertainment Entertainment cherry blossom carving 11-06 06:16
  • Speaking of hot moms, I have to say the actress in the entertainment circle. After many female stars got married and gave birth to children, this figure is still very good, especially the status of some hot moms is getting better and better. For example, Sun Yi, who was born in the model, was born in 1993. She is a very early actress in the entertainment circle. Now she is still a good figure, and she has more and more charm. The second actress is Yang Mi. In the current hot work "Fujian", she can't see that she has become a mother. No wonder everyone thinks that she is very young.
    entertainment Excellent life 11-06 06:05
  • For female stars, they can get a lot of attention, their appearance is a very important element, but for the current entertainment circle, it is because of the influence of South Korea, not the girl star chose the facelift, which makes many people The beauty is very similar, but it also gives people an aesthetic fatigue. Here, I pick out the six actresses that the author thinks are distinctive, to follow their own aesthetics! 6. Yang Mi remembered that when she saw her in the performance of Guo Wei, she felt really amazing, because Yang Mi at that time was very pure, and it was really in line with the description of this character.
    entertainment Hundreds of numbers 11-05 07:37
  • Jiang Xin, although she hasn't had a big red and purple, but her acting skills are obvious to all. Whether it is the "Biography" of the Year, or the "Happy", Fan Shengmei is very entertained. Zhou Xun and Zhou Xun’s acting skills are indeed very good. She is the first actress to win the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award, the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, the Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award and other film awards. Sun Hao, "Imperial Girl"'s acting dissatisfaction is really not good, what it is like.
    entertainment Modest and self-cultivated 11-05 07:15
  • It’s not easy to get an actress in the entertainment world. Many female celebrities can only go to the role of elders in the aunt drama because they are older. Therefore, there are many new generations of female stars who are eager to go up. Today, let's take a look at these little flowers. Who is the representative of the value and strength? The first is our Zhang Tian love.
    entertainment Love says 11-05 07:03
  • When Wang Zuxian was young, how beautiful is Wang Zuxian when he was young, how beautiful is Wang Zuxian, how beautiful when he was young, Wang Zuxian, how beautiful when he was young, Wang Zuxian, how beautiful when he was young, how old Wang Zuxian was when he was young How beautiful is Wang Zuxian when he was young...
    entertainment Hundreds of numbers 11-05 06:57

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