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  • Liu He presided over the meeting of state-owned enterprise reform

  • The first meeting of the State Council’s State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group was held in Beijing on July 26
  • open. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, State-owned Enterprise of the State Council
  • Liu He, head of the reform leadership team, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. [detailed]
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  • China Real Estate Finance 201807

    Real estate foreign investment

    China Real Estate Finance 201807

                                                    The road to real estate foreign investment in China, along with urban development and opportunity discovery, progress and retreat, attack and defend, is changing. The market has always been no shortage of players, foreign real estate                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Investment and Cooperation 201806

    Qin Yi Electronics: Beginning with Qin Cheng Yuyi

    Investment and Cooperation 201806

                                                    The family business that has grown up with the reform and opening up has entered the alternation period of the next two generations. For the development time is relatively short, whether it is                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Securities Market Red Weekly 2018.25

    Millet value dispute

    Securities Market Red Weekly 2018.25

                                                    After the successful listing, how much money Xiaomi is worth is controversial: if Xiaomi is defined as a hardware supplier, then its reasonable valuation is 20-30 times, and                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Consumer Reports June 2018

    Ready to eat bird's nest: "Palace jade liquor,

    Consumer Reports June 2018

                                                    Health and upstart, single bottle over 100, goddess must, women's eyes are red. Instant bird's nest is suitable for lazy people because of its convenient carrying, plus a strong propaganda campaign for the business.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Chinese and foreign management 201108

    Let's see who the smart car will be.

    Chinese and foreign management 201108

                                                    In the past five years, China's automobile manufacturing industry has been a spurt of development for five years, and it has ranked first in the world in sales. Around the new energy car, although the industry secretly                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Money Weekly 2011825

    Returnees to foreigners to start a business on the beach

    Money Weekly 2011825

                                                    In 1872, the first batch of official students from China set off from the Huangpu River terminal in Shanghai and went to the United States to study with the mission of revitalizing China. Later, the children                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Looking forward to the Oriental Weekly 2018.24

    Airborne ICU

    Looking forward to the Oriental Weekly 2018.24

                                                    Aviation medical rescue called "air ICU" - something that was previously only seen on the screen, has quickly entered life and become a reality in recent years.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Manager 2011.06


    Manager 2011.06

                                                    Like last year, Junzheng's main assets are divided into two parts: the chemical sector and the financial sector. As of 2017, Junzheng’s production                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Talents 20110.04

    Zhou Houjian Hisense Extra Time

    Talents 20110.04

                                                    In the 2017 year of the white-hot enterprise, the black electricity sector was cold in the capital market. Home appliances white horse represented by Gree Electric Appliances, Midea Group, Qingdao Haier                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Investment has a road 201805

    New trends in A-share IPOs

    Investment has a road 201805

                                                    Under the pressure of strict supervision and supervision, the A-share IPO entered the 2018 battle with trepidation. In the first quarter of the new year, in order to understand the IPO congestion                                         ...[detailed]

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  • International financing 2011.05

    Exploring the construction of a free trade port

    International financing 2011.05

                                                    At the beginning of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, only 28.78 square kilometers of land, equivalent to 1/26 of Shanghai's land area, was responsible for exploring reforms.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Chinese Philanthropist 2018, Issue 04

    Jiang Xipei: 30 years of true color growth

    Chinese Philanthropist 2018, Issue 04

                                                    On this day, Jiang Xipei had to deal with four visitors, as the party secretary of the Far East Holding Group, the chairman of the board of directors, and the guests of the political and business side, he had to personally receive it. his                                         ...[detailed]

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