• Activate A shares! The brokerage trading system is reopened externally

  • The Interim Provisions on the Administration of External Access Management of Securities Companies' Transaction Information Systems is clear
  • A voucher company may be in compliance with relevant regulations and has its own reasonable trading needs.
  • Industry investors provide external access services for transaction information systems. [detailed]
  • The “three-set” plan of the central bank is released!

  • On February 2nd, the Chinese organization compiled the website to publish the functional configuration of the People’s Bank of China.
  • Establish institutional and staffing regulations. In the regulations, it is clear that in terms of staffing,
  • There are 1 president and 4 deputy presidents. [detailed]
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  • Securities Market Red Weekly 2011.05

    Why does the science and technology board not implement T+0?

    Securities Market Red Weekly 2011.05

                                                    On the evening of January 30, 2019, the series of documents issued by the CSRC Science and Technology Commission for the publication of the draft was quickly released before the Spring Festival. It seems                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Stock Market Dynamics Analysis 2011.04

    The return on the scale of the goods is doubled.

    Stock Market Dynamics Analysis 2011.04

                                                    In 2018, the four-year report of the public fund was disclosed recently. The public fund's total loss in the fourth quarter of last year was 140.464 billion yuan. The money fund was last year                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Money Weekly 201904

    What is the most worthwhile investment?

    Money Weekly 201904

                                                    The stock market is sluggish, the property market is over the winter, and the yields of Yu'ebao and bank wealth management products are getting lower and lower. In the current market environment, is there an investment that can stabilize?                                         ...[detailed]

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  • China Real Estate Finance 201101

    Housing enterprise this year

    China Real Estate Finance 201101

                                                    2018 is a contradictory year for housing companies. Behind the joy of scale growth, it is full of anxiety about the momentum of sustained growth. 2018 is Chinese housing                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Looking forward to the Oriental Weekly 2011.01

    Headquartered in Shanghai

    Looking forward to the Oriental Weekly 2011.01

                                                    At the beginning of 2018, a "100,000+" webpage titled "How Shanghai Lost Internet Opportunities in These Years" spurred a circle of friends, causing widespread public opinion.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • International financing 2011.01

    Huang Mengfu: a large tax cut and fee reduction

    International financing 2011.01

                                                    So, where is the driving force for China’s economic growth? Mr. Huang Mengfu said: "Before 2008, Chinese companies paid great attention to raw materials, energy,                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Chinese and foreign management 201101

    A "92 faction" entrepreneur's "

    Chinese and foreign management 201101

                                                    Excellent entrepreneurs are the most scarce social resources for any society. They are resource integrators and adventurers who are "out of nothing".                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Chinese businessman 2019.01

    Where are the investment opportunities in 2019?

    Chinese businessman 2019.01

                                                    In the process of the global economic growth of the A-share market in 2019, it is hard not to fall, but the possibility of a sharp decline does not seem to be large.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Talents 2019.01

    Yang Jie: China Telecom 5G Zhi

    Talents 2019.01

                                                    From 1G blank, 2G follow-up, 3G catch-up, 4G synchronization to 5G lead; from learning from foreign telecom giants, to overseas companies starting to domestic telecom companies                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Manager 2019.01

    Project management

    Manager 2019.01

                                                    In an era of constant economic uncertainty and a major economic and social transformation, top managers of Chinese companies will face more and more complex challenges. These challenge packs                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Business Review 201101

    Dali’s 30 years of follow-up

    Business Review 201101

                                                    In China's casual food industry, the Zongqinghou family of Wahaha has always been in the position of the richest man in the monopoly industry, and rarely sees the challengers of the same level. 2018                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Investment and Cooperation 201112

    Feng Qiyu: Ingenuity and art

    Investment and Cooperation 201112

                                                    The history of garments of Fengqiyu can be traced back to 1950. The family has been inherited for three generations and has a history of 68 years. Fengqiyu's products range from the original bride flag                                         ...[detailed]

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