• The tax threshold is raised to 5,000 yuan today.

  • The new tax threshold will be officially implemented today (October 1st) and will be issued after October 1st.
  • The salary can be applied to the threshold of 5,000 yuan and the new tax rate table, the monthly income of 20,000 yuan
  • The following people can reduce taxes by more than 50%. [detailed]
  • Zhongguozhengquanbao
  • Zhengquanribao
  • Meirijingjixinwen
  • 21cn
  • Nanfangdushibao
  • Shanghaizhengquanbao
  • Zhengquanshibao
  • Diyicaijingribao
  • Jinrongshibao
  • Shidaizhoubao
  • Manager 2011.09

    Jiang Nanchun: complaining from problems and customers

    Manager 2011.09

                                                    I really like the word "entrepreneur". We can't call entrepreneurs because we have a long way to go. As far as the company itself is concerned                                         ...[detailed]

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  • China Real Estate Finance 201809

    Semi-annual report of housing enterprises: after scale

    China Real Estate Finance 201809

                                                    Listed housing companies ushered in the best semi-annual report in history, behind the bright digital, under the scale, how will the competition pattern of housing enterprises evolve in the future? As of September 30, 2016                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Securities Market Red Weekly 2018.34

    Why do state-owned enterprises actively "buy shells"?

    Securities Market Red Weekly 2018.34

                                                    Rough statistics, from the beginning of 2018 to the present, at least 22 listed companies have transferred shares or controlling rights to a large proportion of local state-owned assets. State capital in A stock market                                         ...[detailed]

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  • International Finance 2011.09

    Jin Liqun and Neil Bush in dialogue

    International Finance 2011.09

                                                    2018, a summer night, Jin Liqun, president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and Neil Bush, a member of the former US presidential family, and banker Nei Bush                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Talents 2011-088

    Song Zhiping's gorgeous turn of Chinese building materials

    Talents 2011-088

                                                    Finding new breakthroughs and a broader development space, let a relatively traditional building materials company gain the “new kinetic energy” that continues to accelerate. If you take the line                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Looking forward to Oriental Weekly 2018.29

    Net drama "out of the circle"

    Looking forward to Oriental Weekly 2018.29

                                                    With the "Zhangyu Raiders" "Rugao Biography" became the "explosion" of the summer file, a batch of webcasts that no longer have the same frequency resonance with the TV station port, let more and more                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Investment has a road of 2018.09

    A-share market "gold" everywhere

    Investment has a road of 2018.09

                                                    This year, the Shanghai Composite Index experienced a short-term rise in January and reached 3,587 points, and then began a long decline. As of 2017                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Financial Weekly 201131

    Just use financial management as a "chicken"

    Financial Weekly 201131

                                                    "Great luck, eating chicken tonight" is the winner's declaration of the most popular "eat chicken" game. Everyone wants to "eat chicken," but few people will seriously conceive it.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Investment and Cooperation 201806

    Qin Yi Electronics: Beginning with Qin Cheng Yuyi

    Investment and Cooperation 201806

                                                    The family business that has grown up with the reform and opening up has entered the alternation period of the next two generations. For the development time is relatively short, whether it is                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Consumer Reports June 2018

    Ready to eat bird's nest: "Palace jade liquor,

    Consumer Reports June 2018

                                                    Health and upstart, single bottle over 100, goddess must, women's eyes are red. Instant bird's nest is suitable for lazy people because of its convenient carrying, plus a strong propaganda campaign for the business.                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Chinese and foreign management 201108

    Let's see who the smart car will be.

    Chinese and foreign management 201806

                                                    In the past five years, China's automobile manufacturing industry has been a spurt of development for five years, and it has ranked first in the world in sales. Around the new energy car, although the industry secretly                                         ...[detailed]

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  • Chinese Philanthropist 2018, Issue 04

    Jiang Xipei: 30 years of true color growth

    Chinese Philanthropist 2018, Issue 04

                                                    On this day, Jiang Xipei had to deal with four visitors, as the party secretary of the Far East Holding Group, the chairman of the board of directors, and the guests of the political and business side, he had to personally receive it. his                                         ...[detailed]

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