He is currently the Chief Economist (Vice President) of Evergrande Group and the Dean of Evergrande Economic Research Institute. He served as the chief macro analyst of Guotai Junan Securities and Founder Securities.
Chief Strategy Analyst of Haitong Securities, Registered International Investment Analyst (CIIA), Best Analyst of New Fortune, 3rd in 2014, 3rd in 2013, Best Analyst of Securities Market Weekly Crystal Ball Award 2014 Fourth place, fifth place in 2013, the best analyst of China Securities Journal Golden Bull Award, fifth place in 2014, third place in 2013, the best analyst of CBN, third place in 2014, WeChat public No. "荀玉根-Strategy Research".
Has many years of foreign exchange margin trading experience, in the actual transaction process to form their own unique trading style, focusing on actual trading and risk control, long-term commitment to currency law and intraday short-term trading research, combined with medium and long-term trends for analysis, the use of unique The black hole trading system consisting of the space-time singularity and the K-line causality calculus is characterized by respecting the laws of the market itself to formulate appropriate trading strategies. Good at analyzing commodity currencies and pounds.
Zhou Hao, Senior Economist, German Commercial Bank
National registered intermediate gold analyst, senior gold foreign exchange analyst. In 2000, he was engaged in the financial industry, Hexun special analyst, foreign exchange analysis analyst, CICC online special analyst, CCTV securities information special analyst, global foreign exchange network special analyst, Asian foreign exchange network special analyst. He has long been engaged in gold foreign exchange trading, and has rich theoretical analysis and practical operational experience. He is the founder of four-dimensional game theory, the founder of three logical trading theories, and the founder of Chinese-style trading training. Focus on the fundamentals, technical aspects and the situation of the day combined analysis, the creation of the Trinity trading system and the mid-line trading system. Winning will fight --- Winners fight; Winners win, or win goals, or win experience, or both win; seek for a lesser, attack the heart, win over. Risks and interests coexist, loss and surprise. Without a bloody battlefield, only the mindset and technology are the tools in your hands, and mastering them can survive.
National registered secondary gold analyst. Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2005. Has a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, has a bloody lesson, and has a brilliant record. He is currently a gold trader and analyst with extensive practical experience and unique trading philosophy. At present, it is a special commentary analyst of "Fortune Wealth Network", "Foreign Exchange", "Golden Investment Network", "Huijin Net", "Golden Review Network", "Second Barrel Gold", "Finance of the Financial Circle" and many other financial websites. Investment message: The market is changing rapidly. Only by taking advantage of the trend can you be able to work with ease and be unbeaten. The soldiers have no regularity, the water is inconstant, and the trend of the market is also the same. If you take the money against the market, you will not be able to escape the game. The road to investment, cooperation and win-win!