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Greedy, cheap and big loss! The guy bought a discount ticket for 200 yuan.

January 11, 2019 08:57

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[Greedy is cheap and big loss! The guy buys a discount ticket for 200 yuan. The freight charges are 860 yuan.] Seeing that it is going to the Spring Festival, more and more people are preparing to set foot on their hometown. In this context, discounted tickets have become the choice of many travelers. Tickets that can be seen as low-priced, the "routines" behind them, often make people greedy and cheap to eat big losses. (Daily Economic News)

Seeing that we are going to the Spring Festival, there are more and more people ready to go home. In this context, discounted tickets have become the choice of many travelers.

Tickets that can be seen as low-priced, the "routines" behind them, often make people greedy and cheap to eat big losses.

200 yuan for the ticket shipping fee to receive 860 yuan

"I really didn't think that the baggage charge was more than four times the ticket price." On January 9, on the pear video, a young man was dissatisfied with the channel. It is understood that the identity of the passenger is a student at school, his journey is from Hohhot to Wuhai. He bought a discounted flight ticket from the Internet, and the cost was only about 200 yuan. Originally, I was quite satisfied with the price of this ticket. However, after arriving at the airport, the baggage was weighed, and the baggage charge of less than one hundred kilograms was actually charged at 860 yuan. At that time, the boy did not calm down after hearing the price, but he could only help but check it out.

The guy thinks that although the ticket is cheap, the price of the consignment is too high. I am just a student. I originally bought cheap tickets to save money, but the cost of baggage is unacceptable. For this price of Tianjin flights, some other passengers at the airport also expressed their views. One of the aunts introduced that he and his wife are from Wuhai to Hohhot. The ticket price for two people is only 300 yuan, but the check-in price for several pieces of luggage has reached 700 yuan. "The things inside are not worth 700 yuan," she also felt that the shipping charges were a bit too high.

In response, the head of the airline said that the company has become a low-cost airline since October 28, 2018. All tickets below 40% have no free checked baggage. Related in this regardannouncementPassengers can be found on the official website of the airline. “All fees are in line with standards, and visitors are expected to understand.”

Every time I learned from Xiaobian, it is not the first time for Chinese people to charge high-cost freight charges. For example, AirAsia regulations, free carry-on baggage must not exceed 7 kg, checked baggage starting standard 15 kg, ticket payment is 7 US dollars, airport payment is 10 US dollars; Australia Jetstar Airlines free carry-on baggage weight limit is also 7 kg, shipping start standard For 20 kg, the booking will be paid at AUD $38 and the airport payment will be AUD $160.

Statistics from the US Department of Transportation show that 2013American airlinesThe baggage fee charged by the company was about $3.362 billion, and has since risen year by year. By 2017, it had reached $4.576 billion, an increase of 36% from four years ago.

It turns out that airlines prefer to use the lower-priced basic economy class to attract passengers on the ticket-purchasing website. However, warnings about seat space and baggage restrictions are encouraged in the purchase process to encourage passengers to purchase more expensive regular economy class tickets. A report from management consulting firm Oliver Wyman found that because airline tickets are too cheap, low-cost airlines rely more on revenue than regular airlines.

 A passenger has taken the airline to court

The guy above was busy going home, and he still had a consignment, but some passengers couldn’t swallow it.

According to the Yangzi Evening News, on September 12, 2017, Ms. Lu’s sons, Ms. Lu and Ms. Cao, booked online on September 18, 2017. Jiuyuan Airlines (hereinafter referred to as Jiuyuan Airlines) AQ1039 from Haikou Four tickets from Meilan Airport to Nanjing Lukou Airport.

When Ms. Lu waited on the plane, she was told that the size of the suitcase did not meet the company's regulations and could not be carried with me. It can only be checked and charged. After a big fight with the airline, the two women chose to take other airline flights back to Nanjing. After that, they believed that the airline’s regulations were overlord clauses and should be invalid. The airlines were brought to court to demand an apology.

The plaintiff’s lawyer believes that according to the provisions of the “Chinese Civil Air Passenger and Baggage Domestic Transportation Rules” and the general experience of passengers taking other domestic airlines, the price is 20 inches or less (including 20 inches, ie the baggage size is 20*40*55 cm). The suitcase can be carried on the plane, that is to say, the general 18-inch, 20-inch small suitcase can be carried on the plane, even if the passenger is not willing to carry it, the suitcase is also free to check. And Jiuyuan Airlines has created a limit of carrying no more than "20*30*40 cm", which is equivalent to setting a trap for passengers.

The agent of Jiuyuan Airlines said that the plaintiff bought a special ticket, and the price was less than 20% of the normal fare. The so-called special ticket, the special feature is that this ticket is attached with a lot of restrictions. The restrictions on baggage size and charge consignment are restrictions on special fares for Ms. Lu and Ms. Cao.

Jiuyuan Airlines also believes that it has no fraudulent consumers. They not only reminded the baggage size and charge consignment during the booking process, but also reminded them by SMS after the ticket was successfully placed.

So is there a clear standard for merchants to make reminders?

According to previous reports by Yangguang Finance, Wu Gaohan, former deputy secretary-general of the China Consumers Association, said that there is currently no stipulation on the specific method to determine the merchant’s obligation to remind. Consumers are required to apply for identification from relevant departments. Wu Gaohan believes that:

"There is no rule, for example, it should be at a certain position on the page. However, when analyzing any page in detail, the operator's intentions will be analyzed. If he does not want to inform the consumer, he will pass the page. Analysis can be seen at a glance. As a consumer, we must ask the relevant departments to carry out scientific certification on this page and make scientific judgments."

In the face of similar problems, consumers are not only angered, but also need to bear higher cost of rights protection, making people helpless. How to solve it is not only the involvement of relevant management departments, but also the change of service awareness of airlines and air ticket agents, so that cheap fees can experience “not cheap” services.

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

                (Editor: DF376)

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