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How much do you spend on the Spring Festival? "Your bank card balance is insufficient. Go to work quickly!"

February 11, 2019 08:53
source: China News Network

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[How much do you spend on the Spring Festival? "Your bank card balance is insufficient. Go to work quickly!"] After a hard year, I am happy and happy. The year-end award that the left hand just took is not hot. The right hand spends money on the Spring Festival to buy new year's goods, buy new clothes, and red packets. Some netizens ridicule: a Chinese New Year, rounding down is equal to one year of white dry! What is the balance of your bank card? (China News Network)

How much do you know about the Spring Festival?

Standing at the beginning of 2019, which changes at a rate of two seconds, we asked an "old-fashioned" question. Many people know that the Spring Festival has a lot of ceremonies and customs, there are endless meals and parties that can't be pushed, and there is a sense of nostalgia and socialism...

But do you know? The Spring Festival is not only a holiday, it also contains social changes, economic development, and every minor change you bring. Starting from February 4, 2019, Zhongxin.com launched a series of planning "Spring Festival or not", trying to outline the huge changes in the Chinese social landscape through the bitter changes of you and me during the Spring Festival.

I have worked hard all year long and I am happy with the New Year. The year-end award that the left hand just took is not hot. The right hand spends money on the Spring Festival to buy new year's goods, buy new clothes, and red packets. Some netizens ridicule: a Chinese New Year, rounding down is equal to one year of white dry! yourbankWhat is the balance of the card?

  95 after entering the workplace

- Light red envelopes cost more than 6000 yuan

Looking at the 2018 expenses bill, you will find that most of the money is spent on the Double Eleven and the Spring Festival. The Double Eleven is the "drug" of the Handcuffs. The Spring Festival is the "destiny" of every worker.

How big is the spending on the Spring Festival? Zhou Shihua, who had just graduated in 2018, had not really realized it a month ago. He joined the company for the first five-digit year-end award in his life. He joked: "I don't know how to spend it."

As the Spring Festival approached, this nonsense “惆怅” quickly disappeared.

Zhou Shihua was a small civil servant in a small town. He gave his parents a 2,000 red envelope. This is the first tangible reward for the socially motivated children’s years of parenting. At the small tip, Zhou Shihua’s spending was naturally included in the Spring Festival bill.

Since the "mouth" of the return has already been opened, it is not so easy to close. In addition to his parents, Zhou Shihua also gave red packets to prostitutes, nephews, grandparents, grandparents, and countless, it took more than 6,000 pieces of money.

According to the survey, nearly 70% of the respondents said that they will give elders a red envelope during the Spring Festival. Among them, 26.81% of the respondents gave the elders a red envelope to become the biggest spending of the Spring Festival, and even 80% later reached 32.28%.

After the initial entry into the workplace, the spending power has been highlighted. 11.86% of the 95s said that they expect to spend more than 10,000 yuan in the Spring Festival, and 3.39% of people expect to spend more than 50,000 yuan.

Zhou Shihua statistics, his Spring Festival bill is 10,000 yuan, a total of more than 9900 yuan: red envelope spending more than 6,000 yuan, party spending 1800 yuan, round-trip fare 2100 yuan.

Parents who are dragging their families

- The bill is complicated, and the annual expenditure exceeds 30,000 yuan

The red envelope size is more powerful. Compared to Zhou Shihua, the spring festival bill of Zhu Ting, the mother of two-year-old children, is more complicated.

"Red envelope spending 3000+, new year 2700, Spring Festival re-arranged home purchase 1000 home decoration, the whole family physical examination gold 3000..." Zhu Ting draws the bank deduction SMS, "Where the size of spending is spent, my heart is clear."

Large sums of money, fixed expenditures, and cumbersome small expenditures are a problem for Zhu Ting, who has a bookkeeping habit. "My relatives, relatives of his (husband) family, dear, and what to buy, come to visit, these must grasp the scale, the money has to go out and have to give people the clear."

Compared to the simple and straight red envelopes, the gift of the door is both cumbersome and cumbersome, and every account must be carefully calculated.

Zhu Ting's Spring Festival account alone spent a total of 34,700 yuan, in addition to the above-mentioned total of 9,700 yuan of planned expenditure, there are also 11900 yuan for the family feast, 11,000 yuan for relatives and gifts and more than 2,000 yuan for idle expenses.

“37.06% of the respondents said that the Spring Festival is expected to consume more than 10,000 yuan.” The data shows that after the 70th, it is still consumed by the Spring Festival.Main force45.55% of the 70s are expected to consume more than 10,000 yuan during the Spring Festival, and even 5.48% of people expect to spend more than 50,000 yuan.

According to the "2018 White-collar Year-end Award Investigation Report" recruited by Zhilian, the average white-collar year-end award in 2018 is 7,100 yuan, and the Spring Festival bills of Zhou Shihua and Zhu Ting have exceeded this average and even doubled.

 Man with excess bills

—— Borrowing money for the New Year, more than 20,000 on the e-commerce platform

Whether it is a red envelope or a visiting friend, there is money to spend, and spending more flowers is less emotional. But for some people, the Spring Festival has no money to spend is the most headache.

Yang Yi, a self-employed editor in Shenzhen, received a notice from the company one week before the holiday: there is no year-end award this year.

At the end of the year, I was rushing out of the rented house in the off-season. The deposit had already consumed all of Yang Yi’s deposits. I thought that the year-end award could save the Spring Festival, and the abacus was overturned.

"February 8 wages, now even the return ticket has not been bought, there is no way to go back." Yang Yi, who did not even have a credit card, opened the Alipay loan for the first time, the amount of 12,000. She carefully borrowed 10,000 pieces a day before the holiday and divided it into 12 periods. "Through this Spring Festival, I have a debt for one year."

The same is "borrowing money for the New Year", Zhong Shuo chose to play white bars to buy new year home. Massage instruments for parents, new phones for sisters, gifts for relatives... Nearly 20,000 Spring Festival expenses, all from the e-commerce platform.

"Red envelopes need real cash, and white bars can be slowly returned after consumption. If you leave some money for your hands to spend the Spring Festival, your heart will be more comfortable." Zhong Shuo said, "The children of the same age at home last year gave juniors and elders a package." The red envelope, this year, no matter how ignorant, I have to keep up with the 'progress'."

 Have a happy heart

- "Father gave me 20,000 yuan"

"Whether it is over-spending or borrowing money for the New Year, it is all about going home for a good year." This is the mentality of many people.

According to the survey, 41.42% of the respondents said that the consumption of the Spring Festival exceeded their one-month income, and 2.48% of the people spent more than half their own income.

On the night before the return trip, Zhou Shihua received a transfer of 20,000 yuan from his father's account.

"They (parents) know that I don't really have any money. In the past years, they used to go out with them. I have given them a round this year, so I finally returned the money."

The child grows up and knows how to take it! But in the eyes of parents, the older children are all children. The circulation of property in the Spring Festival bill is an unclear account. The simple figures are complex and sophisticated.

On February 11th, after the Spring Festival holiday, I have to start work again. What is the balance of your bank card?

(Article source: China News Network)

                (Editor: DF376)

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