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5 billion yuan in 5 days! Listed companies rush to eat the Spring Festival box office "Wandering Earth" counterattack to win

February 11, 2019 08:55
source: Beijing News

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[5 days 5 billion yuan! Listed companies rush to eat the Spring Festival box office "Wandering Earth" counterattack to win the championship] Spring Festival has always been the main battlefield of the major theaters and the New Year's film to kill, each of the capital pools in the secret competition. This year's Spring Festival stalls, gathered in two days to complete the counterattack of "Wandering Earth", directed by Han Han, Shen Teng starring "Flying Life", and Zhou Xingchi's feelings "The King of New Comedy", and with the trailer First, the "Little Pig Peggy Over the New Year" (New Beijing News)

The Spring Festival has always been the main battlefield for the major theaters and the New Year's films. The capital of each channel is a secret match. This year's Spring Festival stalls, gathered in two days to complete the counterattack of "Wandering Earth", directed by Han Han, Shen Teng starring "Flying Life", and Zhou Xingchi's feelings "The King of New Comedy", and with the trailer First fire, "Little Pig Peggy has passed the New Year"...

In the end, in the crossroads of the big names and the big films, the 2019 Spring Festival filed a very satisfactory data at the box office. During the first day (February 5th) to the fifth day (February 9th), the income of the mainland movie box office exceeded 5 billion yuan, which is full of gains. However, in this more than 5 billion box office cake, who can cut the biggest piece?

Lens 1

"Wandering Earth" counterattacks 5,92 million box office

In the Spring Festival of 2019, there were 14 movies competing in the same field. Cat Eye Professional Edition data shows that the New Year's Day (February 5) box office reported 1.439 billion yuan, directly refreshing the global single-day box office record.

The Cat Eye Professional Edition data also shows that from February 5 to February 9 (first to fifth day), the total daily box office volume was 1.439 billion yuan, 992 million yuan, 924 million yuan, 845 million yuan, and 821 million yuan. In the end, within five days of the Spring Festival, the income of the mainland single-day box office has shown a downward trend, but the total box office has exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Specifically, the current single-day box office and total box office of "Wandering Earth" have achieved a go-ahead. As of 24:00 on February 9, "Wandering Earth" has achieved a total box office income of 1.592 billion yuan. As of press time, the "Wandering Earth" box office has exceeded 2 billion yuan. Followed by "Crazy Aliens" and "Flying Life", the five-day cumulative box office was 1.297 billion yuan and 931 million yuan.

 Lens 2

Spring Festival stalls total box office 5 billion yuan, many listed companies participate in the food

Behind the box office is full of gunpowder smell of capital killing, and many listed companies are involved.

"Flying Life" starring Han Han and Shen Teng was the pre-sale box office champion. The investor and the issuer wereLight media(300251) holdingCat eye entertainment(01896.HK), and Bona Pictures participated.

The Beijing News reporter learned that there are three producers in "Flying Life", namely Ting Dong Film, Bona Media and Cat Eye Entertainment. Among them, Tingdong Film is an asset of Han Han. January 15, 2019,Ali Pictures(01060.HK) has confirmed to the media that the company has strategically invested in Tingdong Film. The Bona Film Group behind Bona Media has repeatedly produced fine products and is now on the road to IPO. The "Red Sea Action" issued by Bona Films won the "16-day box office of 2.791 billion yuan" in 2018; its "Mekong River Action" was released in the 2016 National Day holiday of 7 days. Yuan Jiaji. Cat Eye Entertainment was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 4, 2019, but fell below the issue price of HK$14.80 on the first day of listing.

"Crazy Alien" as the box office champion of the New Year's Day in 2019, achieved a box office income of 413 million yuan that day. The producers of the film include Light Media; in addition to the companies under the Light Media, the publisher also has the Tang Culture Film Company.

Although "Wandering Earth" gave way to "Crazy Alien" in the first box office, it successfully attacked in the second day and became the box office champion of the day. On the third day of the third day, the film achieved a box office of 340 million yuan. The fifth day is the gap between further enlargement and "The Crazy Alien." "Wandering the Earth" won the good results, it will inevitably makeBeijing culture(000802) andChinese film(600977) benefit.

According to the cat's eye movie data, the production of "Wandering Earth" is 4 companies, with 23 joint producers, 2 issuers, and 7 joint issuers. Among them, the most intimate combination with the film is Chinese film and Beijing culture. These two companies are not only the producers of "Wandering Earth" but also the issuers. In addition, Beijing culture is also the producer of "Wandering Earth".

The director of "Wandering Earth" revealed in an interview recently that Wu Jing, one of the main characters, invested 60 million yuan for the film. As the box office of the movie continues to rise, Wu Jing will also benefit. Wanda official website June 1, 2017announcementIt shows that "Wandering Earth" was originally produced by Wanda Film, Chinese Film and Beijing Culture. However, after the film was released, Wanda Film and Television did not appear on the list of producers, apparently missing the opportunity. There have been net reports that Wanda has divested and changed its investment in "Love 2". However, Wanda Films related personnel called it "fake news" when they were interviewed by the Beijing News reporter on February 9. When asked if Wanda had participated in the investment before the other party, the other party responded: "Everyone has been in contact, but there is definitely no ‘withdrawal.'

Behind Stephen Chow’s love story, The King of New ComedyNew culture(300336). The company announced on January 2, 2019 that New Culture Pictures has invested in the film "The King of New Comedy" with its own funds of 10 million to 50 million yuan. This investment is a continuation of the close cooperation between the company and Stephen Chow and its team, which will have a positive impact on the company's financial status and operating results for the year 2019 and beyond.

The "Little Pig Peggy's Great Year", which was pre-emptive in the trailer, is the work of Ali Films. Another animated film, "Bear Infested, Primitive Era," was released by Le Chuang Entertainment, formerly LeTV.

 Lens 3

Accompanied by Wu Jing to play "Wandering" Beijing culture wins first week

Five days before the first month of the first month, "Wandering Earth" has achieved a total box office income of 1.592 billion yuan, temporarily leading. Does this mean that Beijing culture and Chinese film as the producer and distributor of "Wandering Earth" will be the biggest winners?

Beijing Culture announced on January 24, 2017 that the total investment in the movie "Wandering Earth" project is 107.5 million yuan. among them,Company investmentThe cost of film production is 72.5 million yuan. The propaganda and issuance cost of the company is not less than 25 million yuan and not more than 35 million yuan.

In fact, in recent years, many movie boxing houses in Beijing's cultural investment are quite high. In addition to this box office, which has already reached the top of the list of "Wandering Earth", the previously released "Wolf Wolf 2" "I am not a drug god" and " The nameless generation has also achieved high box office and high reputation, which has brought considerable benefits to Beijing culture.

Beijing Culture announced on December 6, 2018 that as of December 4, the "No Names" accumulated box office revenue of about 666 million yuan, more than 50% of the company's audited consolidated financial report revenue in the most recent fiscal year, the company The box office revenue from "The Nameless Generation" is about 60 million yuan to 70 million yuan.

The third quarterly report of 2018 shows that Beijing culture achieved its mother in the first three quarters of 2018.Net profit246.59 million yuan, an increase of 144.55%. At that time, "The Nameless Generation" was still released, and the expected box office revenue has exceeded the total net profit of Beijing culture in the first three quarters.

Beijing cultureshareholderThe behavior is contrary to the high box office income. In the past month, Beijing Culture released a number of announcements about “shareholder shares were frozen” and “passive shareholding of shareholders holding more than 5% of shares”. Beijing Culture issued three consecutive announcements on January 24, January 26, and January 31, 2019, respectively. Due to the tight market financing environment, the time limit for the trust plan of Huali Holdings to increase its shareholding in the company expired. According to the agreement, The trust plan is realized by the funder to realise the trust property, resulting in the trust plan to passively reduce the company's shares.

Compared with Chinese film and Beijing culture betting "Wandering Earth", Light Media participated in the investment of "Flying Life" and "Crazy Alien". The pre-sale box office ranks very high and was once regarded as the Spring Festival file. The biggest winner.

In 2018, Light Media has produced a lot of word of mouth. In 2018PerformanceIn the notice, the company expects a net profit of 1.26 billion yuan to 1.5 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 54.57% to 84.01%. In 2018, Light Media participated in the investment, issued and included in the reporting period of the box office a total of 15 films, the total box office was 7.38 billion yuan, including "Chinatown Detective 2" "Big World" "Over time together" "Thirteen "Wait. However, Light Media used to sell subsidiaries to support profits in 2018, actuallyOperating incomeThe year-on-year decline has left investors with a lingering fear.

 Lens 4

A few happy families, there are still listed companies losing money.

February 10, listed companyWentou Holdings(600715),Shanghai movie(601595) separately issued relevant announcements about the box office of the movie "Wandering Earth". Wentou Holdings said that due to the small proportion of the company's participation in the investment of "Wandering Earth", as of 0:00 on February 10, the current operating income generated by the film has not yet formed a large scale, and has little impact on the company's performance. Shanghai Film said that as of February 7, the company's comprehensive income from "Wandering Earth" was temporarily -2.8 million yuan to -2.3 million yuan.

The new culture of investing in the "King of New Comedy" was also expected to be very high. On the 2nd of February, 2019, Wang Xin, the director of the New Culture, told the media that as long as the "King of New Comedy" and "Mermaid 2" achieved the upper-middle results, the company is expected to have a good income in 2019. However, from the current box office point of view, I am afraid that it is difficult to rely on the "King of New Comedy" to make a turnaround. As of 24:00 on February 7, the "New Comedy King" scored only 6.0 points (out of 10 points), and the decline in word of mouth seems to have become the bottleneck of box office growth. Not long before the release of "The King of New Comedy", the new culture expected a profit of 24.64 million yuan to 98.56 million yuan in 2018, a year-on-year decline of 90%-60%. The reasons for the company's expected decline in performance include factors such as changes in the market environment of the film and television industry, which have caused some film and television projects to develop and produce less than expected.

Word of mouth encounters Waterloo is not only the "king of the new comedy", but also the "Little Pig Peggy Over the Year" with the trailer "Pec is 啥". As of now, the "Pigpe Peggy's New Year" has a score of only 4.6, which may be unexpected for Ali Pictures.

The box office of the Spring Festival is still the focus of the various capital competitions, but which listed company can seize the most in this year's Spring Festival box office? How does the decline in film word-of-mouth and box office revenue affect the performance of listed companies? There is still a lot of suspense that everyone should wait and see...

(Article source: Beijing News)

                (Editor: DF376)

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