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trench! 31.5% of single older women who bought a house in Beishang Guangshen chose the full amount

March 14, 2019 08:30
source: City Express

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【trench! 31.5% of single older women who bought a house in Beishangguangshen chose the full model. Metropolitan Express recently joined the shell to find a house, for Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Suzhou and Xi'an. In the first and second tier cities, nearly 1,000 women groups aged 18-50 years have conducted research on housing purchases. (Urban Express)

Metropolitan Express recently joined the shell to find a house. There are 12 first- and second-tier cities in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Suzhou and Xi'an, and nearly 1,000 female groups aged 18-50. , carried out the purchase of the houseResearch.

The data shows that overall, men are still buying houses.Main forceThe population, but the proportion of single female buyers is increasing year by year, reaching the highest point in history in 2018, almost “flattening” male buyers. At the same time, the proportion of younger women buying houses in first-tier cities is higher than that in second-tier cities, indicating that older women in first-tier cities are more independent in buying houses.

The longer a single woman is, the more she has the awareness of buying a house. Among the single older women over the age of 30, 47.1% have already purchased houses, of which more than 30% of the total purchasers, and 23.4% of the second suites.

More and more

Single older female youth to buy a house

According to the "2019 Women's Settlement Report", the proportion of female buyers in 2018 has reached a maximum of 46.7% in the past seven years, which is close to the proportion of male buyers. Among them, the number of single-aged young female buyers over the age of 30 has increased year by year, and the proportion is higher than the average.

The economic strength of female buyers is not to be underestimated. Among the single older women who bought houses in the first-tier cities such as the North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 31.5% chose the full amount, which is 35.7% in the second-tier cities. In terms of the price range, in the total price range of 0-300 million yuan, the proportion of young women under the age of 30 is higher than that of older women; above the 3 million yuan range, older women account for a higher proportion.

Two-bedroom is the preferred type of housing for women, but single-aged young women are more inclined to three-bedroom. Young women under the age of 30 are more inclined to live in one room.

At the same time, women pay more attention to the education and transportation configuration of real estate. 64.4% of the single older women chose the subway house; 36.6% listed the “school district” as the standard of choice.

Of the young women under the age of 30, 64% said they would not accept renting a marriage. Older female youths are more tolerant, and the proportion of those who do not accept rental housing is 45%. This may be related to the fact that older young women buy more homes themselves.

Many single older women think that "the house is more secure than marriage." They believe that compared with love, the house not only improves the quality of life, but also an investment. And I have a room full of people, even if the object has no room, there is no need to worry that love is defeated by reality.

 Single older female young lady

I bought a suite and successfully quit "moonlight"

The girl who has passed the age of Yang is very busy recently. The new house she bought two years ago has not been delivered for a long time, and is now in full swing.

This is the first house in her life to belong to her own. Why buy a house? "I was originally a 'moonlight family', I want to get rid of this problem. The down payment is sponsored by my parents, and I have a monthly mortgage. I have never been more practical in my heart for two years. Buying a house not only makes me settle down in Hangzhou, but also has more life. Responsibility, more love."

"Now everyone praises my house for value-added and earned it. In fact, when I bought it, I was almost optimistic about it. I thought it was too far and the price was not high." Yang’s house is located in Gouzhuang, away from the future Metro Line 4 and The intersection of Line 10 is very close. Now, looking back, she is glad that she was "indecent".

"From preparing to buy a house to do homework, to seeing a house to buying a house, it is almost a decision I made alone." Yang girl's needs are clear and firm: first, there must be a subway; secondly, the total price is controlled within 3 million yuan; Third, to choose a brand developer, the quality is relatively more secure; fourth, the property must be good.

"Intermediaries often say that buying a house to see the fate, this is really the case." Yang girl remembered that she received the phone call from the sales agent that day, the other party's tone was short, and even a little impatient: "There are no customers in the house, they quit. If you want, you will pay a deposit of 100,000 yuan to the sales office within 1 hour. It’s too late, it’s gone!” Yang girl was doing moxibustion, slammed up and put on her shoes and ran. She had only 50,000 on her card. Yuan cash, but also find a girlfriend to temporarily borrow 50,000 yuan. The girlfriends donated money to her, and she stopped at the roadside and went straight to the sales office.

Many of the 期房 in the pre-sale phase, the surrounding is not perfect, Yang said that we must carefully study the surrounding development space. For example, she chose to buy in Dacheng North because of the huge potential of planning and development.

Single mother Ms. Huang

There is a house, and the house is my sigh.

Ms. Huang, a single mother with an 8-year-old child, is more practical in considering the factors of buying a house.

"My first suite was purchased in 2008. At that time, I was still a single girl. I took out 100,000 yuan of work for 3 years and bought a small house of 30 square meters in the Yuchengyuan community of Xiacheng District. The total price is 300,000 yuan." Two years later, she sold the small house at a price of 480,000 yuan and purchased a large apartment in the lower city. In this operation, she is a winner of the same-sales colleague who bought a hotel-style single apartment.

In 2015, Ms. Huang, who has been single, has a new demand: In a few years, the child has to go to elementary school. In order to find a good school district, she decisively joined the army.

One person went to the agency, one person went to see the house, one person thought and compared... After more than a month, Ms. Huang concluded that the special hot school, the time of settlement is not enough, and the supply of new houses in the area is not much. And the price is too high to afford. “Looking at the popular school districts in the West Lake District, I can only afford the ‘old and small’, but the old community car is difficult to stop, the people and cars are not diverted, and the children are not safe to play in the community.”

Children's reading is one aspect, and quality of life and safety are also important. She turned her eyes to the Gongshu District, and the conditions were narrowed. "At that time, I chose it in the two districts of the Oceanic River and the Jinrui City Scenery." Ms. Huang is very fond of the environment of the Dahezhangzhang, but the 89-square-foot units are all along the road. In the end, she was in a city landscape with a 3rd floor house that could face the central landscape. I ran to see the sunshine in the daytime, and went to see the lighting situation at night to judge the occupancy rate. “I think it’s more comprehensive than buying a house for young people.”

Now, Ms. Huang is very satisfied with the house she lives in. There are a study room and two bedrooms on the 89th side. Each bedroom has a bay window that can satisfy the girl's heart of the old mother. The school is very close to home. As long as you pass a road junction, every time you go to school, there are traffic police on the road to protect the children.

"A set of suitable houses can give me a great sense of security and a sense of belonging. And I am buying a house in full, and will not put any pressure on my life. If there is a house, there is a house, and the house is my strength."

Hangzhou senior matchmaker

Encourage older single women to buy a house

Helps increase the blindness success rate

After more than ten years of charity matchmaking, Xu Zhenyin, head of the Guiyang Community Hongniang Studio, found that more and more single older women began to buy their own houses.

“I also encourage girls to buy a house before marriage.” Xu Ayi said that the matchable range of older girls is much narrower than that of boys. If both men and women have no room, older girls still want the man to “have a car and a car”. The probability of success will be lower.

"Especially some older girls in the field, they themselves are also excellent, have some savings, parents can help, buy a small house or a two-bedroom apartment! On the one hand they can be more stable, get rid of the rental life that may move at any time. On the other hand, parents have a place to see their children.” Xu Ayi said that women, especially single older women, have stronger recognition and dependence on the house. If they have not found the other half, buying a house can bring them very much. Great comfort.

Xu Ayi also summed up a "single-aged young woman to buy a house, it is easier to promote a harmonious and beautiful marriage."

For example, she said that three years ago, the older girl Xiao Chen and the doctor graduated from Master Li. The man's ability is strong, the character is good, but the family is poor, unable to support the independent purchase of the house, has been repeatedly picky in the previous couples. Xiao Chen used the small house he bought as a wedding room, and married Xiao Li, and the days have been very happy. This year, the two worked together and just replaced a large house.

Xu Ayi said that there are also cases where a single girl who bought a house before marriage meets a boy who has a marriage room and rents out her small house to share the wealth. “Single-aged young women buying houses independently can not only increase the success rate of blind date, but also a good way to preserve their assets.”

(Article source: City Express)

                (Editor: DF376)

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