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Which insurance companies are the most “disgusted”? The latest "disgust index" list is released

March 14, 2019 08:33

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[Which insurance companies are the most "disgusted"? The latest "disgust index" list was released. In this year's government work report, the word "insurance" was mentioned 15 times. During the two sessions, proposals for proposals concerning the insurance industry also emerged in an endless stream: those involving agricultural insurance, those involving basic medical insurance, those involving long-term care insurance, and various types of ordinary commercial insurance... (Securities Daily)

In this year’s government work report, “InsuranceThe word was mentioned 15 times.

During the two sessions, proposals for proposals concerning the insurance industry also emerged in an endless stream: those involving agricultural insurance, those involving basic medical insurance, those involving long-term care insurance, and various types of ordinary commercial insurance.

Behind many proposals and proposals, insurance has affected every aspect of our lives. In addition to your basic medical insurance, commercial insurance has also shown rapid development in recent years.

Perhaps you don't know, last year, China's commercial insurance premium income reached 3.8 trillion yuan, and insurance salesmen have more than 8 million people, becoming the largest group of employees in financial institutions.

The rapid development of any industry will inevitably lead to various problems, and the insurance industry is no exception. Although the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has continued to increase supervision in recent years, various regulatory measures have been introduced to protect consumer rights. But various types of violations still occur from time to time, such as: the elderly arebank"Deposit change policy", encounter insurance company "chain call", refusal to refuse compensation, false propaganda, bundled sales, automatic renewal, deception of policyholders...

Xiaobian learned from the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission that last year's property insurance complaints mainly reflected problems such as claims disputes, unreasonable insurance liability determination, disputes on the amount of damages, slow timeliness of claims, and cumbersome claims data.

The personal insurance complaints mainly reflect the exaggeration of insurance liability or income, the failure to clearly inform the insurance period and the consequences of not paying the due date, the failure to fully inform the loss of the contract and the maturity of the payment period, false propaganda and other issues.

Are you recruited, and the questions reflected in these complaints are you recruited?

At the time of 3.15, Xiaobian combed out the insurance companies with higher complaints, so that you can refer to the purchase of commercial insurance in the future, and also spur all insurance companies to optimize service quality and strive for excellence.

It should be noted that this small series is not the total ranking of complaints from various insurance companies. The reason is that because the number of insurance policies and premiums of large-scale insurance companies are higher than that of small and medium-sized insurance companies, the rankings must be ahead, with no reference significance and value.

This small series selects the two indicators of “100 million premium complaints” and “10,000 policy complaints” to rank life insurance companies and property insurance companies to objectively reflect which companies have the highest average complaint rate.Insurance ProductsProvide a reference to prevent being "pitted".

The following table shows the amount of insurance premiums issued by life insurance companies (that is, in the average premium of 100 million yuan, several policies have been complained), it is not difficult to see that harmonious health, people's health, Huahui Life Insurance and other insurance companies are ahead.

Let's look at the “quantity of thousands of policy complaints”. Beijing Life Insurance, ICBC Ansheng, and HSBC Life Insurance are among the best.

In terms of property and casualty insurance companies, in fact, the most close relationship between the property and casualty insurance industry may be the auto insurance business. The data disclosed by the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission also showed that property insurance complaints were mainly concentrated on motor vehicle insurance claims.

In 2018, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and its dispatched agencies received a total of 28,820 complaints about vehicle insurance claims disputes, accounting for 74.20% of the total number of claims for property insurance companies.

It mainly reflects the problems of claims disputes, unreasonable insurance liability determination, disputes on the amount of damages, slow timeliness of claims, and cumbersome claims data.

The following is the amount of 100 million premium complaints from the property industry. Please refer to the following when insuring or renewing auto insurance:

Let’s take a look at the amount of policy complaints from the property insurance company:

In fact, in addition to the above complaints, in recent years, with the development of Internet insurance. There are more and more complaints about consumers buying insurance online.

In 2018, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and its dispatched agencies received 10,531 Internet insurance consumer complaints, an increase of 121.01% over the same period last year. It mainly reflects the problems of insufficient or ambiguous sales notification, unreasonable claims, insufficient reasons for refusal, bundled sales of insurance products, and automatic renewal without consent.

After talking about the complaint, let’s talk about how consumers can protect their rights and interests. If they really need a complaint someday, how should they prepare?

Let me talk about buying insurance offline, that is, what should I pay attention to when buying insurance at a bank, insurance company outlet or from a salesperson?

According to Xiaobian's recent review of the risk warnings of the Bank's insurance bureaus and interviews, senior industry insiders found that when purchasing insurance, we must pay attention to the "double record", which may be the "killer" of future rights protection.

According to the relevant requirements of the regulatory authorities regarding the retrospective management of insurance sales, life insurance companies (1) sell life insurance products with insurance coverage for more than one year through insurance concurrent agencies, or (2) through insurance agencies other than insurance agencies Sales channel sales investment-linked insurance products or (3) sales of life insurance products with insurance coverage of more than one year to policyholders aged 60 or above, shall be recorded and recorded on key aspects of the sales process (referred to as “double record”) .

"Double Record" is an important means for insurance institutions to backtrack management. It is also a powerful weapon to restore key links in insurance sales, prevent misleading sales, and effectively protect the rights and interests of policyholders.

Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the following points during the insurance process:


First, take the policy "double record" seriously.

Insurance companies and insurance intermediaries use the "double record" to faithfully record insurance sales behavior, which can not only enable sales personnel to truthfully inform consumers of insurance product information, reduce sales misleading, but also facilitate the timely identification of facts and reduce consumers in the event of later disputes. The cost of rights protection.

Therefore, consumers should fully understand the importance of "double record", one is not afraid of annoyance, the second is to seek truth, and through the truthful presentation of the insurance sales process, it forms a binding force for sales personnel's compliance sales. In the event of an insurance dispute, consumers can also use the "double record" weapon to effectively protect their rights and interests.

In addition, the purchase of insurance products with death as a condition of payment shall include the insured agreeing that the insured shall enter into insurancecontractAnd recognize the contract content.


Second, don't trust the salesperson's verbal commitment.

The insurance contract clause is an important record carrier of the insurance contract rights and obligations. Consumers must study carefully before insuring, especially the important clauses such as product insurance liability and liability exemption, distinguishing the product type, insurance guarantee period, payment period, not paying on time or in advance. The consequences of surrender, etc., combined with their own needs assessment to determine whether they need to buy, do not unilaterally listen to the salesperson's verbal recommendation or commitment. For the instructions and commitments made by the salesperson that are inconsistent with the terms of the insurance product, the consumer should require that it be included in the “double record” or other forms of solidification by a written statement.


The third is to sign carefully.

The insurance information is an important material for the insurance company to underwrite and fulfill the contractual obligations. The signature of the insurance policy means that the policyholder has legal effect on the confirmation of the willingness to insure and the insurance information.

Consumers should carefully fill in the insurance information on their own, and do not let the sales staff fill out the important items, such as health status, annual income, contact number, and contact address, which directly affect the follow-up services such as underwriting and return visits. Before signing the policy, you must reconfirm the accuracy of the information, so as not to affect the policy or other follow-up services.

In addition to offline, what are the risks of buying insurance online? What should I pay attention to?


Risk 1: The "eye-catching" product is hidden and misleading.

Some insurance institutions are unilaterally pursuing attention and sales, launching so-called "eye-catching" products, and there are problems such as irregular content of advertisements, inconsistent or incomplete display of the terms of the format on the webpage, and unclear exemption clauses, etc., allegedly misleading. consumer.


Risk 2: The online platform hides “tying”.

Some online platforms sell some insurance products by default in their ticketing and hotel reservation pages. They do not clearly specify the underwriting entity or agent sales entity, and do not fully disclose relevant important information such as insurance product terms, which infringes consumers' knowledge. Rights, autonomy and other rights.


Risk 3: "High interest rate" products hide hidden scams.

Some lawless elements use the Internet platform to fictitious insurance products or insurance projects, or promise high returns to lure consumers to fund, or fraudulent use of insurance institutions to falsify policies, often suspected of illegal fundraising, causing economic losses to consumers.

Not long ago, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission advised consumers to pay attention to the following points when purchasing Internet insurance:


First, read the terms, beware of misleading propaganda.

Insurance consumers should actively click on the insurance terms link on the website, carefully read the insurance terms and insurance instructions, and decide whether to purchase the relevant insurance products in combination with the terms and conditions. Don't be misled by the promotion of some “eye-catching” products.


Second, assess the demand and choose products reasonably.

It is recommended that insurance consumers evaluate their own insurance needs, carefully understand the insurance liability, exclusion liability, insurance benefits and other important contents of the insurance products to be purchased, so as to choose to purchase insurance products that meet their own insurance protection plans and actual needs.


Third, polish your eyes, do not be tempted by high interest rates.

Insurance consumers must recognize that the main function of insurance is to provide risk protection. Although some insurance products have an investment function, their nature is still an insurance product, with the main function of guarantee. Insurance consumers should not be convinced of the “high interest rate” propaganda of insurance products to avoid illegal fundraising scams.

Finally, I want to tell you that although there may be misleading and other problems in the process of purchasing insurance, as the Bank's Insurance Regulatory Commission continued to strengthen supervision and the various insurance companies gradually improved service standards, the overall complaint volume last year was down. The service level of the industry is improving.

If the economic conditions permit, it is recommended to purchase insurance insurance.

(Article source: Securities Daily)

                (Editor: DF376)

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