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Multi-room enterprises lowered their target for 2019. The sales rate in the first quarter was less than 20%.

April 15, 2019 08:13

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[Multi-room enterprises lowered the target of 2019. The sales compliance rate in the first quarter was less than 20%] With the release of the listed real estate enterprises in 2018, the sales targets of some real estate enterprises in 2019 were also exposed. According to incomplete statistics from China Real Estate News reporters, at least 30 real estate companies announced their 2019 sales targets. (China Real Estate News)

With listed real estate enterprises in 2018PerformanceReleased, some of the housing sales targets of 2019 were also exposed. According to Chinareal estateReporters do not fully count, at least 30 housing companies announced their 2019 sales targets.

In 2019, it was a "small year" in the real estate industry. Under the severe market environment and fierce competition, the development targets of housing companies were also more cautious and conservative.

Among them, Wharf,Shui On Real Estate,Pioneer Real EstateThe housing enterprises will lower their targets this year. Most of the housing enterprises will continue to increase their sales targets this year, but the target growth rate is concentrated at around 20%.

"Now the housing companies will be more conservative in setting goals, because if the target is set too high and will not be completed, it will lead to excessive interpretation, and the conservative goal does not mean that the actual sales are conservative." A real estate insider Said to the China Real Estate News reporter.

Even if the target is conservative, it will become more and more difficult for the housing company to reach the target. According to statistics, the completion rate of sales targets of Qicheng Real Estate in the first quarter is below 20%. “The housing business is very difficult now, and the actual situation is worse than the apparent figures.” The above-mentioned housing companies are blunt.


Optimism and pessimism of target reduction

According to the statistics of the reporters, among the 30 sample housing enterprises, except for Zhongjun Group, the target increase rate is higher than 30%, and the other 29 housing enterprises have the target increase of less than 30%, and 20 housing enterprises have a sales target increase of less than 20 in 2019. %. Among them, Wharf, Shui On Land and Shouhuang Real Estate lowered their sales targets this year, and the situation of these three real estate companies is also different.

Wharf and Shui On Land are based on sales in 2018, with a lower target, which means that if the two real estate companies set their sales targets in 2019, then sales in 2019 will definitely be less than in 2018. In contrast, BCL has further lowered its sales target in the sales targets set in previous years, but the sales target of BCL's 2019 is still higher than that achieved in 2018.

Specifically, Wharf completed the sales amount of 22.815 billion yuan in 2018, and this year's sales target did not increase to 18 billion yuan, a decrease of 21.1%. In the industry's view, Wharf has the characteristics of a typical Hong Kong company, “holding on profits and costs, not taking land at a high price”. Such a strategy is actually a double-edged sword for the development of Wharf, too rigid and let it miss scale. The opportunity to expand.

At the 2018 performance meeting held in Wharf, its chairman and managing director Wu Tianhai said that the company's downward adjustment of sales targets is also a helpless move. As the saying goes, "there is no need to worry about the food," and Wharf is "no worries." Panic."

For the market outlook, Wharf is a pessimistic faction, and its investment relationship manager Wu Tingxin bluntly said that "there will be a cautious investment in the Mainland in 2019."

Another real estate company's first home purchase also lowered its 2019 sales target, but unlike Wharf's pessimism, BCL is an optimist.

In February 2018, Shouhuang Real Estate was ambitious at the performance conference. It proposed that the sales in 2018 would be 75 billion yuan and 80 billion yuan. In 2019, the sales will exceed 100 billion yuan. In 2020, the sales will exceed the target of 140 billion yuan. . However, according to the annual report data, BCL has achieved a contracted sales of 70.64 billion yuan in 2018, even if it has not achieved its goal compared with the original target of 75 billion yuan.

The pace of development of the company is always interlocking. Since the sales target has not been completed in 2018, the plan that should have hit 100 billion in 2019 must be slowed down. The target that was not completed last year, BCL, will be completed this year, and the management has strong confidence in the future.

"We still have strong confidence in the future. From the sales point of view, now the customer's investment enthusiasm for real estate has returned to the original track, so the company's sales target can be achieved in 2019." The first president of the company Beichen bluntly.

For the behavior of the housing enterprises to reduce sales targets, Zhang Hongwei, director of the same policy consulting research center, believes that it is based on the housing market is not optimistic about this year's market trends. "The whole trend of 2019, the continued recovery of trading volume in first- and second-tier cities will continue, but as the market as a whole is still in the adjustment stage, the transaction price is not optimistic." Zhang Hongwei judged.


The completion rate of sales target of housing enterprises in the first quarter is low

Although this year's housing companies are more cautious and conservative in their sales targets, the target completion is still not optimistic.

In the first quarter of 2019, the average completion rate of sales targets of real estate enterprises was only 18.5%.

"According to the normal rhythm, the housing enterprises will complete 20% of the annual target in the first quarter." The above-mentioned housing enterprises told the China Real Estate News reporter.

At present, from the sales performance of real estate enterprises in the first quarter, due to the influence of the Spring Festival and the pace of the push, most of the real estate enterprises' sales target completion rate is below 20%.

among them,Shimao Real EstatewithChina EvergrandeThe target completion rates for the first quarter of this year were 19.4% and 19.9%, respectively. The target completion rate of the two companies in the first quarter of last year was above 20%.

In addition, Xuhui Holdings' target completion rate in the first quarter is also below 20%. In 2018, Xuhui Holdings had sales of RMB 152 billion. The management set its sales target for this year at RMB 190 billion. According to Ke Rui Rui's full-caliber data, Xuhui Holdings' sales in the first quarter was 34.65 billion yuan. The rate is 18.24%.

Although the sales in the first quarter did not reach 20% of the target, Xuhui appeared to be more confident in the completion of the sales target this year. The reason is that Xuhui's 2019 sales value is 350 billion yuan, and 87% of the value is distributed. In the first- and second-tier cities and the second-tier cities, with the stable recovery of the first- and second-tier cities, Xuhui is expected to have little pressure to complete the annual target.

In contrast, the housing enterprises that lowered their sales targets have achieved relatively good sales targets in the first quarter. For example, the Wharf, which lowered its sales target for 2019, had sales of 6.03 billion yuan in the first quarter and a target completion rate of 33.5%.

Judging from the performance of the first quarter of the real estate industry, although the local market has recovered since March, the overall market environment in 2019 is still grim. “The real sales situation of real estate enterprises is far more difficult than the apparent data.” The above-mentioned housing companies revealed.

(Article source: China Real Estate News)

                (Editor: DF376)

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