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It is limited to 5 years here. Su Daqiang is difficult to buy a house? Others regret: earning 5 million less in the early months!

May 15, 2019 08:11

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[Limited for 5 years here. Su Daqiang is difficult to buy a house? Others regret: earning 5 million less in the early months! In the previous episode of the hit drama "All Very Good", Su Daqiang, who was especially able to "make", twisted the scene where the children bought their own homes, which made many viewers remember. At that time, there were good friends who analyzed that the residence is located in Linglong Bay, Suzhou, near the Jinji Lake, and belongs to the Suzhou Industrial Park. In the play, Su Daqiang used the set of three rooms and one hall bought by 5 million. In reality, the total price is said to be at least 10 million yuan. (Daily Economic News)

Some time ago, the hit drama "All Very Good", especially the "made" Su Daqiang twisted the scene of letting children buy their own homes, so that many viewers still remember.

At that time, there were good friends who analyzed that the residence is located in Linglong Bay, Suzhou, near the Jinji Lake, and belongs to the Suzhou Industrial Park. In the play, Su Daqiang used the set of three rooms and one hall bought by 5 million. In reality, the total price is said to be at least 10 million yuan.

Suzhou's hot property market has also ushered in super-emphasis control measures comparable to first-tier cities.

On May 11th, Suzhou restricted the sale of the new policy "boots landing":New industrial houses in Suzhou Industrial Park and some key areas in the high-tech zone are restricted for 3 years, and the second-hand houses in Suzhou Industrial Park are restricted for 5 years.. At the same time, Suzhou also adjusted the land transfer pricing rules.

The property market in Suzhou is also feeling the impact of the New Deal.

"There are indeed fewer people watching the house these days, and there is almost no room to sell in the park.. Intermediary Xiao Chen told the Daily Economics reporter: "In fact, from the beginning of May 1st, investors have begun to wait and see, and they are not afraid to shoot, for fear that the policy will change. ”

More than half a month ago, when the reporter visited the Suzhou Industrial Park on the spot, he found that he had to pay the full amount to buy a house, and even had to buy a relationship to buy it.

After more than half a month, when the reporter came here again, he sawSome of the properties sold out of the property have been removed from the sales center, and the real estate agency staff has also been more relaxed than before.Only the real estate registration center lobby is still full of people, and "limited sales" has become a hot topic.

  House priceInsane: sell for a few months, 3 suites earn 5 million less

"I bought a new house, the materials that everyone paid at the same time,As a result, some of the production certificates were in the community, but we did not get them. Now restricted, the funds will be pressed for 5 years.. Fortunately, the deposit of another suite has not been paid, or what money to continue to pay! Ms. Wang, who came to the Real Estate Registration Center to inquire about the progress of the real estate license, is complaining.

A few years ago, because of the optimistic development prospects of the Suzhou Industrial Park, Ms. Wang and her wife also purchased several suites in addition to their own living. "After the 3 houses were released at the end of last year, we left Suzhou for a while.As a result, in March and April, I found that I earned almost 5 million yuan.! ”

Intermediary Xiao Chen told the daily economic journalist that the house price did rise too crazy during this time, and the new house in the south of Suzhou Industrial Park wasAt the end of last year, a set of 4.2 million yuan, sold to about 5.3 million yuan in April this year.. The property was also the last time it was opened, and it was sold out on the same day.

The Suzhou "restriction order" came out completely, "locked" Ms. Wang's purchase of funds, and the next suite did not have cash to buy.

 "The policy of restricting sales can shock speculative investors. In the short term, the imbalance between supply and demand will increase the panic.Restricted sales means locking liquidity for a period of time, and the market is volatile and cannot be cashed.For investment speculators, the short-term gains, so 3-5 years is the mid- and long-term time lock, can cool the market. ”

Shanghai Zhongyuan Real Estate MarketAnalystLu Wenzhao told reporters: "The recent heat of the Suzhou property market and the market backlog last year were related to the release of this year. As long as the purchase limit is not loosened, the market does not have the momentum to continue to rebound."

The daily economic journalists saw in the lobby of the Real Estate Registration Center of Suzhou Industrial Park that many real estate agents have moved temporary office points here, and arranged the staff to help customers with the formalities.

However, for those who bought a house before the New Deal and who have not yet obtained a real estate license, they also seem quite helpless. "The time on the real estate license can only be used. It can only be traded after 5 years. There is no other way."

A staff member of the Real Estate Registration Center of Suzhou Industrial Park told the reporter that some operating rules on this restriction have not yet been issued. At present, the information held by the trading center is the same as that seen by the public. If you need further consultation details, you have to wait a few more days.

  Unbalanced supply and demand: as long as the landlord is willing to sign, add 200,000

"Suzhou Park property market will be fire,It is because the cash is fast, the investors buy it and sell it. If they don’t get the certificate, they can be listed.. "A number of intermediary workers have expressed the same view to reporters.

On the other hand, the supply and demand of housing in Suzhou Industrial Park is seriously unbalanced, and the new housing price limit policy has also catalyzed the rapid rise in housing prices. Due to reasonable planning, complete commercial facilities and rich industry, the park has become the first choice for improved home buyers. However, according to the statistics of the real estate, as of May 9,Suzhou Industrial Park residential stocks are only 1230 sets, while other areas (except the old city) stocks between 7794-11620 sets.

"There are too few first-hand houses in the park. You should not wait for new dishes.I can’t buy it when I open it.. "After more than half a month ago, an intermediary once persuaded reporters."

Just over half a month ago, the reporter visited the sales center of some real estates in Suzhou Industrial Park, but this time I found that some properties were sold out, and even the sales center was removed.

According to the intermediary Xiao Chen, the recent supply of pure new plates in Suzhou Industrial Park is concentrated in the far-reaching Qingjian Lake plate, and the opening is mostly in the second half of the year; there is basically no housing supply in the core area of ​​the park; Real estate, either because of the filing price, delays in opening, or thousands of people compete for one or two hundred suites, the opportunity to buy is extremely embarrassing.

The new disk can't be bought, and the second-hand house is more popular. Since the second half of last year, the second-hand housing market in Suzhou Industrial Park has maintained a highly active transaction situation.A slightly better second-hand housing in the school district is 50,000 to 60,000 yuan / square meter is a common phenomenonEven if the second-hand house is older and does not have a school district, it must be 35,000 to 40,000 yuan / square meter in the early days, and "out of a set to grab a set." In April, it was even more popular. "As long as the landlord is willing to sign and sell the house, adding 100,000 or 200,000 is not a problem."

Obviously, the “restriction order” issued by Suzhou did not calm the mind of the landlord. Many intermediaries told the daily economic journalists thatThe second-hand housing is less, the first-hand house has not kept up, and the landlord is more reluctant to sell.

"There are a lot of people watching and consulting in the past few days. It is estimated that it will be cold for a while. After all, the hot scenes of March and April have not been seen for several years, and it is normal to cool down now," said Xiao Chen.

  Restricted sales order: some second-hand housing prices are not falling

In the Suzhou Industrial Park, the daily economic journalists visited a number of intermediaries, and none of them found a situation in which second-hand landlords took the initiative to cut prices. On the contrary, some second-hand landlords who are not in a hurry to sell, but chose to raise the price.

Does this phenomenon mean that the current "restriction order" in Suzhou is still not enough?

Lu Wenzhao analysis believes thatRelatively limited purchase, limited sales are more moderateIn the short-term, the volume of sales in the restricted area will decline. If the limit purchase limit is overweight, then the property market may cool down rapidly, but it is contrary to the healthy and stable development of the property market.

The reporter noted that after the property market in Suzhou Industrial Park continued to heat up for a period of time, Wujiang District and Xiangcheng District also undertook the spillover demand of some parks, and house prices in some areas also rose sharply. Some of the original real estates that could not be sold, not only did the sales go up, but the price also rose a lot. Taking Xiangcheng District as an example, the current core area price exceeds 25,000 yuan/square meter, and the price of some finely decorated houses opens at 28,000 yuan/square meter.

In this regard, Lu Wenzhao told the Daily Economics reporter: "From this regulation, the local government intervened after the market has a signal of instigation to adjust the market's future expectations. Now the property market regulation and implementation "one city and one policy",Overheating and overcooling are not conducive to the healthy operation of the property market, so the regulation policy is two-way.Hot places will cool down, and cold places will have boost measures. If the property market in these regions continues to rise irrationally, it will not rule out the similar regulatory policies of the park. ”

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

                (Editor: DF376)

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