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China's rich second generation Canada was kidnapped! His father’s 375 million Hainan avenues received more than 100 million yuan in tickets.

May 15, 2019 10:01
Author: cattle farming
source: Financial World Weekly

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[China's rich second generation Canada was kidnapped! His father's 375 million Hainan avenues have received more than 100 million yuan in tickets. Does Hainan have all the gold, so that Lu Wenrong will be a year old? Where does his 375 million yuan fund come from? In China, the opening of the Temple of Buddhism is another profitable business? (Financial World Weekly)

Two months ago, Chinese student Lu Wanxi was kidnapped in Canada and jumped into the car three days later. But this is far from the most exciting drama.

It was discovered that the rich second generation lived in an apartment with a total purchase of 528,200 Canadian dollars.Ferrari488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan, Rolls-Royce Wraith, Land Rover Ranger Velar four luxury cars, wearing a Gucci jacket, Givenchy white shoes when kidnapped, claiming to "have a whole apartment building in the best location in Shanghai", the family opened the company Do big business.

His classmates usually laughed at it, but now they find that his family's big business is to open a road in Hainan. Lu Wanrong’s father, Lu Wenrong, has the most legendary story of China’s birth: he was poor and destitute in his childhood, and he took 375 million yuan to invest in Hainan one year. He included the pendulum to open the road to Guanyu Palace, and the self-styled abbot received more than 100 million tickets each year.

Does Hainan have all the gold, so that Lu Wenrong will be thriving in a year? Where does his 375 million yuan fund come from? In China, the opening of the Temple of Buddhism is another profitable business?

  Lu Wenrong enters the business

After becoming a landlord, Lu Wenrong recalled his childhood in Hubei: his family was poor, he was short of food and clothing. Fortunately, his parents' love, Wu Feng's simplicity, and his neighbor's love, Lu Wenrong has always left his home, but he always feels the blessings of his parents and the country.

Lu Wenrong’s early experience is not acceptable. However, he accidentally revealed to the "New Japan Overseas Chinese News" editor Jiang Feng that he had converted to Taoism: In a certain year, he traveled to a country in Africa with a steel delegation. Because he is a non-staff, he needs to take care of himself. In the hotel restaurant, if he couldn't read the menu, he mistakenly thought that it was a meal, or a waiter who had studied in China helped him out.

The waiter learned that he was from China and talked with him about Chinese culture. Lu Wenrong said with a big smile: "Know, we Hubei people often call themselves Laozi. Once, I saw father and son fighting on the shore. My son said to his father: If Laozi does not look at you, Laozi’s father, Laozi will die. You are." The black waiter said with anger: Go out! You are a Chinese who has forgotten the ancestors!

At this point in memory, Lu Wenrong whimpered that this incident gave him great excitement. He went to check who called "Laozi", knew Taoism, and knew Taoism. In another interview with Nanzong Taoist Network, he described himself as “old and honestly holding a scroll, and reading the Xinhua Dictionary one word at a time”.

Another realistic version of his experience was: In 2002, Lu Wenrong came to Shanghai to study commercial projects in Anding County, Hainan, and found that local people believed in Pangu real people.Common peopleA direct biography of the Taoist Nanzong Bai Yuxi ancestor. He has discovered business opportunities since then. He first wrote the "Review of Bai Xiaojing", and according to the "Orthodox Taoist Temple", it was proved that Mazu's beliefs originated from Taoism and "become a cultural basis for sovereignty in the South China Sea since China's independence."

  The land road is rising flat

After some efforts, Lu Wenrong described his key moments of entering the business: "From 2003 onwards... After three and a half years, investing 375 million yuan... Reconstructing the jade, and opening it on April 12, 2006. Welcome." He originally planned to work on the project under the Wenbi Peak, and now it has become a contracted Shantou Jiandao Palace.

It was less than a year since he arrived in Hainan. The construction of the Yuxi Palace is 375 million yuan, and the bright side is funded by Hainan Zhongye Tourism (Hainan Zhongye Tourism Industry Development Co., Ltd.). According to industry and commerce information, 52.35% of Hainan Zhongye Tourism is held by Zhongye Hi-Tech (Ninoye High-Tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd.), 25% by Hainan Taifu (Hainan Taifu Investment Real Estate Co., Ltd.), 22.5% by Liang Ping Hold, 0.15% is held by Lu Wenrong's brother Lu Xiangrong.

However, according to the results of equity penetration, the actual controller of the company is Lu Xiangrong, holding 28.94% of the shares. The ultimate beneficiary is Liang Ping, whose identity is unknown and holds 22.5% of the shares. Hainan Taifu is wholly-owned by Beijing Xinfuhai Industry and Trade Group. This company has participated in the construction of Beijing Dahongmen Clothing Trade City and moved it from Beijing to Tianjin.

After the huge drop in the sky, Wenbifeng Yuxi Palace was finally completed in April 2006, officially opened to welcome guests, the fare is 84 yuan.

Lu Wenrong became a landlord and became the abbot of Hainan Yushu Palace. In the same year, the Hainan Provincial Taoist Association was established. He went all the way to the vice president of the Chinese Taoist Association and the president of the Hainan Provincial Taoist Association. Yuxi Palace was also selected as a 4A scenic spot, becoming the only legal temple of Taoism in Hainan.

  Buddhist temple Taoist business geometry

The Yuxi Palace can be described as “sweet and spicy” in Hainan, and it is an official body that endorses it:

The Anding County Tourism Commission will hold the Jade Emperor's Birthday Ceremony every year at the first nine months of the first month of the month. The Anxian Cultural and Sports Bureau, the Tourism Commission, and the Civil Affairs Bureau guide the performance of Taiji martial arts during the Spring Festival Yushu Temple Fair. The United Front Work Department of Hainan Provincial Committee, the Tourism and Culture Radio and Television Department of Hainan Province, the Hainan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, and the Ding'an County Committee and County Government of the Communist Party of China occasionally instructed the Yuxi Palace to hold a doctor-medical Chinese medicine expert clinic. The Propaganda Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, the United Front Work Department, the Hainan Provincial People's Committee, the Ding'an County Committee of the Hainan Province, and the Ding'an County Government of Hainan Province have been guiding the Yutian Palace to host the Nantianqing Charity Event for more than ten years.

Yuxi Palace and Lu Wenrong income geometry? Although there is no public data at present, in the "Sanqing Daozu Grand Ceremony" of the 10th anniversary of the completion of the Yuxi Palace in 2015, only the ticket revenue will be broken by 100 million yuan. During the Spring Festival free ticket period, Yuxi Palace is more attractive to more than 20,000 tourists. Lu Wenrong, who earns a lot of money, is more enthusiastic about charity: In the past 10 years, Lu Wenrong and his wife Zhang Yuanyuan have donated more than 100 million yuan, donated more than 2,300 orphans in 18 cities and counties, more than 680 elderly people, more than 1,460 poor college students, and 1538 disadvantaged groups. Household.

His father was sitting on the "Taoguan printing machine", and his son Lu Wanqi became a director of Nakano Tourism at the age of 20. It is no wonder that he would appeal to Canadian kidnappers. In China, it is no secret that religious places have entered the world for a long time.

Wenzhou Yueqing Baolin Temple, Cangnan County Longhui Temple, the double abbot Shi Zhitong, is also a member of the Wenzhou Municipal Political Consultative Conference, the executive vice president of the Cangnan County Buddhist Association. When he was 14 years old, he was publicly reported by his daughter-in-law: "There is a wife who loves to eat beef and does not like to eat vegetables. Going out to the Land Rover Range Rover, or the Audi A8, entering and leaving a five-star hotel, Cordyceps tea... In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, many There are houses and shops in the area."

Li Tianyou, the French sect of the Nanjing Temple, has been on the Guangzhou Police Cards, codenamed "Red Peach 5." He evaded the police to chase into the Buddha's door, but unexpectedly found that monks are more profitable than robbery. In December 2017, when he was arrested by the police, some people found that the corner of his room's skylight was padded by a stack of hundred dollar bills, ready to escape, with a total amount of 100,000 yuan.

Putuoshan has an annual entrance ticket of 800 million yuan, which cites the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to compete with the Buddhist Association; the Shaolin Temple has an annual entrance fee of 200 million yuan, which is divided into the administrative committee for the prosecution of scenic spots; the entrance fee of Lingyin Temple is 40 million yuan, and it is questioned that it will receive two more. The number of tickets... China’s opening of temples to make money is countless. The average fare of the 5A scenic spot has exceeded 100 yuan. Only China News Weekly reported that the highest contract cost of 20 temples in Taishan exceeded 3 million. Even so, it is still in short supply.

(Article source: Financial World Weekly)

                (Editor: DF376)

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