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This company is caught in the pyramid scheme: Today's high-profile 12,000 employees travel to Switzerland, relying on juice to score 1 billion

May 15, 2019 10:03
Author: Lancaster heart
source: Financial World Weekly

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[This company is caught in the pyramid scheme: this high-profile 12,000 employees traveled to Switzerland to rely on juice to make 1 billion] "After the fracture, the 70-year-old man who did not wear a steel plate, after using a product such as Peiquan for less than a month, the old man body Recovery, you can go downstairs to eat and go to the bathroom." A dealer of Jies described the "magic medicine" Muse. (Financial World Weekly)

Although it has been repeatedly labeled as illegal pyramid schemes, the health care company Muse is "the daring of the art high," with a high-profile rate of 12,000 Chinese employees appearing in the Swiss town.

On May 12, according to the Swiss mainstream media "New Zurich", the world's largest direct sales company, Muse, recently organized 12,000 Chinese employees for a six-day trip to Switzerland. It is called "the largest tour group to visit Switzerland in history" and has become a huge test for this small European country.

According to the report, the 12,000-member tour group will visit the Rhine Falls, the Aare River Gorge, the Titlis Mountains, Lake Lucerne and the cities of Bern and Zurich in six days. It is estimated that Chinese tour groups will spend up to 14 million Swiss francs in hotels, restaurants, transportation and attractions, which does not include flight costs. The "New Zurich News" revealed that the company last year promised to invite employees to Switzerland as long as it achieved certain goals, and the sales volume went up.

Founded in the United States in 1995, Muse is active in more than 140 countries and regions and registered in Shanghai in 2015. Its main products are "Peiquan Jinghua" resveratrol juice, youth capsules, etc. It is said to treat 31 diseases, anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-atherosclerosis, etc., can extend the life of 15 years.

The largest circulation newspaper in Switzerland, “One News” reported that the health products sold by Muse lacked independent and reliable quality assurance information, and consumers had to “at risk”.

In China, the company has never obtained the Direct Selling License, and has been repeatedly suspected of pyramid schemes by CCTV, but it has held the "Guangzong Yaozu" in the tour group.Backgammon升" banner.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that Muse has traveled abroad.

TINA, a non-profit organization that specializes in false advertising in the United States, previously reported that in July 2016, Muse encountered a class action lawsuit involving more than 100 California Chinese in the United States, accusing Muse of deceiving Chinese immigrants in the United States and encouraging them to organize illegal activities in China. The MLM agency sells Muse products to relatives and friends in China. Products enter China through channels such as Hong Kong, evading the monitoring of Chinese industrial and commercial departments and customs.

What is the health care company?

  Behind the direct sales company, 6.8 billion

"A 70-year-old man who did not wear a steel plate after a fracture, after using a product such as Peiquan for less than a month, the old man recovered and he could go downstairs to eat and go to the bathroom." A dealer of Jies described this. "God medicine" Muse.

According to the company, Muse's headquarters in China is located in Shanghai. It is called "Muse (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd." with a registered capital of 24 million US dollars. It was established on April 3, 2015, and the legal representative is Scott Alden Lewis. The latter is the president of the global strategy of Muse. However, according to a previous investigation by Xinhua News Agency, the Shanghai company did not have food import qualifications and did not obtain a Direct Sales License.

The Muse’s “hometown” is 14 years younger than its Chinese counterpart Tiens Group in the United States. In 2009, Muse was founded in Florida, USA. Its main product is anti-aging skin care products. At the beginning of its establishment, it has set a marketing method of “multi-level pay”.

According to previous reports from the US media, in 2010, Jess global sales amounted to 30 million US dollars (equivalent to about 206 million yuan); in 2015, global sales reached 1 billion US dollars (equivalent to 6.875 billion yuan). In other words, this year, Muse, who is developing with momentum, is eyeing the Chinese market and landing in Shanghai.

The US-based Muse store has shown that its products are mainly distributed in the skin care and edible fields. The main products include “Peiquan Jinghua” resveratrol juice, 婕斯敏动力 juice, cell telomere capsule Feile Youth Capsule, and youthful essence for skin care, a box of juice (30 packs), skin care. The price of the essence is more than 500 yuan.

  61 kinds of "medicine medicines" have been repeatedly named, and still sell 1 billion bags a month.

The oxidant “resveratrol”, which is found in red wine, grapes and blueberries, is the main consumer taro of Muse's products.

As early as 2016, Muse declared that he could treat 31 diseases and extend his life span by 15 years. Today, Muse claims that in addition to anti-aging, enhance immunity and other effects, its own products also have anti-tumor, inhibition of tumor cell activity, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-depression and other effects.

There are even dealers who claim to be saying: "The nodular erythema that is not cured in Peking Union Medical College Hospital is completely good after taking half a year of 'Peiquan Jinghua' resveratrol juice."

However, Muse has frequently been vocal in the face of false advertising, and has been questioned.

In fact, resveratrol was pushed to the altar and had nothing to do with American scholar Das. At the end of the 20th century, it claimed that the oxidant had the effect of reducing cardiovascular disease and published 117 research articles. However, what has never been thought of is that theseresearch reportIn the case of deliberate falsification of data, Das was also expelled from school for academic fraud.

Currently, there is no significant correlation between resveratrol intake and longevity, inflammation, cancer and cardiovascular health. According to the interface news quoted by Gu Zhongyi, director of the Beijing Nutritionists Association, resveratrol is a antioxidant that has been fried for decades. Since the earliest French public opinion, there has been a history of more than half a century of hype, but so far there is no high-quality research that it can fight cancer and anti-aging.

In addition, if the intake is excessive, there may be headache, nausea and fatigue, and sometimes it may react with the drug to produce anticoagulant effect and increase the bleeding tendency.

In April 2016, CCTV named Muse, saying that “God” had no miraculous effect, and Muse was suspected of illegal pyramid schemes. In September 2018, in the list of the top ten traps exposed by CCTV, Muse was once again "listed on the list." In his hometown of the United States, in April 2017, TINA, a non-profit organization that specifically disclosed false advertising in the United States, also repeatedly revealed 12 major crimes such as exaggerated publicity and product price confusion.

However, the sales of Muse were not affected. On May 14th, the "Financial World" weekly found thatJingdongOn Taobao and other e-commerce companies, Muse's products are still sold, and the star product "Peiquan Jinghua" resveratrol has a total of 17,000 evaluations.

In October 2018, Scott Lewis, Global Strategy President, announced on social networking sites that in September 2018, Muse had an unprecedented $200 million sales, selling a total of 1 billion bags.

  Cross-border e-commerce or cross-border MLM

"We are not direct sales, not MLM, is an interactive online shopping model." On May 14, a Beijing dealer Xiao Mei (a pseudonym) said the mystery of the rapid development of "anti-aging sacred products".

She introduced: "On the official website, first register a member, buy three boxes of Peiquan Jinghua, you can get the right to operate. This business can be integrated with the network, you do not have to sell products."

Muse's franchisees are all consumers' roles. After purchasing and sharing cell optimization knowledge, they guide consumers to buy online. Muse’s publicity materials write that, simply speaking, an individual is a consumer, recommending to others and becoming an operator. The more members you join, the larger the consumer group, and the companies and operators are benefiting, claiming to be “ A new model of selling in making money, investing in consumption, and starting a business in investment.

It is understood that if a consumer becomes a Muse member, he will have to pay 205 yuan. After that, he can purchase the product at the cost price. In addition, in addition to buying 3 boxes of products, if you recommend 8 people to join the membership, consumers can quickly become dealers, as well as bonuses. At the same time, the franchisee needs to purchase at least 1800 yuan in a year to retain the status of the franchisee.

In terms of bonuses, high-level members can profit from the consumption of low-level members.

Muse's above model has been repeatedly questioned for alleged pyramid schemes. According to the Direct Selling Regulations and the Prohibited Pyramid Regulations, direct sales may not be subject to payment of fees or purchase of goods as a condition for becoming a direct seller. The remuneration of a direct seller can only be calculated according to the income of the direct seller directly selling the product to the consumer.

At the same time, the direct selling enterprise shall be issued a direct selling business license by the competent department of commerce of the State Council; and the qualifications for joining or paying for the purchase of goods shall be required, and the development personnel shall be required to develop other personnel to join the relationship of the upper and lower lines, and the following lines shall be sold.PerformanceThose who pay for online payment are all pyramid schemes.

(Article source: Financial World Weekly)

                (Editor: DF376)

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