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The world's top ten most profitable companies: four from China, among which Tsinghua University graduates "favorites"

May 15, 2019 14:19
Author: Luo Han Guo Motte

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[The world's top ten most profitable companies: four from China, including Tsinghua University graduates "favorites"] Who is the global "money king"? Recently, Bloomberg released the list of the world's most profitable companies. Apple won the championship for the fourth time with a net profit of 57.2 billion US dollars. The four state-owned banks of workers and peasants are among the top ten. (China Securities Journal)

Who is the global "money king"?

Recently, Bloomberg released the list of the world's most profitable companies.appleAt $57.2 billionNet profitFor the fourth time, the champions of the workers and peasants were among the top ten state-owned banks.

  Note: The statistical time is from the beginning of April 2018 to the end of March 2019. If there is no special explanation, the same

More than half of the top 15 companies are financial institutions. According to Bloomberg’s report, the best way to make money in the past year has been to become a ChinesebankOr becomeapplethe company.

The ability of the four major banks to make money is surprising. As an employer, they are also favored by Tsinghua University graduates. Known as the "cosmic line"ICBCStand out in the four major lines and become the favorite of Tsinghua University graduates.bankemployer.

  Financial institutions occupy half of the country

In fact, not only Chinese capitalbankEarning money, in the list released by Bloomberg, 8 of the top 15 financial institutions are on the list.

Specifically, China’s national four majorbankAll of them were in the top ten, and ICBC and CCB won the runner-up and runner-up. Among them, ChinaICBCRanked second, net profit of 45 billion US dollars in the past year; ChinaConstruction bankRanked third, with a net profit of 38 billion US dollars; ChinaAgricultural Bank of ChinaRanked seventh, with a net profit of $31 billion;Bank of ChinaRanked tenth, with a net profit of $27 billion.

The most profitable financial institution in the United States isJPMorgan(JP Morgan), with a net profit of $33 billion in the past year, ranked eighth; followed byBank of America(Bank of america), the net profit of the past year was 29 billion, ranking 10th; and Berkshire, founded by Buffett, ranked 11th;FuGuo bank(Wells Fargo) and the Swiss countrybank(SNB) is ranked 14th and 15th respectively.

It is worth noting that among the A-share listed companies, the top ranked net profit is also dominated by financial institutions. The 2018 annual report that just ended the disclosure shows that ChinaICBCWith a net profit of 298.723 billion yuan, it ranked first in the net profit of A-share listed companies. Among the top ten companies, exceptPetroChinaOther than Sinopec, the other eight are financial institutions.

  ICBC is most favored by Tsinghua University graduates

The four major banks have the best ability to make money. As an employer, they are also very attractive to Tsinghua University graduates who are regarded as the sons of the Emperor.

The data shows that Peking University’s 2018 graduates have a large state-owned business.bankQuite favored,ICBC,Bank of China,Agricultural Bank of ChinaThey are among the top ten in the number of signings. among them,ICBCBecame the third largest employer of Peking University graduates, with 41 people signing the contract, second only to Huawei and Tencent.

In Tsinghua University, which is famous for science and engineering, graduates are not only biased.AikeThe technology giants also favored ICBC. According to the "Tianhua University 2018 Graduate Employment Quality Annual Report", a total of 26 people signed up in the same year.ICBCThe number of people is tied for twelve.

not onlybankTsinghua University graduates have a clear preference for the entire financial industry. According to the Peking University 2018 Graduate Employment Quality Report, 21.37% of the graduates who signed the tripartite agreement signed the financial industry, which is the second highest contracted industry.

The situation at Tsinghua University is similar. The financial industry has also become the second-highest industry in Tsinghua graduates, accounting for 15.9%.

Employment data sources: "Tsinghua University 2018 Graduate Employment Quality Annual Report", "Peking University 2018 Graduate Employment Quality Annual Report"

(Article source: China Securities Journal)

                (Editor: DF376)

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