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The rules come! How to settle in Beijing with points? Together with the next few weeks, you can apply

April 12th, 2018 06:19
source: CCTV Finance
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On April 11, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Manpower and Social Security issued the “Rules for the Administration of Beijing Loyalty Point Operation and Management (Trial)”. Starting from April 16, Beijing’s first batch of points was formally launched.

  Beijing's first batch of points settled on April 16 to start reporting

According to the Detailed Rules for Implementation, Beijing’s points will be settled and an annual declaration system will be adopted, which will be divided into the stages of declaration, verification, review, public announcement and settlement. From April 16th to June 14th, 2018, the first two batches of points were settled at the declaration stage. During this period, applicants and employers who meet the eligibility requirements need to enter the "Remote Point Settlement Service Section" of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Manpower and Social Security, and register and log on to the "Points Deposit and Settle Online Application System" to complete the point information.

After the application is initiated, the applicant can scan the official WeChat QR code of the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to review policy information and simulate the calculation of points. Both the electronic version of the brochure and the animation micro video can be viewed in the "Services column." In addition, a paper promotion leaflet has been prepared for the settlement of each district's service points.

  Applicants must meet the four conditions to participate in the points

According to the policy, applicants must meet the four basic conditions of holding a residence permit in Beijing, not exceeding the legal retirement age, paying social insurance for 7 years or more in Beijing, and not having a criminal record. The integral indicators include legal and stable employment, legal and stable residence. There are nine items such as educational background, employment area, innovation and entrepreneurship, taxation, age, honor recognition, and law-abiding records. For example, in Beijing, it is possible to accumulate 3 points for a full year of social security and 20 points for provincial and ministerial level workers.

For everyone's general concern about how many points can be settled? According to the policy, each year according to the actual situation of applying for personnel points, Beijing will consider the city's carrying capacity and the requirements of population regulation and control, make a reasonable delineation of the settlement value, and determine the scale of settlement. After the applicant who has reached the annual settlement score has been declared publicly and has no objection, he or she can settle the application according to procedures.

  Do not leave home to complete the "points report"

The declaration procedures for the settlement of Beijing points are all completed on the Internet, and the operation is simple. The applicants can strive to complete the application without leaving the household.

According to briefings, the application for the settlement of Beijing points can be summed up in one sentence -- "points settled in 498, and convenient reporting relies on it". This "498" refers to 4 qualifications, 9 points, and 8 steps . These are just required to apply for online filing in the points settlement application system.

In the reporting information interface, including housing information, academic degrees, social guarantees, personal income tax, and so on, there is no need to submit a paper certificate. Just check it on the Internet. For example, in the “non-criminal criminal record” item of personal basic information items, it was necessary in the past to return to the local public security department to issue a certificate, and now a post-approval is taken. The applicant first confirms his commitment when he declares his application, and then earns his/her credit for qualifying. Provide relevant evidence to help applicants reduce round-trip travel during the declaration stage.

A total of more than 100 words are required for the entire input process. According to the staff, even the first-time users can fill in normally within an hour or so. Although the relevant information review involves more than 10 functional departments, the entire declaration process is completed within the system. After the indicators are completed, the applicant can wait for the verification results.

  No eligibility for reservation in Beijing

For those who have obtained the points to settle in, if they cannot settle their accounts because they have not yet settled in Beijing, their qualifications will be retained. Applicants who qualify for the integration of points can log on to the online registration system to print an “Point of Conformity Confirmation” and the voucher can enjoy related public services.

The legal housing that can be settled in is the self-owned house with Beijing house ownership certificate or real estate certificate, the public housing directly owned with the public house lease contract, and the self-managed public house with the house allocation notice issued by the unit. Public Rental Housing in Beijing Public Rental Housing Leasing Contract. Although the applicant and its spouse, parents, and children do not have legal title to housing in Beijing, but the applicant’s unit has a collective account, they can settle in the unit collective household.

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