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How about financial management for young people who have about 100,000 savings?

April 17, 2018 09:37
source: China Finance Network
edit:Oriental Wealth Network

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Because the working period is not long, the Nuggets Finance rebate network Xiao Bian found that most of the young people's savings are up and down 10 million, less only tens of thousands, more than a hundred thousand, this type of people accounted for the majority.

So many young people who have just started financial management think all day about how to drum up this 100,000 yuan, let 100,000 yuan quickly become 200,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 500,000 yuan......

In fact, through a scientific and rational financial arrangement, in the present China, you can achieve a long-term average annual return of 10% is not bad, followed by Nuggets.com financial management, may be able to reach 15% -20%. If you want to achieve an annual return of more than 20%, it is definitely a person.

If you have 100,000 yuan, you get a 10% return every year. After one year, you can only earn 10,000 yuan.

If you are now 25 years old and retire at 65, the long-term compound interest of 10% for 40 years will only become 4.5 million, which will be measured as China's long-term average annual inflation of 5%, and 450 years after that. Million (final value) is only equivalent to the current 640,000 (present value).

Is this enough money for retirement?

What's more, the 40 years from the age of 25 is exactly the time when you need to spend the most money in your life. You need to spend money to buy a house, to use a child to raise and raise a child, and to give money to your parents.

What is certain is that if you have only 100,000 yuan at the moment, the 100,000 will never be able to keep moving until 65.

So, is it really important that you spend a lot of time and energy on tapping this 100,000 yuan inventory of wealth?

From another point of view, if you pay 3K per month, you can save 100,000 yuan in 30 months by counting year-end bonuses and money management income.

If the monthly salary is 6K, you can save 100,000 in 14 months.

If the monthly salary is 10K, you can save 100,000 yuan in 9 months.


So for young people, especially young people who have just entered the workplace for less than five years, your most important task is to invest in yourself and work for higher income.

The first five years after leaving school to enter the community was called "Five Years of Workplace Gold" and "Test and Wrong" for five years. During these five years, you can continue to toss and find your own points of interest and good jobs. The sooner you complete the trial and error, the sooner you can start your golden career.

A young man with a monthly salary of 3K and a young man with a monthly salary of 10K may even use the existing fund of 100,000 yuan for every day. The latter is now starting from scratch. After more than a year, the wealth gap between the two will fluctuate.

In the future, the gap will increase.

So Xiao Bian always said: Young people, please put your attention more on incremental wealth!

Learning financial management is indeed very important, but at the initial stage of human wealth accumulation, the compound income engine of labor income is much more important than the compound interest engine of wealth management income.

Young people, your precious time should not be used to look at Brown's movements on a computer screen every day. Then every day you are scared, uneasy, fearful, and sometimes greedy.

This is not a lot of start-up capital, the best strategy is half for the indexFund is scheduled to voteHalf is used for P2P and other fixed income investments.

No stocks, no time, no wool, no arbitrage, so that you can leave more time, self-improvement, and create incremental wealth on the basis of sustainable, stable, and substantial investment returns.

                (Editor: DF376)

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