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These professions have become popular this year! The Ministry of Education "names" colleges and universities!

June 26, 2018 08:39
source: CCTV Finance
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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This year, many college majors have changed.

Among them, the “new engineering specialty” that has received much attention has become the main force for many colleges and universities to enroll students this year.

According to the news report, on June 24, the South China University of Technology Admissions Office revealed that undergraduate students enrolled in 2018 were selected in the second year of the sophomore year, and they can enter the Guangzhou International Campus of South China University of Technology through the transfer of professional courses. New engineering major. South China University of Technology, as a top-ranking university in Guangdong,The "New Engineering" major is also featured in the 2018 enrollment.

In addition to the second year of the second year, the Guangzhou International Campus will also open a new minor in engineering. The undergraduate students who are enrolled in 2018 can complete the relevant majors in interdisciplinary courses. Those who meet the requirements can get the new engineering of Guangzhou International Campus. Professional double degree. In addition, undergraduates enrolled in 2018 have the opportunity to pursue master's and doctoral degrees in new engineering at the Guangzhou International Campus of South China University of Technology.

The Admissions Office said that the South China University of Technology is a "new engineering" major in the Guangzhou International Campus.It includes new technologies such as big data, Internet of Things applications, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering. It also includes new technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, air and sea, biomedicine, new materials, and new energy.

What is “new engineering”?

The Ministry of Education has issued the "Innovative Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence in Colleges and Universities".It is required to promote the construction of "new engineering".

ValueCross-integration of artificial intelligence and professional education in computer, control, mathematics, statistics, physics, biology, psychology, sociology, law and other disciplinesForm a new model of "artificial intelligence + X" composite professional training.

Prior to this, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on the publication of the first batch of "new engineering" research and practice projects" (referred to as "Notice").

The "Notice" stated that the "new engineering" construction is a strategic action to take the initiative to respond to a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. The implementation of a series of major national strategies calls for "new engineering." . .

Encourage the ministries and universities to make overall use of the special funds for the reform of education and teaching in the central universities; encourage “double-class” construction of universities to study and practice the “new engineering”Incorporate the overall plan of “double first-class” construction.

This year, many colleges and universities focused on "new engineering"

In March of this year, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the undergraduate professional registration and approval of the 2017 annual colleges and universities.

In the newly added undergraduate major,"Data Science and Big Data Technology" is the most popular. According to statistics, more than 200 colleges and universities have added “data science and big data technology” majors. Among them, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other provinces have successfully approved many universities.

  This profession is highly favored by colleges and universities and the country's strong support for the development of big data industry and the shortage of talents in the industry.

The State Council has issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Action Plan for Promoting Big Data Development", explicitly encouraging universities to set up data science and data engineering related majors, and focusing on cultivating professional data engineers and other big data professionals.

This year, many colleges and universities across the country have launched "new engineering".

According to the news report, this year, Sun Yat-Sen University has focused on the "new engineering" and addedAerospaceEngineering, cyberspace security, and marine engineering and technology.

Jinan University has added a new major in intelligent science and technology, with an estimated enrollment of 30 students.

Guangdong University of Technology has added data science and big data technology.

In the enrollment plan issued by Tongji University this year, seven of the ten new undergraduate majors are related to the “new engineering”. Relying on the most powerful disciplines in the school, in addition to the new big data major, Tongji University has also launched six new “new manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing engineering, marine technology, new energy materials and devices, microelectronics science and engineering, vehicle engineering”. Engineering related majors.

Shanghai University relies on the first-level discipline that has been selected as the “first-class discipline” in the country – mechanical engineering, and has added the “Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering” program.robotAs a carrier, it integrates artificial intelligence technology and cultivates high-end leading talents in the field of intelligent manufacturing and emerging engineering.

This year, more than 169 undergraduate majors have been added to colleges and universities in Henan Province, and the most important one is the “New Engineering” major. It is understood that Henan University, Henan University of Economics and Law, Xuchang College, Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry and other 21 undergraduate colleges have added "data science and big data technology" major.

Five universities including Zhoukou Normal University and Luoyang Institute of Technology have added “Robot Engineering”.

Henan University and Zhongyuan Institute of Technology have added “information security” majors.

Some "New Engineering" professional quick overview

  Data Science and Big Data Technology

Undergraduate majors and big data correspond to the "Data Science and Big Data Technology" major, which is a new major announced by the Ministry of Education in 2015. Data science and big data technology are a very practical and emerging cross-composite discipline. Mathematics, statistics, and computer must have three major courses. On the basis of these background disciplines, colleges and universities cross-integrate other professional knowledge skills.

At present, big data mainly has three major employment directions: big data system research and development, big data application development and big data analysis. Specific posts such as: big dataAnalyst, big data engineers, etc. Big data analysts use a proper statistical analysis method to analyze the large amount of data collected, emphasizing the application of data, focusing on statistical content. For example, as a product manager, you can build financial models through data to launch some wealth management products. Big data engineers focus on technology, mainly around system-level R&D of big data platforms.

  Robot engineering

Intelligent robots are the product of a variety of disciplines and technologies, including new materials, new processes, new energy, global positioning navigation, mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, and automation.

According to the development plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by 2020, the installed capacity of industrial robots will reach 1 million units, which will require about 200,000 industrial robot application practitioners. This means that in the future, an average of more than 30,000 industrial robot application talents need to be trained each year.

  Internet of Things Engineering

The Internet of Things project offers two basic courses and a core curriculum. The students mainly study the methods and techniques of information flow, material flow and energy flow, and have strong engineering practice characteristics. Students need to learn dozens of courses, including computer courses, information and communication engineering, analog electronics, IoT technology and applications, and IoT security technologies, while also laying a solid foundation in mathematics and physics. In addition, excellent foreign language ability is also a prerequisite, because the current research and development and application of the Internet of Things is mainly concentrated in countries such as Europe and the United States, students need to read foreign language materials and respond to international exchanges.

Because the Internet of Things is an interdisciplinary subject involving communication technology, sensing technology, network technology, and R.FID technology, embedded system technology and many other knowledge, but it is very difficult to study this knowledge in depth at the undergraduate level, and some of the IoT research institutes are engaged in core technical work positions requiring master's degree, so undergraduate graduates can Start with the knowledge related to the Internet of Things, identify the professional direction, lay a solid foundation, and enhance the practice and application capabilities.

  Intelligent Science and Technology

The undergraduate major in Intelligent Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary major that combines many disciplines such as electrical, computer, sensing, communication, and control, and multidisciplinary cooperation and mutual research. It involves robotics, microelectronic mechanical systems, intelligent systems based on next-generation network computing, and various intelligent technologies and systems closely related to national economy, industrial production and daily life.

The main areas of employment for this major includedigital information, automatic control, computer, intelligent science and technology, graduates are mainly engaged in product development, system testing, technical support and consulting, product sales, and other schools and research institutes engaged in the corresponding teaching, research and other work.

  Smart Grid Information Engineering

Smart grid information engineering covers a wide range of disciplines and categories, including electrical engineering, energy technology, information technology, control technology, and computers. The intelligent grid information engineering major mainly includes two parts: power grid and information engineering. The power grid transmits energy and belongs to strong electricity. The signals transmitted by radio, electronics, communication and network are mainly weak current. Therefore, the professional courses include "strong power" and "weak electricity".

With the rapid development of the social economy, the dependence on electricity consumption in various industries has been significantly enhanced, and the requirements for power supply reliability and power quality are increasing. To this end, countries around the world have focused their attention on the construction of power grids, hoping to build their own power grids into smart grids that are efficient, clean, safe, reliable and interactive. Smart grid has become a common trend in the development of the world's power grid.Power IndustryAt the same time, it also brings unprecedented opportunities to relevant professional development.

  Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering

Optoelectronic information science and engineering is made up of optics, optoelectronics, microelectronics, communication, computers, etc.The specialty of cross-combination involves the conversion of optical information, transmission, detection, and photoelectric information. In 2012, the Ministry of Education adjusted the professional name and merged five majors of optical information science and technology, optoelectronic technology science, information display and optoelectronic technology, photoelectric information engineering, optoelectronic materials and devices into "photoelectric information science and engineering".

The graduates of this major are mainly engaged in the fields of photoelectric information engineering and technology, photoelectric signal detection, optoelectronic technology, optical communication technology, photoelectric measurement and control, precision engineering, information electronic technology, laser technology, etc. in scientific research units and universities. Research, design, application and management.

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