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Is the “brushing artifact” used for dryness? Who is this trick?

June 29, 2018 08:36
source: CCTV Finance
edit:Eastern Fortune Network

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Recently, a "brushing artifact" called a rushing gift is selling well in major e-commerce platforms, with monthly sales of more than 25,000 units. This kind of mobile phone swipe can increase the number of movement steps by about six or seven thousand steps every hour. The reason why it has become a hot-selling product has made more and more people become "shake-stepping" families. It has a great relationship with the merchants to encourage users to accumulate the number of sports steps, and to obtain red packets and rewards through the number of sports steps.

 High-fit, customized, patented products "brushing artifact" Shantou

The reporter enters the “brushing artifact” on the multi-home appliance platform, and can see various versions, such as the upgraded version in 2018, the high-customized version, the accelerated cracking version, etc., and some also hang on the words of college students' entrepreneurial projects.

These “brushing artifacts” show very good sales, and some have monthly sales of more than 25,000.

These so-called "brushing artifacts" are usually priced at tens of dollars, divided into battery-powered and USB-powered versions. The principle is to tie a mobile phone or sports watch to an electronic swing device, and the device swings. It is similar to the action of people walking, in order to generate the number of movement steps, "spoof" the step counter software in the mobile phone or various step counter products.

The reporter bought a flasher on the Internet. Through the use of the discovery, the step-by-step APP did change. It can increase the number of steps from 6000 steps to 8000 steps per hour, sometimes even over 10,000. As you can see in the buyer's comments, tens of thousands of steps a night are not a problem.

Some manufacturers have also signed the banner of patented products, indicating that compared with the general brush pedometers on the market, their products can automatically change small amplitudes every hour and reasonably control the normal walking frequency. “It is not easy for people to feel mechanical brushing, more Like walking, it won't be recognized by the system."

 Sports rewards have become the main reason for the birth of the "shake" family

Why does the “brushing artifact” generate such a large market demand? In the investigation, the reporter found that the main points are as follows:

The simplest reason:

Can occupy the cover of hundreds of friends circle. "It's easy to use! The first day spent one night, more than 70,000 steps, occupying the cover of more than 200 people in the circle of friends." One buyer said.

The most suitable reason:

Many schools have introduced new rigid requirements for college students to exercise their standards, which has made many college students become buyers of brush artifacts. “The school requires more than 10,000 steps per day, which is often not reached. I heard that there is a swaying artifact, I bought one, and the whole dormitory takes turns, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.” A college student buys Home message like this.

The most utilitarian reason:

Many APPs have launched a variety of red envelopes and prizes for walking steps, which has also stimulated the consumption of brush artifacts. Like a certainInsuranceIn a product launched by the company, in the two years before the insurance, the insured passed the designated step platform, at least 600 days per day for at least 10,000 steps. Then from the third year, there will be an additional 10% guarantee. Other insurance companies have similar apps, and even insurance salesmen use "brushing artifacts" as gifts to their customers.

In addition, a variety of step counter software has launched a walking challenge, every day to complete the number of steps will have red envelopes or points credited, and some can be cashed out, and some can be exchanged for various prizes.

 Expert: Don't succumb to "stepping" and ignore "walking"

Some experts pointed out that consumers buy flash brush artifacts for whatever purpose, their consumption behavior itself is understandable, just don't succumb to "brushing" and neglect the true "walking" exercise, otherwise it is for small profits. Brushing", quite a "lost watermelon, sesame seeds" means.

In addition, experts also said that many of the step-by-step software is not just to record the number of steps of the user, but also to record the data of the user's daily movement trajectory, so relying on the brush step artifact in place "brush step" is not possible to be counted by the software. Recorded, so the brush artifact can not produce the so-called magical effect.

                (Editor: DF376)

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