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From 500 million to more than 6.3 billion in the family Declassified Wang Sicong entertainment e-sports empire investment map

November 08, 2018 04:23

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[From 500 million to more than 6.3 billion in the family to decrypt Wang Sicong entertainment e-sports empire investment map] combing Wang Sicong related companies found that e-sports is an important part of its investment layout, and iG club, banana plan and panda live, is also The three most important companies in the Wang Sicong e-sports empire. Wang Sicong's investment layout is not limited to e-sports, as evidenced by the investment of its core company, Purs Capital. According to the official website of Purs Capital, there are more than 30 public investment cases, including many companies that have already achieved listing. (21st Century Business Herald)

On November 3, it was an exciting day for the Chinese League of Legends players. The iG team won the League of Legends S8 World Finals, which is the first time the Chinese team has won the LPL championship in 8 years.

Statistics show that the number of viewers in the global finals exceeded 200 million, and the number of live broadcasts on the B station exceeded 60 million, which means that at least 60 million Chinese viewers paid attention to the game.

In addition to iG, there is also the team boss who repeatedly dominates the hot search - Wang Sicong. This battle will undoubtedly make Wang Sicong quickly transform from the image of the original "noisy son", and climb to the top of the world, the e-sports field to join the second generation of the godfather.

Wang Sicong's family skyrocketing

Recall that in August 2011, it was still in the winter of China's e-sports industry. When Wang Sicong announced a strong move on Weibo, he integrated the e-sports and took the CCM team with his 500 million yuan from his father Wang Jianlin to form an iG e-sports. The club, the market thinks that this is just a new round of eye-catching noise.

After a lapse of seven years, iG's championship can be said to be the best proof of Wang Sicong's original investment layout. Nowadays, more and more investors may not understand e-sports, but they are targeting China E-sports, a cake that is still in the blue ocean. Wang Sicong has been fully deployed for a long time, and has the leading layout of the champion team and the entire industry chain of the e-sports industry. Its net worth has also grown by more than ten times in just seven years.

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned from Tianxie that Wang Sicong has served as the legal representative, shareholder or investment company with 46 companies. Among them, Beijing Pus Investment Co., Ltd. registered in 2009 is the core of Wang Sicong's capital operation.

A secretarial secretary of an entertainment company in Beijing told reporters of the 21st Century Business Herald that it is already a well-known story of the public. When Wang Sicong was reluctant to do business according to the ideas of the family business, Wang Jianlin gave Wang Sicong the capital of 50 billion yuan. Since then, Wang Sicong began to test the water. Layout its favorite eSports industry.

From the initial 500 million, to the 2017 Hurun Fortune announced Wang Sicong's net worth of 6.3 billion, the market is not optimistic about the rise of this "sister", how to achieve more than ten times the accumulation of capital?

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter combed Wang Sicong's related companies and found that e-sports is an important part of its investment and distribution, and the iG club, banana program and panda live broadcast are also the three most important companies in the Wang Sicong e-sports empire.

The acquisition and re-establishment of the iG e-sports club is fundamental to the content output. One of the revenue sources of e-sports is based on the live broadcast platform. Wang Sicong’s 20 million investment game platform Panda TV in 2015 has become the third largest live broadcast platform in China, second only to fighting fish and tiger teeth. The valuation has reached 5 billion yuan.

The banana program has improved Wang Sicong's e-sports layout. The company, which was founded in June 2015, covers e-sports events, online platform operations, and media. Banana Games is the e-sports division of the Banana Project. It has also received investment from institutions such as Jingwei and IDG Capital, with a valuation of more than 200 million yuan.

The aforementioned entertainment company director secret pointed out that unlike the somewhat cynical image of the rich second generation on Weibo, those who have really negotiated with him will know that his business acumen is extremely sensitive and thoughtful. His investment in the e-sports industry is a long-term and complete layout of the entire industry chain.

In an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald, it was learned that with reference to the RNG team's 2 billion RMB valuation, Wang Sicong's traffic and the iG team's championship effect may push the iG team's valuation to over 1 billion yuan. It was previously rumored that Wang Sicong’s share of Panda TV’s equity was RMB 3 billion. The overall valuation of the banana program has reached 260 million in 2016. Only the wealth accumulated by these three companies brought to Wang Sicong has exceeded 4.3 billion yuan. In addition to the capital accumulation of its investment projects in recent years, the industry has calculated its capital has exceeded 6 billion.

Wang Sicong’s personal wealth is like this, and it can be snowballed.

From eSports to pan-entertainment

Wang Sicong's investment layout is not limited to e-sports, as evidenced by the investment of its core company, Purs Capital. According to the official website of Purs Capital, there are more than 30 public investment cases, including many companies that have already achieved listing.

The investment involves a wide range of fields, such as Internet cafe chain enterprises, high-tech materials manufacturers, super high-speed rail companies, knowledge economy sharing platforms, talk show production teams, film special effects companies, boutique travel online solution providers, and funeral companies. It is the subject of investment, and many overseas companies such as the United States and South Korea are also involved in the competition, most of which are concentrated in the A round and after.

There are many listed companies in Wang Sicong's investment map, including Fushouyuan, Wuxi Pilot Intelligence, Palm Share, Tiange Interactive, Yunyou Holdings, and Lehua Games.

In addition, Wang Sicong's personal investment is also quite representative. In the previous few years, the investor of the movie "Wolf 2", in addition to Wanda Film and Television is a joint producer, Wang Sicong also made additional investment in his own name, personal monopoly 25% of the share, achieved tens of times the investment profit.

In the 21st century economic report, the reporter found that in addition to the scale of the e-sports empire, under the banana plan and platform Panda TV, Wang Sicong is still producing high-quality variety content such as "Tucao Conference", combined with the star-making plan, he tried The e-sports and gaming business will span the entertainment, film, sports, music and other industries to create its pan-entertainment empire.

The iG's victory will undoubtedly accelerate the further construction of its pan-entertainment empire.

An e-sports enthusiast told the 21st Century Business Herald that the direct income of the iG won mainly includes about 6 million yuan in bonuses and bonuses such as champion skin. The tens of millions of income may not be for the super rich second generation. The value is mentioned. In addition to the rising value of the team, the flow effect of the future iG is not limited.

He pointed out that the golden age of e-sports players is only 16-22 years old. After retiring, the development of the players has become a worry for many players. The layout of iG-bound panda live is to keep the flow of champions in Panda TV. “The hottest game anchors can bring 3 to 5 million views to the top, and the champions’ live broadcasts can easily reach 7 million to 10 million viewers. Their popularity and appeal can be said to be 'invincible'.” He bluntly .

In the current Wang Sicong industry, the high valuation of Panda TV, has also faced many questions and disputes. Live broadcast as a burning industry, Panda TV has been difficult to achieve profit mainly relying on financing, the industry also once heard that Wang Sicong will sell Panda TV. However, recently its COO Zhang Juyuan pointed out that Wang Sicong will always serve as the CEO of Panda Live, and this year has also achieved breakeven.

Zhang Juyuan also bluntly said that the current advertising revenue of the live broadcast industry is not successful. Most foreign Internet companies, advertising revenue will account for about 50% of revenue, while the domestic platform only achieves about 10%. In the future, relying on traffic to generate advertising revenue will be the main revenue direction of the live broadcast platform.

The aforementioned entertainment company director secret pointed out that after the iG won the championship, the Panda TV will undoubtedly increase the flow of the air, and even further stimulate the effect of Wang Sicong's e-sports industry. In the future, Wang Sicong's pan-entertainment layout will be further integrated and revitalized on the basis of e-sports.

However, whether Wang Sicong intended to do so should be difficult for others to try.

(Article source: 21st Century Business Herald)

                (Editor: DF387)

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