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Lei Jun, who has always said that he is not doing real estate, suddenly spends 2.6 billion yuan on land. Is it just for the benefit of employees?

November 08, 2018 08:47
source: Financial investment newspaper

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[Lei Jun, who has always said that he does not do real estate, suddenly spends 2.6 billion to get land. Is it just for the benefit of employees? 】 talking about Lei Jun, most people will think of this Rebs millet phone. However, a recent announcement revealed that Xiaomi and China Resources Land spent 2.657 billion yuan to win a piece of public housing mixed residential project in Beijing, which triggered numerous attentions from the outside world... Is this the rhythm of Xiaomi's entry into real estate? Or is it simply for the benefit of employees? Will there be any deep meaning behind the scenes? (Financial Investment News)

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Speaking of Lei Jun, most people will think of this Rebs millet phone.

However, a recent announcement revealed that Xiaomi andChina Resources LandAt a cost of 2.657 billion yuan, I won a piece of public housing mixed residential project in Beijing, which has caused numerous attentions from the outside world...

This is Xiaomi’s march.real estateThe rhythm? Or is it simply for the benefit of employees? Will there be any deep meaning behind the scenes?


  2.6 billion to take the land to do?

Yes, Xiaomi, who is a mobile phone, took the land this time and took a piece worth more than 2.6 billion!

According to the announcement of the official website of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Land Resources Management Committee on November 5,Guangzhou Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Runshang Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd. jointly plot the land plot project with a reserve price of 2.657 billion yuan.It is a mixed residential land for the construction of a mixed residential area in the Nanbei Village, Qiliqu, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing. The total land area is about 4.69 hectares and the total construction scale is 137,300 square meters, including commercial, office and residential land. The residential land is subject to “limited price”. The competition room for the principle of “competition price”.

According to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Land Resources Management Committee

Among them, Beijing Runlong Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd., which cooperates with Xiaomi, is a 100% holding subsidiary of China Resources Land Holdings Co., Ltd.

  As soon as the news came out, all kinds of speculations from the outside world continued. Is this the rhythm of Lei Jun’s aggressive entry into real estate?

In fact, in the view of Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree, who has a “1 billion gambling contract”, Lei Jun has already entered real estate as early as 2015 and said:With Xiaomi's involvement in the real estate industry, the “1 billion gambling contract” has been cancelled.

  "If you look at the change of Xiaomi, he has already withdrawn the bet. Because he was betting on the product at the time, it is said that he has now entered the real estate industry. I think that real estate is not in line with the conditions of betting with me.", Dong Mingzhu said.

However, this time, after taking the land to pay attention to the outside world, Xiaomi’s attitude is still “not to comment”, and the tone is very tight...

According to the Securities Daily, an insider close to Xiaomi said that“Millet is equivalent to the targeted customers that China Resources has already found in advance. In fact, China Resources will develop a new office area for Xiaomi”.

In other words, Xiaomi and China Resources jointly acquired the land, which is intended to be used to build an office building in Xiaomi. It is not a house to sell. It is not a "real estate" in the usual sense.

Not only that, but Lei Jun also passed many times in previous years.Weiboclearly states:Xiaomi will not enter the real estate!

According to Weibo


  Really don't engage in real estate?

Although I have always said no, I may have entered the real estate informally this time, but Lei Jun has been "tempting" on the edge of the real estate field, but it seems to be the truth...

Counting the many actions of Xiaomi in recent years, Miss Dong’s comments on the “cancellation of gambling” are not unreasonable:

In the early August 2014, Lei Jun had invested 100 million yuan in the YOU+ Youth Apartment. In combination with the concept of “Internet +” at the time, the apartment brand became famous overnight.

At the time, he even said thatThis is very likely to be a bigger undertaking than the Xiaomi phone.

In March last year, there were rumors that Xiaomi had the intention to cooperate with Vanke to build a house.According to the Economic Observer, the previous Vanke Yongfeng self-sustaining plot project, Xiaomi company has all voluntarily subscribed for registration.

However, the project was called "stopped" in April.At that time, the Beijing Municipal Construction and Construction Committee and the Soil and Resources Commission issued a document requesting the developer to hold the commercial housing for the same period of time as the land transfer period, the longest lease period should not exceed 10 years, and the rent should not be sold.

Xiaomi official responded by saying thatI have not heard about the cooperation between the two parties in building houses, and there is no saying that they have been called to stop.Beijing Vanke also denied that the two sides had cooperation in building houses. It only said that after obtaining the Yongfeng site, Vanke had conducted research on a number of high-tech enterprises including Xiaomi, and obtained the lowest cost price of 55,000 yuan per square meter.The two sides cooperated to build a house and some employees of Xiaomi misunderstood.

On the eve of the listing of Xiaomi this year, Shunwei Capital, jointly founded by Lei Jun and Xu Dalai, also voted for a parent-rental apartment brand to enjoy the urban youth community. The long-rent apartment has received hundreds of millions of rounds of financing, which has attracted countless attention.

In addition, Lei Jun also released a rhetoric that he said that "the slogan of real estate is to liberate a generation of young people, so that everyone should not worry about this kind of thing, all liberated," and said,“I used to want to make the price to one-half or one-third!”

His emboldenedness lies in the construction of a "go to intermediate link" model similar to the Xiaomi note:A group of buyers will be formed into a partnership, and the crowdfunding will take the land, and the proportion of land prices in the house price will be kept at 20% to 30%. Then the design and construction will be completed, and the partners will digest it together and even save the construction.luxuryProject Marketing Center.

At that time, he was commented by Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda."Lei Jun’s statement is completely beautiful, the average gross of real estate.interest rateOnly 20% to 25%, regardless of the Internet, can not play a decisive role in housing prices. ”

However, now look at this piece of land that Xiaomi and China Resources New took, this kind of cooperation mode of finding a "customer" in advance... It is no wonder that many opinions doubt that after this successful test, Xiaomi is really in real estate. What big moves in the field?

(Article source: Financial Investment News)

                (Editor: DF376)

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