Option nameLatest priceQuote changeTurnover
50ETF purchase December 23000.0271-45.69%374.373 million
50ETF purchase December 23500.0109-51.34%19.132 million
50ETF purchase December 24000.004-57.45%509.8 million
50ETF purchase January 24000.035-23.91%2327.72 million
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Option nameLatest priceQuote changeTurnover
50ETF沽 December 22500.008155.77%12.204 million
50ETF沽 December 23000.02466.67%6000.12 million
50ETF沽 December 23500.057557.53%7805.26 million
50ETF沽 January 21500.01351.16%934.84 million
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Option code Option name Latest price Rise and fall Quote change Volume Turnover (ten thousand) Position
1000141250ETF沽December 2156A0.00140.000675.00%1776029144950403
1000137850ETF沽December 2254A0.00910.003975.00%50137629564634430
1000138450ETF沽December 2205A0.00280.001275.00%2107490945326686
1000137050ETF沽December 2303A0.02570.010670.20%542201707089326832
1000155350ETF沽 December 23000.02400.009666.67%2048296000124457075
1000163250ETF沽 December 21500.00130.000562.50%90491414695687
1000162450ETF沽 December 22000.00260.001062.50%31031123456314786
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Option code Option name Latest price Theoretical price Intrinsic Value Time value Implied volatility expiry date
1000131350ETF purchase December 2450A0.00190.00040.00000.001929.3012-26
1000131450ETF purchase December 2500A0.00110.00000.00000.001133.5912-26
1000131550ETF purchase December 2549A0.00090.00000.00000.000938.6712-26
1000131650ETF purchase December 2598A0.00050.00000.00000.000541.4112-26
1000131750ETF purchase December 2647A0.00050.00000.00000.000546.8812-26
1000131850ETF purchase December 2696A0.00030.00000.00000.000348.4412-26
1000131950ETF purchase December 2745A0.00040.00000.00000.000456.2512-26
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Option name Latest price Discount rate expiry date
50ETF purchase December 2892A0.000225.64%12-26
50ETF purchase December 2843A0.000123.51%12-26
50ETF purchase March 2794A0.010621.83%03-27
50ETF purchase December 2794A0.000221.38%12-26
50ETF purchase June 2745A0.040220.99%06-26
50ETF purchase March 2745A0.014719.88%03-27
50ETF purchase June 27000.047119.34%06-26
50ETF purchase December 2745A0.000419.26%12-26
Option theory price calculation
Black-Scholes option pricing model
Calculation Reset
                                        Call Option: 0.0000                                         Put option: 0.0000
SSE 50ETF Volatility
Updated: December 21st
  • Volatility in January: 17.25%
  • Volatility in March: 26.87%
  • Volatility in recent June: 24.54%
  • Volatility in the past 1 year: 21.87%
Code name Related Links Latest price Quote change Volume (10,000) Turnover (ten thousand) P/E ratio
600547Shandong GoldShare itCash flowResearch report 29.65 1.2618.4755328.5863.93
600104SAICShare itCash flowResearch report 25.60 0.8720.4151788.98.11
600019BaosteelShare itCash flowResearch report 6.62 0.6135.3823,354.627.02
600028SinopecShare itCash flowResearch report 5.63 0.3667.8237,797.668.52
601988Bank of ChinaShare itCash flowResearch report 3.57 0.28113.5340201.645.14
601186China Railway ConstructionShare itCash flowResearch report 11.30 0.27119.77134450.249.10
601328Bank of CommunicationsShare itCash flowResearch report 5.65 0.1863.8835,862.885.49
600703Sanan OptoelectronicsShare itCash flowResearch report 13.59 0.1513.0817732.8816.03
  • Option basics
  • Option trading knowledge

What is an option?

                                            “Phase” means the future, “right” means right, and option contract is a contract that represents future rights.

                                            An option transaction is a right transaction. In an option transaction, the option buyer, after paying a fee, acquires the right granted by the option contract to buy or sell a certain number of underlying assets to the option seller at a predetermined price (execution price) at the time specified in the contract. .

                                            The price of an option is called a premium. The premium is the fee paid by the option buyer to the option seller for the rights granted by the option contract. For the option buyer, regardless of where the price of the future underlying asset changes, the biggest possible loss is only the premium. This feature of the option gives the trader the ability to control the investment risk. The option seller receives the option premium from the buyer as a return on market risk.