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GM slimming has seen initial results: last year's global sales fell but turned losses into a profit, net profit of 8 billion US dollars 13:50 USDA: US soybean oil export report for the week of December 27 13:42 The longest railway bridge in the old girder construction start 13:42 Pressure change power 13:42 Tourists were fined 2,000 yuan for car washing in Bohai 13:41 Samsung Galaxy M30 more information exposure with Exynos 7904 processor 13:41 Wandering Earth: A Dawn of the Hard Science Fiction Industry 13:41 55% year-on-year increase Chery Automobile's sales in January reached 58,700 units 13:41 How to do economic work in 2019? CCTV Spring Festival Evening gave us these ideas 13:40 Car aftermarket service provider car brothers complete 10 million financing 13:40 iPhone or will be the key to Apple's self-driving car 13:39 The general secretary has come to our home. 13:39 Chinese scientists develop artificial compound eyes to help autopilot 13:39 Happy Chinese Year Colorful Chinese New Year 13:39 Researchers develop "enhanced" self-growing materials 13:38 After the Spring Festival, seize the good time to sell rice! 13:38 The hope of "the town youth" is ignited. The Peking University investor is determined to invest in education. 13:38 US steel giants received 300 million subsidies from the poorest municipal government, no increase in employment 13:37 The dialect topped the lungs of the film and television drama 13:36 In 2018, China imported 32.448 million tons of primary plastics. 13:35