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Yiwei Technology's 2017 performance fluctuates greatly 18:55 Shenglong Jinxiu significantly reduced its net profit in the first quarter due to rising raw material prices 18:54 Xinhua News Agency Commentator: Let Netcom's Cause Work Better for People 18:54 Zhuhai announces a new deal for talents with over 50% of the cost of housing rights in Zhuhai 18:54 Jiangsu steel mills shut down in large areas 10 steel mills jointly raise prices 18:53 Urea Market: Ice and Fire Collision 18:53 Social e-commerce users sink 18:53 Oriental Zirconium: 2017 annual earnings report from profit to loss 18:53 Multiple measures to promote the active agricultural futures market 18:53 The board of directors of Zijin Mining (02899) considered and approved the issuance of a bill of no more than 8.5 billion yuan 18:53 Huabao International (00336): Huabao's first-quarter net profit increased by 23.24% to 277 million yuan 18:52 Huabao International (00336.HK) affiliated Huabao (300741.SZ) net profit rose 23.24% to 277 million in the first quarter 18:52 The three departments jointly organized the "double-point policy" management conference 18:52 Xinyi International Development (00200.HK) spends HK$123.798 million to buy back 439,000 shares 18:51 Tiangong International subsidiary Tiangong shares earned 2.2 times in the first quarter 18:51 Yuantong express: net profit of 316 million yuan in the first quarter increased 13% year-on-year 18:51 The university that fosters Ma Huateng Shi Yuzhu puts forward new goals: It must be a Fortune Global 500 within 5 years! 18:51 Sterling Capital Launches US$275 Million Special China Science and Technology Fund 18:50 Shanghai major interpretation: Kelai mechanical and electrical 15.23% discount transaction 18:49 Shuanghui develops 20% net profit growth in the first quarter 18:49