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      Code name Latest price 5 minutes ups and downs
      603269Seagull shares43.418.55%
      002438Jiangsu Shentong7.152.14%
      Professional Finance: The first batch of sales agencies approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission
      Safe Finance: Supervision by the People's Bank of China
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      • China Merchants Banking Liquor Index ClassificationNearly one year47.57%
      • E Funda consumer industryNearly one year50.06%
      • Cathay Internet + StockNearly one year35.00%
      Latest news
      Investment strategy: large-scale transfer is still difficult Scarce technology leader can focus on 19:30 Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Phase II project enters nuclear island main equipment installation peak 19:26 sets up customer experience department at the group level: he is at the helm of “the youngest vice president” Yu Rui 19:17 List of good news from listed companies: Oriental Zirconium reported a net profit increase of about 3 times in one quarter 19:10 Last Energy: Crude Oil Futures Market Production System Exercise Completed Successfully 19:04 The national team had 138 A-shares at the end of last year and held the largest market value of Ping An Bank. 19:00 Chinese Strategic Holdings (08089.HK) loss reduction by 75.22% to HK$86.462 million 18:54 CDRC: Crude oil futures or multiple good 18:53 National Development Institute of the National People's Congress: This year's economic development has shown a steady trend 18:53 Han's Laser: Proposed 30 million yuan to transfer 11% of Mingxin Testing 18:48 Sierte: Terminate planning for major asset restructuring, resume trading tomorrow 18:42 Spotify "Alternative IPO": New Choice for Unicorn Listing 18:36 BOC Strategy: Spread of Value Investment in 2018 18:34 Shanghai Finance University Releases Index System of "Excellent Index of Free Trade Zone" 18:23 Gaoyi Assets: Motorized and Intelligent Vehicles Will Have Investment Opportunities 18:23 Mercedes-Benz cruiser crashes 1 hour at 120 km/h 18:22 Premier Li Keqiang will meet with Chinese and foreign reporters on March 20 18:21 It is said that today's headline launched a new round of financing valuation or over US$50 billion 18:20 What is the basis for JPMorgan's call for a 40% decline in US stocks? 18:20 China Merchants Investment Co., Ltd. is introducing war speculation to seek H-share listing. It intends to reduce the number of shareholders to 200. 18:19
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      Stock name Quote change Focus on shares
      BOE A-2.69%attention
      Three six zero-0.29%attention
      Green Beauty0.74%attention
      Jiadu Technology2.33%attention
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      Stocks can make money 8159Active shareholderattention
      Wretched Henan gActive shareholderattention
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      Financial Manager 1324Active shareholderattention
      Combination name Daily income 5-day earnings 20 day earnings Total revenue Follow the portfolio
      NJ a salt water...13.98%13.98%13.98%13.98%attention
      Latent two12.93%2.76%1.85%1.85%attention
      The goddess of daily limit12.55%7.40%8.94%8.94%attention
      Your sister's...11.88%13.04%74.07%25.97%attention
      Analyst Latest index 3 months earnings 6 months earnings 12 months earnings Track stocks
      Ping Haiqing2665.4856.08%60.78%60.78%European school furniture
      Zhang Jin4182.8541.53%70.62%72.89%Tiger Medical
      Sun Yuxuan1175.7234.17%17.57%17.57%Oma Electric
      Zhou Wei2700.8732.05%20.15%28.01%Rongsheng Development
                                  Data date
                                  Friday, March 16, 2018
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                                  Continuous suspension249 Family
                                  New suspension of trading today4 Family
                                  Resumption today7 Family
                                  Performance report38 Family
                                  Performance forecast13 Family
                                  Dividend increases42 Family
                                  Purchase of new shares0 Family
                                  Payment signed3 Family
                                  Listing of new shares0 Family
                                  Directional hair extension1 Family
                                  Supplementary plan7 Family
                                  Listing of shares40 Family
                                  Equity registrationtwenty three Family
                                  Shareholders meeting42 Family
                                  Internet voting42 Family
                                  Asset restructuring 48 Family
                                  Asset acquisition1 Family
                                  Pledge of shares113 Family
      name Latest price Quote change Main net inflow
      172124.909.98%407 million
      2Gree Electric Appliances53.42-0.71%214 million
      3China Ping An70.510.03%203 million
      4Public use5.1410.06%173 million
      5E-Media8.5810.00%170 million
      6China Pacific Insurance40.761.19%141 million
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      date name Related Earnings per share Revenue year-on-year Net profit
      03-15Bairun Sharesdetailed0.070023.77%142.32%
      03-14Dadonghai Bdetailed0.004725.15%898.85%
      03-14Dadonghai Adetailed0.004725.15%898.85%
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Plus clean48.250.15%199 million
      2Huaxia Airlines40.55-2.34%338 million
      3Runjian Communication50.20-2.03%650 million
      4Huabao Shares51.11-1.88%276 million
      5Jiangsu Leasing10.990.27%719 million
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      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Tianhua Super Clean10.7610.02%305 million
      2Longsheng Technology29.2110.02%55.2 million
      3Yinjiang shares12.1910.02%367 million
      4Shuanglin shares16.9210.01%195 million
      5Tanaka Seiki55.1310.00%99.18 million
      GEM Fund
      Nuggets High-quality Growth Enterprise Growth Unit
      Nearly 3 years13.25%Details
      name Latest price Quote change Turnover
      1Ponson Business--34.46 million
      2Youxuan Software13.210.76%9.14 million
      3Zhongxin Technology9.200.00%6.75 million
      4Lianxun Securities1.99-0.50%6.08 million
      5Dong Wuyang6.00100.00%4.31 million
      Preferred QDII
      Global asset allocation, investment without borders
      Purchase date Purchase code New stock short name Issue price Issue price-earnings ratio Payment date
      03-21732214Baby room19.9522.9803-23
      03-21300504Tianhe shares13.0622.9803-23
      03-22002931Fenglong shares12.3622.9803-26
      03-14730929Hunan Salt Industry3.7122.9903-16
      03-14002930Hongchuan wisdom8.5322.9703-16
      03-14300634Multimedia News7.1722.9803-16
      date Stock name Transfer method Circulating Shares Total share capital Industry
      03-16Datang Cultureprotocol-40 million
      03-16Green Titaniumprotocol56.21 million151 million
      03-15Tak Shek sharesprotocol-11.278 million
      03-15Sanmu Zhongheprotocol540,0009.16 million
      date name Additional price Number of additional P/E ratio Discount premium rate
      03-16Zhuo Shi Logistics3.5020000000--36.36%
      03-16Famous family18.002.5 million64.75-37.67%
      03-16Dewei shares5.3518 million31.5130.49%
      03-16Ningyu Technology5.004.31 million315.31-
      • VC/PE Investment Details
      date name Investment agency investment amount Price per share
      03-07Hua Wei water-savingHongta Innovation Investment...10 million7.59
      03-05Gao Gao SharesJinan Technology Risk...4.2 million4.20
      02-28Excelle ElectronicsShenzhen Innovation Investment...10 million5.92
      date name Types of
      03-162018 characteristic town pastoral...Forum
      03-16Shanghai University of Finance and Economics...academic conference
      03-16The fifth (2018) scale...Industry conference
      03-19IWDS·2018 International Door...Forum
      03-19Japan: Trade Balance:...Economic data
      03-19Japan: Import Amount: ...Economic data
      Code name Latest Price (USD) Quote change
      SEEDOrijing Seed Industry1.2727.00%
      NFECCan make Albert1.0210.87%
      BSPMAustrian Star Pharmaceutical3.775.01%
      CREGChina Recycling Energy1.994.74%
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      Variety contract Latest price Quote change
      CSI 300 IndexIF18044027.20-1.10%
      SSE 50 IndexIH18042864.60-0.99%
      CSI 500 IndexIC18046084.60-0.21%
      Five-year government bondsTF180696.500.00%
      10-year government bondsT180692.830.01%
      Quantification Fund
      Quantitative investment, refining and gold