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 COMEX Gold GC00YChoice data
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                            Contract introduction
Trading varietyCOMEX Goldtrasaction codeGC00Y
Trading unit100 ouncesQuotation unitUSD/oz
Listed exchangeNew York Mercantile ExchangeDelivery date--
Variety profileThe United States is the global gold futures trading center. The US gold futures category mainly refers to the gold futures variety of the COMEX exchange, usually called "New York Gold." “New York Gold” can be traded on the member platform registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). For members of the CFTC, please visit the CFTC website for enquiries. However, at present, in Asia and even in China, what is well known is the "London Gold" transaction. Therefore, there are very few CFTC member companies that can provide “New York Gold” trading in China.
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