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 COMEX gold GC00YChoice data
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                            Contract Introduction
Trading varietiesCOMEX goldtrasaction codeGC00Y
Trading unit100 ouncesQuotation unitDollars / ounce
Listing ExchangeNew York Mercantile ExchangeDelivery date-
Variety profileThe United States is the world's gold futures trading center, the United States gold futures varieties mainly refers to the gold futures varieties COMEX exchange, commonly known as "New York gold." New York Gold is traded on the CFTC registered member platform. CFTC membership information, you can log CFTC website for inquiries. However, at present in Asia and even in China, everyone is still familiar with the "London Gold" transaction. As a result, there are currently very few CFTC member companies in the country who understand that we can offer "New York Gold" transactions.
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