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Summary of important industry research on the evening of November 8 (with stock)

November 08, 2018 16:59
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Summary of important industry research on the evening of November 8 (with stock)] On November 8th, a number of institutions released major industry research reports. The following is a summary of the research report, which is for investors' reference only.

On November 8th, many organizations released major industries.research reportThe following is a summary of the research report, for investors' reference only:

  Communication industry: quantum communication accelerates mature attention to 7 shares

Related listed companies are concerned about:ZTE(The main equipment leader, released Quantum PON products, andChina TelecomResearch Institute cooperates in the development of quantum communication equipment),Bonfire communication(Transport network equipment faucet, andChina TelecomThe institute and other units cooperate to release the quantum communication long-distance transmission system),Hengtong Optoelectronics(light bar faucet, layout quantum communication engineering + equipment + operation),Guangxun Technology(Joining the National University of Science and Technology to develop quantum optoelectronic devices),Kaile Technology(Tianfeng Electronics team coverage, fiber optic cable + private network + military, layout quantum data link),Kehua Hengsheng(Joining the National University of Science and Technology to provide a quantum data center),Silver wheel shares(Investing in the quantum communication industry through industrial funds),Shengyang Technology(Signed a cooperation agreement with Kyushu Quantum)......【Click to view full text

  Textile industry: pay attention to the sustainability of the sector's earnings, optimistic about 2 shares

We believe that we should continue to pay attention to the repair and sustainability of its profitability, and suggest that we should seek appropriate opportunities when the production cycle is late and the performance is reflected. As far as investment types are concerned, it is recommended to focus on the targets with scale effect, brand effect and relatively strong performance. Give the industry a "synchronized market" rating. Recommended attentionNew Australia shares(603889.SH),Ruyi Group(002193.SZ)......【Click to view full text

  Port industry: Liaoning port integration curtain opened, concerned about 3 shares

At present, the construction and integration of the northern port resource platform has entered an accelerated phase. The reform, integration and introduction of strategic partners of port enterprises may become investment hotspots, and the process of China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Zone may be accelerated. And with the country's vigorous promotion of the debt-to-equity swap policy, the implementation of the debt-to-equity swap program at the port level is possible. Under the triple investment opportunity, it is recommended to pay attentionYingkou Port(600317.SH),Dalian Port(601880.SH),Jinzhou Port(600190.SH)......【Click to view full text

  Automotive industry: industry consolidation or speeding up 3 shares

We expect domestic auto sales to reach 2018Q4 or continue to decline in September. The annual auto sales will decline by 2-3%, industry competition will intensify, and industry consolidation is underway. In terms of sectors, new energy passenger vehicles continue to maintain high growth and become the main driving force for the growth of the passenger vehicle industry. It is recommended to pay attention to enterprises related to the new energy passenger vehicle industry chain. It is recommended to pay attention to leading enterprises that are less affected by the downturn of the industry, such as the whole vehicle leader.SAICIn the parts, it is recommended to pay attention to the car glassFuyao Glass, high-quality enterprises in the lamp industryXingyu shares......[Click to view full text

  Electronics industry: mainly follow two stock picking ideas, pay attention to 4 shares

Mainly follow two stock picking ideas: 1, preferred oversold industry leader. The industrial competition pattern is good, the market space is large; the management quality is high, the profitability is outstanding, and the industry with relatively low valuation is oversold. Highly recommented:Hikvision,Han nationality laserEtc.; 2, excellent growth of the subdivision leader. Such enterprises are invisible champions with strong competitive advantages, strong internal management and profitability, and rapid growth in performance. Highly recommented:Shennan circuit,Jiemei Technology......[Click to view full text

  Securities industry: valuation pressure eased focus on leading value optimistic 2 shares

The performance of the brokerage's third quarterly report is indeed not good, but with the recent introduction of a number of policies to relieve the risk of pledge, the valuation pressure of the brokerage heavy asset business has been effectively alleviated. At the same time, under the policy stimulus, the daily average transaction volume of the market will show signs of stabilization, and the brokerage business will directly benefit. In the future, the establishment of the science and technology board establishment and registration system pilot, the brokerage investment banking business will usher in a new market space. At present, the market value of large brokerages has basically fallen back below 1.4 times, and the long-term allocation value is prominent.CITIC SecuritieswithHuatai Securities......[Click to view full text

  Environmental protection industry: good policy combination boxing is expected to restore industry investment confidence

Maintain “Recommended” rating for the environmental industry: Focus on positive change, focusing on business models and cash flow. We propose to allocate stocks from the three major lines to the environmental protection industry: 1) In the context of a promising financing environment and expected easing of equity pledge risks, we will select short-term allocations for improved stocks that are mainly subject to funding constraints affecting the progress of the project.Bishui source,Bosch2) It is recommended to select a monitoring equipment sales and testing service company with less capital occupation, short return period and good asset-liability ratio for long-term configuration.Chinese test,Concentration Technology,Car detection3) Having defensive attributes, steady growth in performance, abundant and stable cash flow, and operating companies that are expected to benefit from the continued development of green development prices and improve asset valuation are also worthy of long-term allocation.Guosheng Environmental Protection,Indigo environment......[Click to view full text

  Chemical industry: choose investment opportunities from the bottom up, pay attention to 5 shares

  Chemical IndustryCapital expenditures continued to grow, with Q3 being 53.4 billion yuan in a single season. Large refining and chemical industry entered a high-speed investment period, and the increase in capital expenditure on vitamins, silicones, new materials and polyurethanes was more obvious. Investment advice: Bottom-up recommends companies with weak-period attributes and continuous value creation capabilities, including:Yangnong Chemical,Juhua, Jiahua Energy,Hualu Hengsheng,Andisu......[Click to view full text

  Construction industry: railway investment is expected to accelerate attention to 4 shares

Investment suggestion: It is recommended to pay attention to the possibility of accelerated railway investment in the current economic environment and internal demand. We believe that the follow-up of railway investment will increase efforts in the following aspects: first, road network planning ahead of construction; second, freight railways to increase construction; third, increase inter-city and municipal railway construction. Accelerated railway investment, traditional large-scale construction enterprisesChina Railway Construction,China RailwaywithChina Communications ConstructionThe other benefits are the biggest, and some other local road and bridge companiesSichuan Road and Bridge,Tunnel sharesWill also benefit from this round of railway investment. Maintain the “Buy” rating of the above companies...[Click to view full text

  Machinery industry: smart manufacturing growth has slowed down

The first three quarters of 2018Machinery IndustryThe listed company realized revenue of 769.85 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%, net profit of 48.18 billion yuan, and an increase of 25.0%. The industry continued to recover, the revenue growth rate further increased, and the operation quality was also significantly improved. Investment suggestion: It is recommended to pay attention to the leading enterprises of engineering machinerySany Heavy Industry,Zhejiang Dingli, in the field of automationHuichuan Technology,Tusta,EstonAnd oil clothing faucetJerry shares......[Click to view full text

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