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ST stock annual exam! 13 shares are expected to "take off the stars and take off the hat"

January 11, 2019 13:34
Author: Fan Luyuan
source: Data treasure

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[ST stock annual exam! 13 shares are expected to "take off the stars to pick up the hat" 6 shares suspended listing risk] The annual report has already sounded. At present, nearly 1,300 listed companies in the two cities have issued 2018 annual performance forecasts. Of the 43 ST shares that have released the performance forecast, 13 shares are expected to turn losses, and it is expected to take off the star and 6 shares will be suspended.

The annual report has already sounded. Nearly 1,300 listed companies in the two cities have released 2018PerformancePreview. Of the 43 ST shares that have released the performance forecast, 13 shares are expected to turn losses, and it is expected to take off the star and 6 shares will be suspended.

  6 shares suspended listing risk

Of the ST shares that disclosed only the performance forecast, 12 of the results continued to lose. Among them, *ST Huaze, *ST Zhonghe, *ST Shangpu, *ST Hairun have been suspended due to continuous losses, if the 2018 performance continues to lose money, the above stocks may be terminated.

  Among the remaining 8 performance-losing stocks, ST Yangfan and ST Hongsheng may wear *, *ST bus, *ST Baoqian and other 6 shares are facing the risk of suspension of listing.

among them,*ST busThe annual loss is expected to be 600 million yuan to 750 million yuan, and the above-mentioned 6 shares are expected to have the highest loss. However, due to the large amount of goodwill impairment in 2017, the estimated loss in 2018 is significantly lower than that in 2017.

  *ST LongliThe loss is expected to exceed 300 million yuan.Company AnnouncementThe main reason for the change in performance this year is that the debt crisis has limited corporate liquidity, which has led to an increase in corporate costs and financial costs.

In addition to individual stocks that have disclosed performance forecasts,The third quarterly report showed that 12 shares such as *ST Kaidi and *ST Huiye also had the risk of being suspended from listing.However, in the fourth quarter, major risk warning stocks have launched a shell war, and it is not uncommon to sell assets and seek rescue. *ST Nanfeng is expected to obtain large debts and settlements through the divestiture of assets, *ST Tianye, *ST Lanke High premiumEquity transfer... After the shell war, a group of ST shares will usher in a temporary respite.

It is worth noting that performance improvements in exchange for non-recurring gains and losses are difficult to sustain.Of the 43 ST shares that have disclosed earnings forecasts, 11 have achieved profitability in 2017 but are expected to fall into losses again in 2018. The shell war may turn into a performance cycle.

  13 shares are expected to take off the stars

The 13 ST shares of the 2018 performance forecast turned losses, accounting for 30%, of which 4 shares are expected to pick *, 9 shares are expected to take off the hat.

The amount of profit,*ST Haitou, *ST Tianhua and *ST Xinneng 3 shares are expected to be 2018Net profitMore than 100 million yuan, *ST New Energy ranked first in the profit amount with a projected net profit of 950 million yuan. However, in terms of profit acquisition methods, the above three stocks’ profits in 2018 mainly depend on the sale of major assets.ReorganizationAnd other non-operating income.

  *ST HaitouExpected to be attributable to listed companies in 2018shareholderThe net profit was 100 million yuan to 150 million yuan. Among them, the company relied on the sale of the shares of Donghua Software held by the company to make a profit of 181 million yuan, and the sale of the equity of the subsidiary to obtain a profit of 165 million yuan. After deducting non-recurring gains and losses, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was -2.35 billion to -185 million, still losing money.

  *ST new energyAmong the estimated net profit of 950 million yuan to 1.2 billion yuan, the company relied on the sale of major assets to achieve a revenue of 570 million yuan, contributing half of the estimated net profit.

From the perspective of secondary market performance,Except for *ST Tianhua, the remaining 12 losses have achieved positive returns in 2019.As of yesterday's close, *ST Baoding has risen by 10.55% this year, and the latest closing price has increased by nearly 60% from the low of October last year. *ST Hakong, *ST Haitou and *ST Fangu have all increased more than 5% this year. Investors have higher market expectations for ST shares that are expected to turn losses.

  Re-listing the first ST long oil net profit for three consecutive years

As the first stock re-listed after the A-share delisting, ST Changyou has not opened the daily limit since it was re-listed.

The company's performance is also not satisfactory.Although the company has achieved profitability since 2015, the net profit attributable to the parent company has declined year after year.The performance forecast shows that ST Changyou expects net profit of 290 million yuan in 2018, which is nearly 30% lower than that in 2017. The predicted net profit of 2019-2021 is 225 million yuan, 246 million yuan and 251 million yuan respectively.

Judging from the data of the third quarterly report, ST Changyou's latest net asset per share is still less than 1 yuan. Although it has achieved profitability, it is hopeless to have a high probability of picking up this year.

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(Article source: Data treasure)

                (Editor: DF328)

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