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Huaxun Investment: Focus on stocks that are in line with national industrial policy orientation

January 11, 2019 15:06

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[HuaXun Investment: Focus on individual stocks that are in line with national industrial policy guidance] We still recommend investors to calm down, on the one hand, away from fundamental stocks, such as poor expectations of annual reports, risk of impairment of goodwill, non-reduction of size On the other hand, the pressure, on the other hand, is based on the mid-line. From the three dimensions of growth determination, stock price oversold, and industry in line with national strategic orientation, the potential variety is explored. This should also be the main line of stock selection throughout 2019.

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Driven by the continued rebound in the external stock market on Friday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets continued to maintain a volatility after a small increase. However, due to the rebound of the financial sector, the main board was significantly stronger than the small and medium-sized board and the GEM, but the volume of the two cities has never been Can be magnified, which reflects the current market's limited willingness to chase, especially on the long-term shadow left by the 30-day moving average on Wednesday, which objectively formed market psychological pressure. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2,553.84 points, up 0.74%, and the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 7474.01 points, up 0.61%.GEMIt closed at 1,261.56 points, up 0.20%.

From the perspective of the disk, the theme investment opportunities brought about by the introduction of industry policies are still obvious. For example, today’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Wei, once again mentioned in the interview of CCTV that the next country will focus on the development of 5G industry and give relevant policy support, which makes the relevant stocks re-active and drives the Internet of Things, Beidou navigation, driverless, smart cars. , network security, cloud computing and other innovative concepts of individual stocks. In addition, due to the recent continuous rise in the renminbi, aviation,Insurance,bankEqual weight blue chip sector also showed a sustained rebound. We have noticed that since December 6th, 2018, within a month or so, the NDRC has intensively approved a number of infrastructure projects across the country with a total investment of more than one trillion yuan, most of which are rail transit projects, and the overall planning of Xiong'an New District. It has also been approved by the State Council, and vigorous construction is already underway. From these perspectives, a series of economic bottoming initiatives have been steadily implemented in the context of the macroeconomics still in a weak cycle. Therefore, for investors, stocks that focus on the industry's strategic orientation will become an important direction for stock selection in 2019.

As far as the front is concerned, both the index and most of the stocks are slightly dull, especially the transaction volume of the two cities is still at a low level, which reflects that the market confidence is still insufficient. On the one hand, we suggest that investors should be prepared for the current psychological situation, and on the other hand, respond to the current time point. From the historical experience, at the beginning of each year, there will be obvious changes around the annual report market, especially after entering January, the annual report of individual stocks.PerformanceThe forecast is becoming more and more intensive, and the opportunities and risks that follow will become more apparent. There may be investors who have doubts about this, because the so-called demon stocks have appeared frequently in the two cities recently. The reason why such hype is far from the fundamentals, we believe that on the one hand, this type of stocks have a very large decline in the early stage, on the other hand. It is not ruled out that due to the recent relaxation of the regulatory surface brought about by administrative supervision, the hot money will use this "empty period" to hype. But no matter how short-term continuous such speculation, and not to mention that most investors can not participate, not only to leave hidden dangers to the future market, but also that the active funds in the market are not intended to prepare for long-term war, these are not Conducive to the continued development of the rebound market. Therefore, we still recommend investors to calm down, on the one hand, away from fundamental stocks, such as the expected poor annual report, the risk of goodwill impairment,SizeOn the other hand, the pressure on reducing the pressure, on the other hand, based on the mid-line, from the growth of the determination, the stock price oversold and undervalued, the industry in line with the national strategic direction and other three dimensions to explore potential varieties, this should also be the main line of stock selection throughout 2019.

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(Article Source:Huaxuninvestment)

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