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Tianxin Investment Gu: The short-term pick-up of the 5G attack

January 11, 2019 15:16

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[Tianxin Investment Gu: The short-term pick-up of 5G attack varieties] The market's structural market will also be divided, mainly reflected in the recent good performance of 5G varieties profit-taking, and superconducting, fuel cells, etc. Other varieties of the "new infrastructure" headed by will continue to provide structural opportunities.

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  Today's market comment:

After the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes opened slightly higher in the morning, they were quickly pulled up by the weighting sectors such as winemaking; then the stock indexes were blocked and turned green. Forming support again at the 20-day moving average position, and then combining the partsthemeThe rise of the sector has re-driven the stock index to rise and strengthen. Overall, today's market is high and high, and the trend is stable at the 20-day moving average; although some of the weights are not satisfactory, the trend of individual stocks still has obvious structural. Superconducting materials, fuel cells, and winemaking sectors were among the top gainers; pharmaceuticals, gold, and semiconductors fell.

  Tomorrow's market observation:

On Thursday's closing commentary, the probability of a redemption on the market is expected to be high on Friday. Today's stock indexes have turned back and even turned green after going high in the morning. However, in the afternoon, the stock index continued to rise under the influence of some varieties. Out of the Yang line, and finally completed the pre-judgment of the harvest. Although today's trading volume has shrunk, the profit-making effect of individual stocks is not weak. At the same time, the trend pattern is basically formed. The probability of collecting the whole week in the market next week is more obvious.

  Short-term market analysis:

In the short-term, the market will have the following two very obvious characteristics: First, the short-term market will continue to rebound. After the start of the spring market, it is only the initial stage, but it has not yet reached the end; At the same time, after the operation of the recent trading days, the trend pattern of the stock index has basically seen the traces of the trend change, and the trend of spring turbulence will develop in depth. Continue to be optimistic that the first pressure of the stock index is around 2590, and the second pressure is around 2660. Second, the market's structural market will also be divided, mainly reflected in the recent profitability of 5G varieties, and superconducting, fuel cells, etc.New baseOther varieties of the building will continue to provide structural opportunities.

  Outlook outlook for the market outlook:

According to the comprehensive analysis, in the market comments on Wednesday and Thursday, we also suggested that the market funds have already profited from the recent hotspots, but in the game of stock funds, the other sectors will fall. The structural market of the market will continue. In terms of operation, for the varieties that have continued to rise in the near future, the bags that have been continuously rising in time are safe, and the “new infrastructure” varieties that have not yet been launched can be sucked up by the trend and hold shares.

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(Article source: Tianxin Investment Gu)

                (Editor: DF078)

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