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The new stocks rose fierce! Xinjiang Jiaojian six-leaf led the individual stocks to rise and stop

January 11, 2019 20:30
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Second new stocks are fierce! In the face of the disk, the new shares have risen fiercely in the afternoon, and individual stocks have risen and stopped. As of the close, Xinjiang Jiaotong Construction's share price continued to limit, and recorded 6 consecutive boards. Chinalco International, Hunan Salt Industry, Hanjia Design, Jinli Permanent Magnet, Milkwei, Aipeng Medical, Ningxin Technology and other nearly 20 stocks daily limit ; Hairong Cold Chain, Jinchuang Group, Longli Technology and other stocks have risen sharply; the stocks of Xincheng, Oriental Huaning, Shangji CNC and so on have risen.

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Today (January 11) A-share trend can be described as twists and turns. In early trading, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets maintained a wide range of volatility. After the three major stock indexes opened slightly higher, the index at the beginning of the session showed signs of falling back.New sharesThe plate is moving frequently, and the boosting index is collectively red, near the end of the market, each roadthemeStocks have performed, driving the index to rise further.

From the perspective of the disk, the new stocks rose fierce in the afternoon, and the stocks rose and stopped. As of the close, Xinjiang Jiaotong Construction's share price continued to limit daily, recording 6 consecutive boards, and more than 10 stocks such as Chinalco International, Hunan Salt Industry, Hanjia Design, Jinli Permanent Magnet, Milkwei, Aipeng Medical, Ningxin Technology, etc.; The stocks of Hairong Cold Chain, Jinchuang Group and Longli Technology have risen sharply; stocks such as Haocheng New Materials, Oriental Huaning and Shangji Numerical Control have been rising.

On the news front, according to the Shanghai Securities Journal, it was learned from the "Shenzhen People's Government Gazette (Phase 1 of 2019)" that "Shenzhen City's Measures to Promote the Development of Venture Capital Industry" was officially released. "Several Measures" mentioned that Shenzhen will improve the multi-level capital market system and supportMergerinvestmentfundDevelopment and other methods will further broaden and improve the channels and mechanisms for venture capital withdrawal. The above measures will be implemented on January 6, 2019 and will be valid for 3 years.

The "Several Measures" proposes that Shenzhen will improve the multi-level capital market system and encourage the invested enterprises of venture capital institutions to broaden their exit channels through listing, listing, mergers and acquisitions and agreement transfers. At the same time, it explores the establishment of a private equity secondary market fund, and supports conditional regional equity trading centers, financial institutions, venture capital institutions, etc. to create a virtual investment project transfer trading platform according to law.

China Merchants Securities pointed out that the second-share stock price has a relatively obvious February effect, in the 2-4 month annual reportannouncementIt is easy to get excess returns during the period. After the IPO, due to its high capital reserve, in the year of listingDividendStrong willingness to send and transfer; there is a strong demand for mergers and acquisitions, and equity incentives and mergers and acquisitions are conducive to the company's stock price increase; the current economic mix is ​​"downward loose", small-cap style may dominate, sub-new sharesPerformanceMore excellent, there is no impairment of goodwill andEquity pledgeThe problem can be an important direction for the selection of stocks; investors can pay attention or layout in advance in January due to the small number of subordinate new shares.

Previously, China Merchants Securities also said that the new technology cycle is coming, we are at the starting point of a new round of growth. From the perspective of the research cycle of the technology industry, we judge that the 2019-2020 is the starting point for the computer industry to enter the next round of climax. But it does not mean that the computer is a big market in 2019, but an opportunity that is more structured. On the one hand, companies with research and development capabilities still have strong growth potential; on the other hand, some small-cap companies with strong main businesses are also expected to accelerate growth with new opportunities.

(The content of the article is for reference only. For the stocks mentioned in the article, it does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate according to this, at their own risk.)

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