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Summary of important industry research on the evening of January 11 (with stock)

January 11, 2019, 16:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[A summary of important industry research on the evening of January 11 (with stock)] On January 11th, a number of institutions released major industry research reports. The following is a summary of the research report, which is for investors' reference only.

On January 11th, many organizations released major industries.research report, the following isResearch reportAbstract, for investors only:

  Communication industry: 5G temporary license issuance form determination Focus on 5 shares

Maintain the previous judgment of the prosperity of the 5G industrial chain in 2019, focusing on the main equipment sub-sector, the Tianzizi section and the optical module sub-section. 1) The main equipment sub-sector: the greatest benefit, the strongest certainty, and the industry competition pattern is good. According to our estimates, the investment space for wireless devices and transmission equipment is about 720 billion and 512.8 billion, respectively. Recommended attentionZTE(000063, unrated), leading enterprise in communication equipment (fourth in global market share), wireless and transmission double benefit;Bonfire communication(600498, unrated), international transmission equipmentMain forceSuppliers have a high market share. 2) Tianzizi section: Technological innovation drives the growth of demand, and the participants are small and flexible. In the future, companies with integrated antenna-integration capabilities and deep cooperation with equipment vendors have competitive advantages.Tongyu Communication(002792, not rated). 3) Optical module sub-section: Benefits 5G access network reconfiguration brings the demand for optical modules to grow, and at the same time, the segment benefits from the upgrade of high-end products in the digital market, and the continuity of the economy is good. Recommended attentionGuangxun Technology(002281, increase holdings), deepen the telecommunications market, gradually develop the digital communication market, and has the ability to automate the chip. 4) Base station supporting plate: Leading standard in the field of base station temperature control, it is recommended to pay attentionInvic(002837, not rated)......【Click to view full text

  New energy vehicles: pattern optimization and structural changes under globalization

Investment suggestion: Timing: 1) You can pay attention to the key nodes of the policy, such as the rational distribution after the introduction of the subsidy policy in 2019; 2) pay attention to the changes in demand data, look at the raw material prices upstream, and look at the whole vehicle sales data downstream, midstream See the progress of enterprise scheduling; Track: 1) Competitive pattern: The top enterprises in the competitive landscape have strong industrialization ability and customer introduction ability. In the future, the industry profitability recovery period will harvest most of the fruits, recommend LG industry chain, CATL industry 2) Technology iteration: Two types of technology iterative upgrades are worthy of attention, one is critical point technology, such as high nickel 811, solid state battery, soft pack battery, etc.; the other is continuous wake up technology upgrade, able to rely on mechanism, accumulation And resources always lead the industry. Individual stocks: Recommended attention: 1)New zebang(Good pattern + high nickel electrolyte + global supply chain), 2)璞泰来(Differential performance + cost management and control + customer structure is excellent), 3)Ningde era(Global leader + horizontal and vertical competition pattern is strong), 4)Billion latitude lithium energy(Ternary soft pack + Daimler supply chain)......[Click to view full text

  Wind power industry: December winds exceeded expectations 3 stocks

Maintain the Buy rating of the wind power industry. From 2018 to 2020, the main wind power company's profit growth rate is 17-20%, the dividend yield is +2%, and the 2019 PE is 5-7 times. We recommend to benefit from the improvement of the three north power limit and the possible wind power operation leading the injection of quality assets.Longyuan Power(0916.HK, buy), but also optimistic about the valuation is more advantageousHuaneng New Energy( 0958.HK, buy)......[Click to view full text

  Medical biology: approval and optimization of social medical institutions concerned 2 shares

Recently, Inner Mongolia has started the procurement of in vitro diagnostic reagents and high-value consumables. Sunshine procurement of diagnostic reagents has been initiated in several regions. Affected by factors such as the low risk appetite of the whole pharmaceutical industry and the expectations of consumables collection, the IVD sector as a whole has undergone a major correction. We believe that the high-quality leading enterprises with instrument + reagents are limited, and it is recommended to pay attention.Antu Bio( 603658.SH) andEgg creature( 603387.SH)......[Click to view full text

  Power industry: new energy parity policy landing

We believe that the promotion of the parity policy will help the industry to accelerate the reshuffle, and leading enterprises with competitive advantages are expected to gradually win and share the long-term growth of the industry. In addition, we still adhere to the previous annual strategy report: compared to the incremental project's pull on the manufacturing process, we are more optimistic about the pessimistic expectation of the cash flow repair of the stock project. Suggested attention:Fu Neng shares,Goldwind Technology,Energy-saving wind powerAnd other wind power operation leaders andLin Yang EnergyWaiting for the photovoltaic operation leader...[Click to view full text

  Machinery industry: Excavator sales increased by 45% year-on-year in 2018

We believe that with the downward pressure on the economy, the strength of the infrastructure subsidy is expected to continue to increase. At the same time, the construction of the “Belt and Road” and the improvement of environmental protection requirements will also help boost the demand for railroad crossing and construction machinery, especially the railroad crossing. Presenting certain counter-cyclical characteristics, it is recommended to pay attention to the industry's leading targets, such asChina Zhongche(601766),Sany Heavy Industry(600031),Hengli Hydraulic(601100)......【Click to view full text

  Communication industry: 5G temporary license will be issued, pay attention to 5 shares

Investment suggestion: It is recommended to pay attention to the benefits of 5G accelerated constructionChinese Tower,ZTE, Guangxun Technology, Tongyu Communication,Fei Rongda,Shenglu CommunicationwithDafu TechnologyBenefit from the expansion of IoT applicationsSun Sea Intelligence,High emergingwithGuanghetong......[Click to view full text

  Semiconductor industry: advanced packaging becomes the savior of Moore's Law

In essence, the Moore's Law of the chip, the heterogeneous integration of the package test, and the integration of the system together constitute the complete connotation of Moore's Law representing technological progress. From the perspective of global semiconductor value chain participation, the biggest opportunity for the domestic semiconductor industry in the future is in the field of integrated chip manufacturing (IDM). The recommendations focus on:TSMC,Intel,Sun and moonlight,Changjiang Electronics TechnologywithHuatian Technology......[Click to view full text

  Media Internet: From growth to maturity, the industry is changing. Focus on 5 shares

Investment suggestion: We believe that the risk of the media sector will be gradually released. In 2019, we will welcome the turning point of the industry. We have built an investment prism with a combination of internal and external factors. We suggest that in the first half of the year, we will strive for stability and pursue a stable happiness. Attacking and defending, ushered in the broad sky. we recommendZhongnan Media,Phoenix Media,Mango super media,Chinese film,Light media......[Click to view full text

  New energy industry: optimistic about the electric vehicle leading market, pay attention to 6 shares

Investment suggestion: Continue to be optimistic about the electric car leading market! Continue to recommend battery faucets (Ningde era,BYD); the leading faucet of lithium battery in the middle (new zhoubang, 璞泰来,Dangsheng Technology,Star source material;Shanshan, billion latitude lithium energy,Enjie shares,Godsend material); core components (Huichuan Technology,Hongfa shares); high quality upstream resources of cobalt and lithium (Huayou Cobalt Industry,Tianqi Lithium Industry)......[Click to view full text

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