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January 11th plate resumption: small-cap style dominates the new shares "February effect" ahead of time? (with drawing)

January 11, 2019, 18:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[January 11th plate resumption: small-cap style dominates the new shares "February effect" in advance? (Photo table)] China Merchants Securities pointed out that the second-share stock price has a relatively obvious February effect, and it is easy to obtain excess returns during the announcement of the annual report in 2-4 months.

Today (January 11th), A-shares moved forward in a wide range of volatility. After the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened slightly higher, there was a wave of rapid rise. Although the initial market showed signs of falling, the afternoon market was in the hot spot. Driven by weak turn,Shanghai indexThe increase has further expanded,GEMAfter stabilizing, I also turned red. industrythemeThe performance of the sector is more prominent, and the market makes money. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.74% to 2,553.83 points;Shenzhen Stock ExchangeIt rose 0.61% to 7474.01 points; the GEM index rose 0.20% to 1261.56 points.

In addition, as of today (January 11th), the small series is based onOriental Fortune ChoiceThe data shows that the two cities have 139 flat stocks (62 Shanghai A, 77 deep A), A stock market including ST stocks, * ST stocks, a total of 808 stocks fell, including Shanghai A has 325, deep A has 483.

At the same time, the two cities includeNew sharesWithin the total, a total of 2612 stocks ushered in rising, including 1055 Shanghai A, plus 1557 deep A, including 71 stocks daily limit, most of the daily limit stocks concentrated in secondary stocks, military, rare earth permanent magnets, fuel cells , 5G and other sectors.

  Sector aspect:

One,Secondary shares

  China Merchants Securities pointed out that the second-share stock price has a relatively obvious February effect, in the 2-4 monthly reportannouncementIt is easy to get excess returns during the period.After the IPO, due to its high capital reserve, in the year of listingDividendStrong willingness to send and transfer; strong fixed increaseMergerDemand, and equity incentives and mergers and acquisitions are conducive to the company's stock price increase; the current economic mix is ​​"downward loose", small-cap style may dominate, sub-new sharesPerformanceMore excellent, there is no impairment of goodwill andEquity pledgeThe problem can be an important direction for the selection of stocks; investors can pay attention or layout in advance in January due to the small capital stocks of the new shares.

Previously, China Merchants Securities also said that the new technology cycle is coming, we are at the starting point of a new round of growth. From the perspective of the research cycle of the technology industry, we judge that the 2019-2020 is the starting point for the computer industry to enter the next round of climax. But it does not mean that the computer is a big market in 2019, but an opportunity that is more structured. On the one hand, companies with research and development capabilities still have strong growth potential; on the other hand, some small-cap companies with strong main businesses are also expected to accelerate growth with new opportunities.

Second,Military industry

GF Securities pointed out that further reform and opening up will be the "main theme" in 2019. The military industry is an important position for reform and opening up, with multiple thematic investment opportunities: military industrial research institutes, military and industrial reforms, and military industrialization. Open focus areas.

Huarong Securities also believes that military industry is a key area for pilot reform of mixed reforms. A number of listed companies have completed equity incentive work; the progress of research institutes has been lower than expected, and only 58 reform plans have been approved. The reform of the pricing mechanism is expected to achieve breakthrough progress in 2019, and the final assembly enterprises with lower profit margins will benefit the most. The military-civilian integration has entered the implementation stage, and the military-to-civilian enterprises with technological and management advantages have taken the lead in benefiting; in the long run, the institutional costs are gradually eliminated, and the high-quality civil-invested military enterprises will gain more opportunities and develop faster.

Soochow Securities said that from the perspective of value investment, the military industry has a configuration value. 2018 is the turning point for military workers to shift from thematic investment to value investment. This style will continue in 2019. The investment opportunities in the military industry are based on the continuous verification of the industry's prosperity and the revaluation of the company's value based on the value of investment.

  A picture summary:

(The content of the article is for reference only. For the stocks mentioned in the article, it does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate according to this, at their own risk.)

                (Editor: DF150)

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