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Wei Pai Ge today's subscription guide Top price purchase with a market value of 120,000

February 12, 2019 00:38
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[Wei Paig February 12 subscription guide top price purchase with a market value of 120,000] Wei Paige issued a total of 42.569 million shares, online issued 12.778 million shares, the issue price-earnings ratio of 22.97 times, the purchase code is: 732956, purchase price: 5.70 Yuan, the single account purchase limit of 12,000 shares, the number of purchases is 1000 shares multiple times.

  Wei Paige (603956)

Wei Paige issued a total of 4,529.61 million shares, issued 12.778 million shares online, with a price-to-earnings ratio of 22.97 times, a purchase code of 732956, a purchase price of 5.70 yuan, a single account purchase limit of 12,000 shares, and a subscription quantity of 1,000 shares.

  【Company Profile】

The company's main business: to provide customers with a comprehensive and comprehensive secondary water supply system solutions, including intelligent secondary water supply equipment research and development, production, sales and service, and secondary water supply smart management platform system development, construction and operation and maintenance. (Click to enter >>>Wei Paige)

Projects that will be used to raise funds

  Attachment: Simulation of each signed profit after Weipai's listing

New sharesIPOHit newRaiders

1. What's new?

Market value is very important, very important, very important!

2. Which one is better?

Nani? Xiao Bai asked this question, of course, under the new rules: all of them are playing, all are playing, all are playing!

3. What kind of new stocks have risen more?

The data said, GEM > SME board > motherboard.

4. How do you see how much you can apply for?

Your quotes software will prompt you. (Diligent people look here: the specific algorithm is the same as the original, the deep exchange needsRestricted sharesMore than 10,000 yuan, the market value per 5,000 yuan can be one more number. The unrestricted shares required for the turnover are more than 10,000 yuan, and the market value per 10,000 yuan can be one more. The good news of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is that the market value of multiple accounts can be combined. Restricted sale of A shares, delisting stocks, B shares, bonds,fundOther products do not calculate market value. freeze,PledgeDong Jiangao’s shareholding restrictions,Margin financingCustomer credit securities account,SuspensionOr the market value of the suspended stocks is calculated. Unqualified, dormant, and cancelled securities accounts do not calculate market value. )

5. What if I have multiple accounts?

If there are multiple accounts (such as opening an account everywhere), you can only choose one account to purchase, otherwise the account other than the first declaration is invalid.

6, can you commissionBrokerOn behalf of the purchase?

You can only purchase it yourself, and you can't delegate it to the brokerage company.

7. Pay at the latest time?

T-day purchase, after confirming the winning, on T+2, according to the time agreed by the broker and you, but no later than 24 o'clock, otherwise it is considered a waiver.

8. I found myself in the sign, can I use the money to sell the stock on T+2 to pay?

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange can, but specifically look at the respective brokers and how you agree. The Shanghai Stock Exchange does not mention this point. It is estimated that it depends on the agreement between the broker and you.

9. In the case of a large number of new shares, what should I do if there is insufficient funds?

The brokerage association will sign a corresponding agreement with you, and the agreement will be handled according to the procedures you have agreed upon. But don't be sad, keep looking down.

10. What should I do if I don’t pay after signing?

If the payment is not made in full after the signing, it will be considered as a waiver. However, the Shanghai Stock Exchange can choose some purchases, for example, 500 shares, 499 shares can be purchased, 1,000 shares can be purchased, and 999 shares can be purchased. However, if you do not pay or do not pay in full within 3 months, you will be blacked out for 6 months, it is forbidden to fight new, and will automatically resurrect after the expiration.

11. Can I participate in offline subscriptions and online subscriptions at the same time?

No, if you participate in the offline subscription, you can no longer participate in online subscription.

Summary of the new common seven major operational errors]

  Mistake 1: No accurate contact information for the broker or sales department

With the popularity of online transactions, more and more investors are trading through the Internet, and they are alienated from brokers and sales departments. After changing the contact information such as mobile phone numbers, they have not been able to update them to the brokers or sales offices in time. The communication service of the brokerage or sales department is not available to investors.

This requires investors to take the initiative to call or personally go to the broker or the sales department to update their information in order to enjoy the services that the broker should have.

  Mistake 2: I mistakenly thought that the signing was completed.

Many investors are not aware of the rules for T+2 payment, thinking that it is all right when they sign, just wait for the stock to sell. As everyone knows, under the new regulations, they have to pay after the signing. If they don’t pay, they will be invalid. If they are not valid, they will not be able to get new shares and will be blacklisted.

  Mistake 3: I don't know if T+2 should pay on time

Some investors have forgotten the time of payment. Of course, some investors think that their account funds are sufficient.

According to the new regulations, after the results of the successful bidding, investors need to prepare sufficient funds after the check-in before 4 pm on T+2. If the purchase amount in the account is insufficient, the account will automatically deduct the maximum amount (minimum value is 1 share), the remaining winning shares are also considered as investors to abandon the shares, included in the invalid subscription, investors will still be blacklisted. (Now many brokers will notify the payment, but it is still necessary to know it.)

  Mistake 4: I don't understand the date of the announcement

Investors should develop their inquiry habits regardless of whether the broker has informed the service.

The first step is to find out how to query the subscription number: when you purchase, the system generated system account can be queried in the online transaction record.

For example: your subscription number is 888888-888890. The announced winning number is the last three digits of 888, the last four digits of 8686, etc., and the last three digits of your number are the same as the three digits of the published winning number, which is 888, so you will win 1000 shares or 500 shares. (It is worth noting that the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 1,000 shares and Shenzhen is 500 shares.)

The second step is how to pay after the signing? T+1 will be able to check the results of the winnings on the evening of T+1, and you can check again on T+2 to ensure that all the funds for purchase before 4 pm are in place.

  Mistake 5: Coveting low commissions, losing brokerage notification service

In the Internet era, some brokerages have played a total of 2,000 or 10,000, or even privately lower commission battles. These brokerage brokers sometimes provide simple trading channel services to investors with small capital. Basic SMS, telephone and other notification services are not available.

In this way, after the investor wins the new sign, if he does not understand or forget to inquire, he may automatically become a default after the signing, and become an invalid purchase. This requires investors who enjoy these low commissions, and quickly go to the sales department to confirm whether there is a texting notification service.

  Mistake 6: I do not know that the old shares can be paid in the middle of the day.

It is understood that some investors know that T+2 has to pay after the signing, but they have no cash to pay on time. As everyone knows, on the day of T+2, you can also sell old stocks to pay new tickets.

  Mistake 7: The same name account can be purchased for the same new shares multiple times

According to the new rules, securities accounts under the same investor name, even if distributed in different securities companies, can only be purchased once when applying for the same new shares.

  Click to view>>>New stock subscription signing strategy New share subscription form List of new shares

                (Editor: DF358)

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