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High proportion of dividends to send stocks can be expected. These 15 shares may become "high to send new favors"

February 11, 2019 13:53
Author: ARMED
source: Data treasure

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[High proportion of dividends to the current stock market can be expected to be 15 shares or become "high to send new favors"] From the performance of the Spring Festival, since 2016, the high delivery index has risen on the 5 trading days before and after the Spring Festival And greatly outperformed the Shanghai index. On the 5th day after the Spring Festival in 2016, the high delivery index rose by 10.44%; in the downturn of the 2018 market, the high sent-to-index index rose by 6.56% against the trend on the 5th. (data treasure)

On the first trading day of the new year, Data Bao combs a 2018 yearDividendSending the list of plans, I hope that the A-share market will be able to "open the door" in 2019.

  Before and after the Spring Festival, the high-speed transfer section staged "Festival Carnival"

The dividend plan has also entered an intensive period with the disclosure of the annual report. The data treasure statistics are from October 19, 2018 to the latest closing date.Shanghai indexIt rose by 5.3%, and the high-to-transfer index rose by more than 30% in the same period.

From the performance before and after the Spring Festival, since 2016, the high delivery index (same flush) has risen in the five trading days before and after the Spring Festival, and has successfully outperformed the Shanghai index. On the 5th day after the Spring Festival in 2016, the high delivery index rose by 10.44%; in the downturn of the 2018 market, the high sent-to-index index rose by 6.56% against the trend on the 5th.

  Dividend deliveryConversionDensely distributed in traditional industries

Data treasure statistics show that as of February 11, except for one stop implementation sample, a total of 43 shares in the two cities issued a 2018 annual dividend plan.In terms of industries, the above 43 shares are distributed in 19 Shenwan industries, which are densely distributed in the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and mechanical equipment industries, with more than 4 stocks.

Among them, 2 households have a large share of gold dividends per 10 shares, with an average value of more than 20 yuan, followed by commercial trade stocks, and the average value of the distribution is as high as 16 yuan. From the perspective of the industry's transfer ratio, the machinery, defense, military, computer and media industries have more than 8 shares for every 10 shares.

Specific to individual stocks, 17 shares are listed on the date of no more than 3 yearsNew shares.Aipeng MedicalOn February 2nd, the dividend plan was issued. The cash dividend for every 10 shares was 4 yuan. From January 28 to February 1, the stock price rose 15.53%.Xingrui TechnologyOn January 22, the plan was issued, and 3 yuan was distributed for every 10 shares and increased by 6 shares;Top solid setOn January 16th, the plan was released, and every 10 shares were distributed at 2.2 yuan and increased by 8 shares. It is worth mentioning that these 2 shares are all sent high, and the daily forecast is reported to the daily limit.

From the point of view of the faction,40 shares will be paid. A total of 8 shares of more than 5 yuan (per 10 shares) are distributed, and the biggest one is the Little Swan A.The dividend for every 10 shares is as high as 40 yuan, which is the largest since the company was listed in 1997.Lanzhou MinbaiThe cash dividend for every 10 shares is also as high as 16 yuan;Donggang shares, Chuanhuan Technology, Fu AnnaAll stocks are on the high dividend list.

  These stocks have high potential for transfer

In fact, according to the new rules of high delivery (the main board 10 to 5, the small and medium board 10 to 8, the GEM 10 to 10), 21 to send shares are not high. Specifically,Zhengye Technology is the most generous. At the same time, every 10 shares are now 4.2 yuan, and it is increased by 9.5 shares. Secondly, it is a new material, and every 10 shares is now 3 yuan and 9 shares.

Zhengyuan Wisdom, Naiwei Technology and other stock dividends are very generous, and the latter has been distributed every year since its listing in 2015. At the same time, the proportion of space Zhizhi, Sanxiang New Materials, Baichuan Energy and Xinfengming was less than 50%.

From the market performance on the day of the plan,In addition to the new materials, the remaining 7 shares rose. The 5 shares of gold are extremely strong, and the daily limit is up, including Zhengye Technology, Zhengyuan Wisdom, and Chuanhuan Technology.

It is worth mentioning that 43 only issued dividend distribution and transfer plan shares, pre-disclosureannouncementThe number of rising stocks in the day accounted for more than 70%, and there were 7 stocks on the day of the plan.

The high-transfer new regulations are gradually overweight, and the number of stocks that satisfy high delivery is also gradually decreasing. According to the screening conditions of high delivery: the latest total share capital is less than 200 million shares, listed after 2017, for 2 consecutive yearsNet profitThe growth rate (including the lower limit of net profit growth in 2018) is greater than 0, and the capital reserve and earnings per share for the first three quarters of 2018 are more than 1 yuan. A total of 15 shares satisfying the above 5 conditions, including Hanrui Cobalt, Maiwei, and Ruike Laser.

Disclaimer: All information content of Databao does not constitute investment advice, the stock market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.

(Article source: Data treasure)

                (Editor: DF064)

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