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Summary of important industry research on the evening of February 11 (with stock)

February 11, 2019 18:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[February 11th, important industry research summary (attached shares)] On February 11th, a number of institutions released major industry research reports. The following is a summary of the research report, which is for investors' reference only.

On February 11th, many organizations released major industriesresearch report, the following isResearch reportAbstract, for investors only:

  Automotive industry: January car inventory warning index fell 8% with attention to 7 shares

It is recommended to focus on: [Automobile] The inventory alert index for auto dealers in January was 58.9%, down 8.3% year-on-year. The inventory factor fell for the first time in many months, but the industry is in the active destocking phase. Recommended attention[Guangzhou Automobile Group H,Changan Automobile,Geely Automobile,SAIC】. [Electrification] In 2018, it exceeded expectations. Despite the uncertainty of the new subsidy policy, the trend of new energy vehicles entering the high-end new cycle has not changed, focusing on new energy passenger vehicles.BYD】, supply high-end core components around the worldJunsheng Electronics,Xusheng shares,Sanhua Zhizhi(home appliance coverage),Zhongding shares,Silver wheel shares,Precision forging technology】. [Intelligent, networked] 5G promotes the acceleration of intelligent driving technology, and the application of electric, electronic, network, AI and other technologies will continue to gradually progress. The process of unmanned industrialization is worth looking forward to. Optimistic [Just wins electronics,Huayu Automobile,NavInfo(computer coverage),Top Group】......[Click to view full text

  Machinery and equipment: Focus on good engineering machinery, optimistic about the bottom of the quality stocks

Key stock pool:Jiejia Weichuang,Maicheng,Jingsheng Electromechanical,Hai Te Gaoxin,Weihai Guangtai,Changchuan Technology,China Railway Industry,Anhui Heli,Gold card intelligence,robot,Hengli Hydraulic,Offshore oil project,Petrochemical machinery,Chinese test,COSL,Tiandi Technology,Zheng coal machine,Xugong Machinery,Liugong,Eddie Precision,Eston,Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical, Zhongding shares,Meiya Optoelectronics,Haomai Technology,Hangyang shares......[Click to view full text

  Retail industry: Chinese New Year consumption growth of 10% Focus on 5 shares

We believe that Chinese cosmetics companies still have opportunities to rise. Among them, mask products are most suitable for e-commerce channels. Chinese brands are expected to rise in the cosmetics industry based on the accumulation of new channels, new users and data experience. The recent corrections are sufficient, and the domestic cosmetics companies can be gradually deployed. . Related targets:Yonghui Supermarket,Jia Jiayue,Yujiahui,Polaia,Shanghai Jahwa,Lafang Jiahua......[Click to view full text

  Coal industry: Concerned about the resumption of coal mines, optimistic about 6 shares

Stable economic growth is still expected to be the fiscal policy of 2019currencyThe starting point of the policy, the level of financing in the whole society is expected to improve compared to 2018. The direction of increasing infrastructure investment in 2019 is relatively clear, and policy adjustments are conducive to improving the valuation of the stock market. Mainly optimistic about the long-term ratio of high proportion or the increase in output:Shaanxi Coal Industry,China ShenhuaEtc., high-elasticity recommendations are concerned:Yanzhou Coal IndustryAt the same time, coking coal stocks are recommended to pay attention:Huaibei Mining,潞安环能Etc. Coking Unit recommends following:Kailuan shares,Shanxi CokingWait……【Click to view full text

  Electrical equipment: wind power returns to three north acceleration attention to 3 shares

The valuation of wind power sector has increased with the recovery of new installed capacity. The current valuation of the industry is at a historically low level and valuation is expected to increase. At the same time, steel material prices are expected to decline, and the profitability of midstream equipment manufacturers and wind tower manufacturers is expected to be repaired. It is recommended to pay attention to wind power leading enterprisesGoldwind TechnologyWind Tower Leading EnterpriseTianshun Wind Energy. Casting and forging companySun and moon shares,Jinlei Wind PowerAnd Siemens core suppliersZhenjiang shares......[Click to view full text

  Medical Biology: The best results in the annual report season

Investment strategy: 1. Sub-division areas outside medical insurance (focus on the first): (1) Innovative drug service providers (Kelley,Zhao Yan New Drug,Medicine stone technology,WuXi PharmaTech,Tiger Medicine,Boteng shares,Ed BioEtc); (2) internationalization of injections (Jianyou shares,Puli Pharmaceuticals(3) Consumer goods attributes (Zhifei Bio,Hualan Bio,Watson,My martial arts,Changchun High-tech,Pien Tze HuangEtc.; 2, non-pharmaceutical logic: (1) instruments (Mindray Medical,Wandong Medical,Antu Bio,Open medical care,Lepu MedicalEtc); (2) business (Liuyao,Shanghai Pharmaceutical,Sinopharm,KyushutongEtc); (3) medical services (Aier Ophthalmology,Beautiful year health,Tongce Medical3, drug logic: (1) innovation & generic drug revolution (Hengrui Medicine,Columbine Pharmaceuticals,Beida Pharmaceutical()) (2) oversold the bottom of the price (Livzon Group,Jichuan Pharmaceutical,TaslyWait)……【Click to view full text

  Defence military: optimistic about the growth of 2019, pay attention to 8 shares

Investment strategy and focus on individual stocks: Based on the judgment of the demand release of the military industry's beneficiary equipment and the reform dividend, we focus on the following investment directions: 1) Focus on the core assembly and supporting enterprises that benefit from the military transformation and development of equipment demand, focusing onAVIC Shen Fei,AVIC Aircraft,Zhongzhi shares,Inner Mongolia,Aviation power,China Haiphong,AVIC,AVIC,Aerospace electrical appliance2) Pay attention to enterprises that benefit from state-owned enterprise reform and asset securitization, and are expected to benefit from asset injection.AVIC Electronics,Guorui Technology,Si Chuang Electronics3) Pay attention to high-quality civil squadron enterprises that benefit from the integration of national and military strategies and industrial support policies.High German infrared,Hang Jin Technology, matt electronics, etc...Click to view full text

  Food and Beverage: Excellent performance of white wine and seasonings

Industry focus:Keming face: In the short term, the cost will decrease, and in the medium term, the category will increase;really miss you:RepoShow confidence and stimulate business vitality;Guizhou Maotai: The second quarter revenue exceeded expectations, and the series of wines grew rapidly;Shunxin Agriculture: Product price/performance advantage is highlighted, and nationalization is steadily advancing;Fragrance: Meco new product market continues to develop;Stout food: The main business of duck neck grows steadily, and the food ecology continues to advance; I miss you: the first day of the New Year's Day, the first battle of the grass, and the 2019 can be expected...Click to view full text

  Power equipment: demand for scenery exceeds expectations, and 9 shares are concerned.

Focus on the subject:Huichuan Technology(General-purpose inverter/servo faucet grows better, powertrain layout is effective),Longji shares(Photovoltaic policy inflection point, global leader in monocrystalline silicon wafers and components, high overseas share)Godsend material(electrolyte and hexafluoride faucet, profit turning point),Ningde era(Power battery global leader, ternary battery is in short supply),Sunshine power(photovoltaic policy inflection point, inverter and EPC faucet),Hongfa shares(New energy automotive relays global leader, general-purpose relays grow better),New zebang(electrolyte price increase faucet benefit, semiconductor material volume),Dangsheng Technology(positive material leader, major customer and capacity expansion),Goldwind Technology(Wind power demand in the first quarter, wind power leader),Zhengtai Electric(Low-voltage electrical faucet, stable PV operation, lowest valuation),Guodian Nanrui(Grid automation and UHV DC leading, state-owned enterprise reform),Star source material(Dry-law global leader, Changzhou wet-process mass production is on the way);Tongwei shares, for the shares, Jiejia Weichuang, Tianshun wind energy,璞泰来,Xinwangda,Yiwei Lithium Energy,Pinggao Electric, BYD,Tianqi Lithium Industry,Shanshan,Enjie shares,Xu Ji Electric, Sanhua Zhizhi,Lin Yang Energy,Guoxuan Hi-TechWait……【Click to view full text

  Machinery and equipment: oil service, high economy, continuous attention, 5 shares

Investment suggestion: The recovery trend of the oil service industry chain is different. The domestic unconventional gas block has the highest prosperity, and the demand for core production equipment is the strongest. Continued to promote the domestic private oil service leader:Jerry sharesIn addition, attention: CNOOC Engineering, attention: petrochemical machinery,:Oil project,:CNOOCclothes,:Tongyuan PetroleumHong Kong stocks are concerned about:Huayou Energy,:Anton Oilfield Service......[Click to view full text

  Computer industry: the depreciation of goodwill "power" appeared attention to 4 shares

Investment suggestion: potential risk of goodwill impairment asMergerThe sequelae of the tide are gradually exposed. We maintain the judgment of the annual strategy, focus on the weak economic cycle correlation and the industries facing the policy turning point, and focus on the industry leader of endogenous growth:Guanglianda,Hang Seng Electronics,Keda News,Inspur information,Venus Star,Weining HealthWait. In addition, we will continue to focus on the intelligent network of the policy sector + industry resonance this year: NavInfo,Zhongke ChuangdawithQianfang TechnologyWait……【Click to view full text

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