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Rong Wei Securities Liu Sishan: Spring market will develop in the depth direction

February 11, 2019 15:43
Author:Liu Sishan

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[Yongwei Securities Liu Sishan: Spring market will develop in the depth direction] The market continued the upswing trend before the holiday. The Shanghai index successfully stood on the semi-annual line of the bulls and bears, the upward trend was obvious, the mid-line trend was optimistic, and the external stock market was stable. The A-share market is doing well. It is expected that the stock index will move steadily upwards and the spring market will develop in the depth direction.

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Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened mixed.themeStocks and heavyweights collectively rose,Shanghai indexSteady rise, the index station in the first half of the line;GEMGoing high and going high, the trend is strong, the index rose more than 3.5%, and returned to above 1300 points. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index was 2,653.90 points, up 1.36%. The Shenzhen Component Index reported 7919.05 points, up 3.06%. The GEM pointed to 1316.30 points, up 3.53%.

From the perspective of the disk, all the sectors have risen to varying degrees, and the aquaculture sector has taken the lead, with the highest gains.Young eagle farming,New WufengTianbang Technology,Zhengbang TechnologyWait for stocks to rise and stop; liquor stocks attacked,*ST HuangtaiDaily limit,Luzhou LaojiaoUp 7%,Wuliangye,Gujing GongjiuUp more than 5%,Guizhou Maotai,Yanghe shares,Shanxi LiquorUp 4% higher; new retail concept stocks rose in the afternoon,Wuhan ZhongshangSealing up,Shiji InformationUp more than 8%,Lanzhou Minbai,New Continent A,Hanshang Group,Gangtai HoldingsUp 4%; communication equipment, 5G sector continued to be active, and individual stocks rose and stopped.Bang Technology,Eastcompeace,Chunxing Seiko,Eastern Communication,First spirit information,Shida GroupWait for stocks to limit. The effect of making money in the market is obvious. The blue-chips of weights maintain a volatile upward trend. The performance of small and medium-sized stocks is strong and the market is booming.

From a technical point of view, after the Shanghai stock index has been stepped on and consolidated, it has recently been on the upswing. The short-term moving averages on the 5th, 10th, and 20th have been long-term, and the 60-day line has been flat. Today, the index line is on the 120-day line, and the upside is open. The mid-line market can be expected; after two consecutive days of upswing, the GEM will successfully stand on the 60-day line and is expected to further expand its space.

In summary, the market continued the uptrend trend before the holiday. The Shanghai index successfully stood on the semi-annual line of the bulls and bears. The upward trend was obvious and the mid-line trend was optimistic. In addition, the external stock market was stable, and the foreign capital inflows boosted the A-share market. The stock index is expected to be good. Steady upwards, the spring market will develop in the depth direction. In operation, establish a bottom thinking, bargain-hunting, band operation, focus on low-value blue-chip stocks, excellent small-cap stocks, and related stocks of the two associations.

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(Article source: Rong Wei Securities)

                (Editor: DF078)

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