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(2/11) Mingbo sees the market: open the door to lead the spring market, inertia, shock and shock

February 11, 2019 16:01
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[(2/11) 名博看后市: The opening of the door is strong and leads the spring market inertia. After the shock, the market broke through the half-year line, and the GEM is about to rise to the half-year line. They led the index to the beginning of December last year. The location, here depends on the day after tomorrow, the volume is stable, once it is stable, it is a new era. This period thinks there will be, that is, the spring market. Spring market is a big band, individual stocks will rebound, cherish the opportunity, first eat this spring big tonic.

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  Old China: Open the door to lead the spring market

The broader market broke through the half-year line, and the GEM is about to rise to the half-year line. They led the index to the position in the first ten days of last year. It depends on the fact that the future is stable and stable. Once it is stable, it is a new era. This period thinks there will be, that is, the spring market. Spring market is a big band, individual stocks will rebound, cherish the opportunity, first eat this spring big tonic ...Click to view full text

  The stock market has wealth: after receiving the red envelope, it feels cool

On the whole, the market has gradually shifted from the care of the past year to the active development of many aspects. It can be seen that the spring market is gradually intensifying. In view of the fact that the market making effect is becoming more and more obvious, the index forced mode may be This will become stronger, so the opening of the Year of the Pig will make the red envelope even more pleasant...Click to view full text

  Trend Cruise: Today's market opened a new chapter

Today, the large-volume heavy-duty station in the first half of the line, this is after the fall of the semi-annual line in February 2018, after a year, today stood again, indicating that the market has opened a new chapter, and later maintain the broader market upside point of 2800 points unchanged But everyone should also pay attention to several phenomena...[Click to view full text

  Bin Ge watched the disk: Where does the red sword open?

On the first trading day after the New Year, the market gave a big surprise. The global market was generally boosted, and the performance of eating, drinking, and playing was stronger. The index rose in early trading and opened after the opening.Shanghai indexAfter a little down, I started to strengthen.themeThe stocks performed well, and the market continued the trend of the rebound in the afternoon. The final market was the third day after the New Year’s trading, and the market will be pointed out after the opening.Click to view full text

  Deng Wenbo: Opening a door is a good sign

  The Shanghai Composite IndexandShanghai and Shenzhen 300It is also a shock, although it is weaker than the small and medium-sized index today, stronger thanSSE 50Index, but the weekly line has already crossed the half-year line, so that there are already four indexes over the half-year line, and the other several indexes will cross the half-year line, and the bulls will further strengthen. The market is now doing the second wave of the stage of the rise, the bottom of the clear stocks can be patiently guarded, the bottom is not clear, but also pay attention to the pressure ...Click to view full text

  A shed: the best band for the Spring Festival of the Golden Pig

In 2019, the A-share market opened at the opening of the first trading day, which brought joy to the investors and brought hope. This shows that the market has ushered in the best band of the spring season of the Golden Pig, from a broader time and space. Looking at the background, you can also see the possibility of this 2019 big-biggest big market opportunity this year in the nine years of the year...Click to view full text

  Lighthouse on the sea: After the inertia, the shock chamber is washed

The upward trend of the Shanghai stock market's upward breakout is basically in line with the pre-holiday blog post's view of "short-term after the whole section." The MACD indicator line on the daily chart and the KDJ indicator line again form a golden fork resonance state, showing the corresponding level of rebound and upper impulse kinetic energy; the stock index above the 21-week moving average is close to 34 weeks according to the principle of “reporting system” The desire for the moving average. However, the 144-day moving average (2664 points) into a downward trend constitutes a suppression of the rebounding stock index; the MACD indicator red column on the 30-minute chart shortens and the KDJ indicator line runs to a high level, and a corresponding level of retreat is signaled in advance. Therefore, it is considered that the large-capacity inertia is washed up and the shock chamber is washed. The stock index will confirm whether the semi-annual line is effectively stabilized.Click to view full text

  Old stockholder Da Zhang: How to face after reaching the target position?

After the large-scale rebound in stocks on the last day before the festival, today's GEM has opened higher and higher, driving stocks to continue to rebound in large areas. Two consecutive Zhongyang once again stood on 60 antennas, and with the rebound of blue chips, the market also Then there was a rebound and stood on the half-year line. I have talked many times before that the target of this rebound is to stand on the first half of the line. The action of the first half of the line today also means that the market has reached the target, how to face it. Right...[Click to view full text

  Camel _ bell: the opening of the market opens a new chapter

Technically, every round of market, as long as possible to escape from the top, even if the bottom of the bargain, did not follow the big rise, earn more and earn less, try not to chase high, many people because the stocks in the hands of the rise is not as good as others, in fact, as long as The direction is right, earning more and earning less is the same, the rhythm is good. For example, in this round, the major sectors of the new infrastructure have grown in size, and it’s fine. When the near-top is over, the camel bell has a reminder that everyone should pay attention to the reference.Click to view full text

  Song Jianwen: Qi Guan Changhong The first red envelope of the A-share of the Year of the Pig

A share of the A-share has been issued on the last trading day before the holiday, and several major indexes have risen across the board. After nine days of rest, the A-share of the Year of the Pig was officially opened today. The A-shares on the first trading day of the Year of the Pig were also quite strong. The three major indexes all rose, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 1.36%, and the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 3.06%. Strong isGEMRising 3.53%, once again to the investors to distribute a New Year red envelope...[Click to view full text

  Huang Zhihua: What does it mean to break the half-year line?

The Shanghai Stock Exchange broke the semi-annual line and the above-mentioned trend energy line (2635~2650 points) on Monday. If the effective breakthrough, or reverse the weakness, even means that the market bottom is established. The technical indicators of the daily market have been revised from the high level, and the technical indicators of the weekly and monthly lines are now at a low level, which is conducive to supporting the market to further expand the upside after the Spring Festival holiday. At present, the 60-day moving average has been flattened, and it is gradually moving closer to the half-year line that moves down. This is the signal that the market is stable...Click to view full text

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