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Jujing Investment: High-end stocks are concentrated in selling funds. The index still has room for killing in the short term.

March 14, 2019 15:16
source: Giant view

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[Jiujing Investment: High-end stocks have been concentrated in the short-term sell-off index.] The hot spot of the previous fund speculation has fallen sharply in the past two days. The high-ranking stocks have been concentrated in capital sales, and the funds have been profitable in the short-term. The willingness is stronger. Technically, the index still has some room for killing in the short term.

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In early trading today, the three major stock indexes in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened lower. After the opening, the three major stock indexes collectively slumped lower.The Shanghai Composite IndexLost 3000 points,GEMThe trend was weaker than the main board and fell more than 3%. The hot spot of the ups and downs of the previous funds has continued to be collectively adjusted today, and the market lacks core hotspots. From the perspective of the disk, the two cities only airport, shipping, cement, super brands and other less than 5 sectors rose. The breeding industry, digital hygiene, power Internet of Things, and communications services were among the top losers.

In terms of the disk, today's Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell across the board. The hot spot of the previous fund speculation has all fallen sharply in the past two days. The high-ranking stocks have been concentrated in the sale of funds, and the willingness to close the profit in the short-term is relatively strong. Technically, the index still has some room for killing in the short term. However, the short gap in the early gap and the top of the stock index will be the place for the bulls to prepare for counterattack. Prior to this, investors should pay attention to controlling the position, absorb high-quality varieties on dips, and wait patiently for the second entry opportunity after the market stabilizes.

On March 6th, March 7th, the market was in a frenzy. For two consecutive days, "short-term risks can not be ignored, and there is still a need for calmness in the frenzy." On the 3.8th, the market ushered in a big drop. On the day of the fall, the review also suggested a short-term or “golden pit”, and then the GEM index andShenzhen Stock ExchangeThis week also hit a new high, this column once again prompted the index short-term suppression by the "magic number 0.618", today the market has once again plummeted.

In the previous review, it was more clear that if the recent strong short-selling is only a rebound in the big bear market, then the rebound time and space are already over half. If it is the bullish stage of the bull market, then the first wave of the increase will gradually enter the stage of short-term shock repair, investors are advised not to blindly chase the high, but also to avoid short-term encounters with funds that have been raised.

In terms of strategy, although the market has been short-term in the past two days, in the medium and long term, it is still firmly optimistic about the historical investment opportunities of the securities market in the middle and long-term bottom regions. However, in the short-term, the stock index is back to the consolidation stage, investors need to grasp the market rhythm, pay attention to high and low switching, and actively participate in long after the stock index stabilizes.

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(Article source: Jujing Investment Gu)

                (Editor: DF078)

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