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Trader must read: March 15th stock market news

March 15, 2019 00:47
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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On March 15th, today's pre-market news highlights include: The reporter learned from investment bankers that the local securities regulatory bureau has clearly stated that it will open a green channel for corporate guidance work for the listing of the board of directors in the jurisdiction, and quickly handle related matters; : Efforts should be made to resolve the risk of “grey rhinoceros” in key areas, and efforts should be made to guard against the risk of abnormal fluctuations in financial markets; Little Swan A: On the evening of March 14announcementIt is said that Midea Group's share swap and merger company was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on March 12. According to the letter from Midea Group, the company's board of directors agreed to implement the interim profit distribution: it is planned to use the company's total share capital at the end of 2018 as the base, every 10 shares. Now 40 yuan, a total of 2.53 billion yuan was discovered.

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澎湃News: The reporter learned from investment bankers that the local securities regulatory bureau has clearly stated that it will open a green channel for corporate counseling work for the listing of the board of directors in the jurisdiction, and quickly handle related matters. Another largeBrokerInvestment bankers said that in the past, when the sponsorship project was held, the general corporate counseling period would take at least half a year, and most of the cases would be around one year. In the counseling situation of the Science and Technology Development Plan announced by some CSRC, the listing counseling period was compressed to just one or two months.

The central bank: It is necessary to focus on the risk of “grey rhinoceros” in key areas, and also to guard against the risk of abnormal fluctuations in the financial market. In 2019, on the basis of a good start in 2018, we will continue to resolutely fight against major risks and resolve the various risks and risks, and firmly hold the bottom line of systemic financial risks. At the same time, we must also increase the punishment of financial crimes and corruption in the financial sector.

Sina: March 14th, Deputy Director and Chief Macro Strategy of Great Wall Securities Research InstituteAnalystWang Yi accepted an interview. As the first analyst to see 4000 points in this round of market, he believes that the core logic of this round of market has not changed. Although the market has adjusted in the past two days, it is a normal phenomenon in the process of rising, but the policy intends to cool the market, which may lead to shorter adjustment time. For investment clues, he is still optimistic about "finance + technology."

China Securities Network: A little panic for two days? Morgan Stanley: China's stock market still has 10% to 15% upside. Huang Yanming, director of Guotai Junan Securities Research Institute, said that he continues to be optimistic about the market outlook.Shanghai indexStill hope to break through 3,200 points.

Little Swan A: Announced on the evening of March 14 that Midea Group's share swap and merger company was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on March 12. According to the proposal of Midea Group, the company's board of directors agreed to implement the interim profit distribution: the proposed company 2018 At the end of the year, the total share capital is the base, and every 10 shares are distributed at 40 yuan, and a total of 2.53 billion yuan is discovered.


Development and Reform Commission website: since February 28, 2019, ChinaRefined oilInternational market since price adjustmentOil priceSmall fluctuations, according to the current domestic refined oil price mechanism, the average price of the first 10 working days on March 14 is less than 50 yuan per ton compared with the average price of 10 working days before February 28. According to Article 7 of the "Measures for the Administration of Petroleum Prices", this time,DieselThe price is not adjusted, and the unadjusted amount is added or offset when it is included in the next price adjustment.

China Net: The State Council Information Office is scheduled to hold a press conference on March 14, 2019 (Thursday) at 10 am. Mao Shengyong, spokesperson for the National Bureau of Statistics, said that in February,Consumer confidence indexIt is 2.3 points higher than in January.PMIThe new orders index rose by 1.0 percentage points from January, and the stock market transactions were relatively active, which is also a reflection of market confidence.

Daily Economic News: In response to the report that the Wuxi Municipal Government heard about the difficulties of the Jiangyin Huaxi Group's liquidity difficulties, on March 14, Wu Xien, the party secretary of Huaxi Village and the chairman of Huaxi Group, said that the outside world The theme is misunderstood, and Huaxi Group does not have liquidity difficulties. The Jiangyin City Government is hoping to see if it can pass a good policy and win some for us.interest rateLower funds to replace some of the previousinterest rateHigher funds.

China Securities Network: On March 14, 2019, Shanghai State-owned State-owned Enterprises Working Conference was held. The meeting requested that Shanghai state-owned state-owned enterprises should firmly grasp the opportunity of comprehensive reform of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises, promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises with state-owned assets management innovation, accelerate the reform and opening up, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of innovation and development, accelerate the improvement of state-owned assets supervision, and accelerate the promotion of state-owned economy. With high-quality development, we will make every effort to build a demonstration zone for Shanghai's state-owned assets reform and a group of state-owned enterprise reforms.

News: The UK think tank Z/Yen Group and China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute jointly released the 25th Global Financial Center Index (GFCI 25) during the Dubai Global Financial Summit. The index shows that Shanghai International Financial Center continues to rank fifth in the world, second only to New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, with little difference between each other.

Securities Times: On March 14, Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, presided over the second plenary meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on the Reform of Rural Collective Property Rights. In 2019, we must focus on the following tasks: First, we will complete the verification of rural collective assets and production of nuclear assets on schedule. The second is to promote the deepening of the pilot reform of the rural collective property rights system. The third is to work hard to support the growth of the rural collective economy. The fourth is to accelerate the legislation of rural collective economic organizations. The fifth is to organize the supervision and reform of the rural collective property rights system.

First Financial: China’s central bank’s foreign exchange accounted for 21.3 trillion yuan at the end of February, a decrease of 330 million yuan from the previous month.

Central Bank: On March 14, the People’s Bank of China did not reverseRepoOperation, no operation for the 11th consecutive trading day, no reversal repurchase this week. The People's Bank of China said that due to factors such as the tax period, the total liquidity of the banking system has declined but it is still at a reasonable abundance level, so it does not carry out reverse repurchase operations.

Shibor: On March 14, SHIBOR reported 2.3100% overnight, up 23.1 basis points. The 7-day SHIBOR reported 2.980%, up 10.5 basis points. The 14-day SHIBOR reported 2.480%, up 1.9 basis points. The one-month SHIBOR reported 2.7740%, an increase of 2.0 basis points.

  Industry News

Xinhua News Agency: Hainan recently formulated the Hainan Clean Energy Vehicle Development Plan. The "Plan" clearly states that since the date of promulgation, 100% of the newly registered vehicles in Haikou and Sanya use clean energy vehicles, and the proportion of other cities and counties is not less than 80%. From 2020, the province's new registration network will use 100% of the vehicles. Clean energy vehicles; time-sharing new and replacement vehicles 100% use new energy vehicles, and strive to achieve a total clean energy ratio of not less than 80% in 2025; from 2020, the province's new registration network will use 100% of clean energy vehicles .

Securities Times: Liu Feixiang, chairman of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group, revealed on the 13th that in the second industrial park of Tiejian Heavy Industry Changsha, the world's first intelligent magnetic floating rail production line independently developed and designed by China has been mass-produced, and is currently producing Guangdong Qingyuan Maglev. Rail order supply orders for travel line projects. The key technology of magnetic levitation is one of the national “13th Five-Year Plan” special projects for scientific and technological innovation in the transportation field. Previously, the public information revealed that China will build more than five commercial operation lines in 2020.

Securities Times: According to reports, the price of urea in various parts of the country has risen steadily in recent days, the market is strong, and the atmosphere has improved slightly. The latest urea prices in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanxi and other places were raised by 10-30 yuan/ton from the previous day, and the small and medium-sized pellets in Shandong were priced at 1900-1980 yuan/ton. According to the analysis, the start-up of compound fertilizer enterprises has slightly improved in terms of industrial demand, and the load on sheet metal has also improved. In terms of supply, some regions are still in the production limit. Under the continuous improvement of the supply and demand pattern, urea prices are expected to continue to rise.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Construction of the Information and Communication Industry and the Work of Correcting the Wind in 2019". The "Opinions" pointed out that the network speed-up and fee-reduction work was carried out in depth, and the broadband "double G double-lift" action plan was launched to promote the average tariff reduction of SMEs by 15% and the average tariff of mobile network traffic by 20%. To deepen the handling of the "portable number transfer network" business, it is not allowed to add processing conditions and artificial obstacles, and may not use the "carrying number to transfer network" to carry out vicious competition.

Dongfang.com: The United States announced that it would suspend the Boeing 737MAX models. This news not only attracted the attention of netizens, but also became a hot topic for delegates. In the group deliberation of the Shanghai delegation this morning, Wu Guanghui, deputy of the National People's Congress and chief designer of the C919 large passenger aircraft, said that the C919 will follow the latest international safety factor requirements and will complete the production and flight test steps in a step-by-step manner and strive to be listed in 2021.

The Beijing News: On March 14, the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television officially showed that the ninth batch of game editions had been issued, with a total of 93, and the approval time was March 12. Among them, Tencent and Netease did not get the version number. Giant's "Cats Don't Chase Me" won the version number.

  Stock market focus

First line: On March 14th, it was learned that Li Weiyou, deputy director of the issuance and supervision department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, went to the Shanghai Stock Exchange last week to serve as a member of the party committee and will be responsible for guiding the audit of listed companies on the board. Li Weiyou is the youngest deputy director of the Securities and Futures Commission's issuance supervision department, and is responsible for the issuance of six offices. In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will also set up a new listing committee and a scientific and technological innovation advisory committee. Among them, the listing committee will be responsible for the specific review of the science and technology board project, mainly in the accounting and legal market. The advisory committee's role is to better control the characteristics of the science and technology enterprises, and provide professional advice and advice.

ChinafundReport: On March 14, the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission issued a message to impose penalties on UBS, Morgan Stanley Asia, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Far East and Standard Chartered Securities. The main reason was the lack of sponsors and the four institutions were fined a total of HK$786.7 million.

China Securities Journal: Following ZTE, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment also playedETFRedeem. ZTE went down one by one, and the market value of nearly one billion yuan on the second day was gone; the Sanqi mutual entertainment went down one by one, and the company changed hands. On March 14, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment's share price fell 9.84%. On March 14, the latest announcement of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment stated that it holds more than 5% of shares.shareholderHuitianfu FundThe reduction was completed on the 14th. The reduction of holdings through the centralized bidding method, reducing the holding of Sanqi mutual entertainment does not exceed 2,214,870 shares, not exceeding 1% of the company's total share capital.

Shanghai Securities News: data shows that this yearDragon and TigerAmong them, the total number of institutional seats was 614, with a total turnover of 31.914 billion yuan, of which the purchase amount was 11.805 billion yuan and the selling amount was 20.109 billion yuan. Since March,The Shanghai Composite IndexFighting around the 3000-point mark, the turnover of the two cities has repeatedly broken through trillions. In the process, the willingness to sell institutional seats in the Dragon and Tiger charts has become more intense. The cumulative sales volume in the last 10 trading days has reached 9.336 billion yuan. And regardless of whether the market is rising or falling, the institutional seats are showing a big sell-off.

Banking Regulatory Commission: On March 14, it announced that it agreed to four insurance institutions including China Life Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance, Zhujiang Life Insurance and Centennial Life Insurance to obtain wholesale capital supplement bonds. The four insurance institutions will publicly issue 10-year redeemable capital supplementary bonds in the national inter-bank bond market. The issuance scale will not exceed: 35 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan, 3.5 billion yuan, and 2 billion yuan.

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  company news

Gansu Power Investment: In 2018, net profit increased by 86% year-on-year, and it is planned to send 10 yuan to 4 yuan for 1.5 yuan.

Feilihua: In 2018, net profit increased by 32% year-on-year, and it is planned to send 10 yuan.

Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical: In 2018, net profit increased by 13% year-on-year, and it is planned to send 0.5 to 3.5 yuan.

Agricultural environment: 2018 net profit increased slightly year-on-year, it is planned to transfer 10 to 7.5 to 0.63 yuan.

CITIC Securities: Yuexiu Jinkong has no plans to increase its holdings in the next 12 months.

Hung Hom: It is planned to participate in the establishment of a partnership enterprise of 80 million yuan.

*ST oil service: sign 340 million US dollars overseas drilling rigcontract.

  Property market observation

21st Century Business Herald: Recently, Yin Zhongqing, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, said that when the real estate tax was introduced, real estate tax may have an impact on real estate prices, which will increase the use and cost of real estate. But this is not to say that it is necessary to pay taxes on possession of real estate, but to increase the burden of possessing multiple suites and not using them to live in real estate. The next step should be as stable as possibleHouse price, through the gradual development to resolve the bubble.

National Bureau of Statistics: On March 14, the national real estate development investment and sales in January and February 2019 were released. The data shows that the national real estate development investment was 120.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%. The land acquisition area of ​​real estate development enterprises was 15.45 million square meters, down 34.1% year-on-year, which was the biggest decline since March 2009. However, according to the sales area and amount of commercial housing issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, the average price of commercial housing sales in the first two months of 2019 reached 90,900 yuan, a record high.

  International information

US Finance Minister Nuchin: urged Congress to approve new agreements with Canada and Mexico. Support for raising the debt ceiling without any conditions

Citigroup: The central bank's policy of clearing currency transmission and supporting private enterprise credit expansion is already in effect. It is expected that the central bank will conduct another RRR cut in the second quarter of this year.

Statistics South Africa: South Africa's January gold production ratio decreased by 22.5%.

German Economy Minister: The German economy has been tested because of export risks. The German economy is likely to grow moderately in the first quarter. German forward-looking economic indicators are still being suppressed.

IFO: Downgraded Germany's economic growth forecast to 0.6% in 2019, and expects Germany's economy to grow by 1.8% in 2020.

OPEC Monthly Report: Urges crude oil producing countries not to return to oversupply this year. OECD crude oil inventories increased by 22.1 million barrels in January, higher than the 5-year average of 19.1 million barrels. The OPEC member countries' implementation rate of production cuts in February was 105%. OPEC's February crude oil production decreased by 221,000 barrels per day to 30.549 million barrels per day. The 2019 OPEC crude oil demand is expected to be lowered by 130,000 barrels per day to 30.46 million barrels per day.

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