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A shares are amazing! Unrelated 5G stock price has skyrocketed 10 times. Starved pigs have more than doubled.

March 15, 2019 00:36
Author: Chen Nan
source: Data treasure

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[Too amazing! Unrelated 5G stock price has skyrocketed 10 times. Starved pigs have more than doubled. Recently, the A-share market has been active, but some big bull stocks have strengthened, which is quite magical and realistic. It once again highlights the magic of A-shares. (data treasure)

A-share market full of magical realism...

A recent piece of fire.

Eastern Communication: We have nothing to do with 5G...

Stockholders: Shut up, you have!

City North High-tech: I am a real estate company...

Stockholders: Shut up, you are the boss of venture capital!

Great wisdom: I don't want to beBrokerBoss...

Stockholders: Shut up, you think!

New Wufeng: Our company is losing money this year!

Shareholders: Shut up, immediately turn losses into profits!

Recently, the A-share market has been active, but some of the big bull stocks have strengthened, which is quite magical and realistic. It once again highlights the magic of A-shares. Data Bao Xiaobian combed some of the current surges in the A-share market to readers.

  Eastern Communications became a 5G leader, and its share price soared tenfold

Eastern Communications has become the biggest bull market in this round. The K-line chart shows that the stock saw 3.7 yuan at the end of the period on October 19 last year. The stock price rose to 41.88 yuan on March 8 this year.In less than five months, the share price has more than tenfold.Undoubtedly, the 5G concept has become the most important driver of the stock price surge. But the point is that the company has released many times.announcementSaid that there is no connection with the construction of 5G communication networkOperating income. So there is the scene above, Eastern Communications: We have nothing to do with 5G... Shareholders: Shut up, you have!

  Hungry pigs' eagle grazing has doubled its stock price for more than a month

At the end of January this year, the young eagle farming and animal husbandry disclosurePerformanceThe notice for the amendment is expected to be a loss of 2.9 billion yuan to 3.3 billion yuan, compared with a profit of 451.8888 million yuan in the same period last year. For reasons for performance correction, the company said that the company began to appear in June 2018.Cash flowIn the dynamic tension situation, due to tight funds and untimely feed supply, the company’s pig breeding mortality rate was higher than expected.

This announcement caused the market to be in vain. There is no reason to buy money to feed the hungry pigs into a huge loss in the company's performance. however,After the stock disclosed the forecast correction notice, the stock price began to soar, and the stock price rose more than 140% in just over a month.

  The performance is worth 1 billion, and a daily limit is calculated.

After China Ping An released its annual report, the shareholders responded: they even earned 107.4 billion yuan, and made a down limit, carried away, and the next one.

After the announcement of Poly Real Estate, the investors responded: the performance did not lose money, and a down limit was lifted, and the next one was taken.

Listed companies with good performance are embarrassed to publish annual reports. Once issued, they may cause stock prices to fall. On the contrary, poor students are favored by the market. Some investors said that as long as your company dares to say that the loss is 10 billion, it is guaranteed to give you a daily limit. This is not a paragraph. The data shows that the loss index of the stock index has risen by as much as 35.26% since the beginning of this year, and the micro-investment index has only increased by 30.13%, while the blue-chip stock index has risen by less than 25%.

  Let’s look at the increase in huge stocks:

Hemei Group, with a huge loss of nearly 1.4 billion yuan, rose 106% during the year.

Huaying Technology, with a huge loss of 3.7 billion to 5.5 billion yuan, rose 95.72% during the year.

Feile Audio, estimated to have a loss of 3.326 billion yuan, the stock price rose 92.88% during the year

Leading the puzzle, the loss was 720 million yuan, and the stock price rose 158.4% during the year.

Security Technology, a loss of 496 million yuan, the stock price rose 137.5% during the year

Eastern Network, a loss of 447 million yuan, the stock price rose 125.37% during the year

  Zhengbang Technology leads the "technology stocks"

In addition to the loss of stocks is a hot word in the current A-share market, the science and technology board may be hotter. In this regard,New sharesMin said that although it is not eligible to participate in the science and technology board, the A-share technology stocks must be two. A friend bought a technology stock last year. It is said that the income is quite rich. I asked yesterday if I want to continue holding it.

Can technology stocks still hold?

Why not? It is now the stage where Xiao He has a sharp point.

Mainly my technology stock has risen four times, it is a bit panic...

what? Which technology stock is so four times, is it four times?

Last year, when people saw that they were optimistic about technology stocks, they bought a low-post ticket, Zhengbang Technology.


You know the technology of a hammer!

  Many scientists and pig farmers have been born among the investors.

In the current round of the rise, variousthemeThe concept has sprung up, which has brought a lot of confusion to the shareholders' friends. Of course, it has also grown tremendously.

Not long, the investors have figured out the 5G technology promotion and deep application bottlenecks, flexible screens, semiconductor cycle and evolution, the advancement of the PCB industry, automotive electronics and smart driving technology, the application of IoT technology in the power industry, etc. Cutting-edge knowledge, edge computing, twin numbers, network slicing, heterogeneous computing and other magical technology concepts can also be opened. Since then, a large number of scientists have been born among the investors, and a number of professional pig farmers have emerged. With the soaring concept of pig raising, many people have become experts in agriculture and aquaculture. They are also concerned about the changes in the price of piglets, the price of meat, the amount of pigs, and the number of sows that can be used.

Shareholders have said that in addition to being able to treat Alzheimer's disease, stocks also help them become all-rounders.

  Knowing your own investors more than listed companies

Shareholders: I heard about the grandchildren of your company's subsidiaries.Company investmentoffundHold a science and technology enterprise.

Company: The company's subsidiary Sun Company invested 3% of the fund to hold 0.1% of the science and technology enterprise.

Shareholders: Ouye, 10 daily limit!

the company:……

Shareholders: Dear Secretary, Hello, may I ask if your company has 5G related business.

Company: For the company's business, you can check the previous annual report in detail.

Shareholders: Hello, Secretary of the Board of Directors, full warehouse is locked for half a year, there is no money to eat, my wife is arguing about divorce. You said that the company is related to 5G.

Company: This is really not.

Stockholders: You have, you have, you just have.

the company:……

The A-shares that are about to stand up for the past have such a thing full of magical realism, which is really fascinating. The trend of A-share speculation is even more so, and ordinary investors may suffer.

Some analysts said that this round of rising has a valuation repair component in it, but pay attention to the question of whether the value and price match. The price fluctuates around the value, it will not always be high, the price is too high, and the pressure to return to the intrinsic value is greater.History has repeatedly proved that the hype that departs from the fundamentals will eventually return to value.

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(Article source: Data treasure)

                (Editor: DF328)

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