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Source: good accumulation, difficult to change short-term adjustment rhythm, the market's key configuration exceeds the expected plate

April 15, 2019 15:00
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[Yuanda: good accumulation is difficult to change short-term adjustment rhythm. The market's key allocation exceeds the expectation sector] Today's market shows signs of improvement. In March, the social welfare data exceeded expectations, and April remained positive. The short-term A-shares continued to see a rebound. More market industry and style performance will be driven by fundamental factors, and more inclined to grow the industry's top quality prospects. In April, the performance of the sector exceeded expectations, the cycle, blue chips and a part of the growth technology leader.

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  Today's disk

Stimulated by the good news on the weekend, the two cities collectively opened higher. Subsequently, the highs of the two cities maintained a volatile trend and fell slightly;GEMAfter the high opening, the road oscillated lower and the gains continued to narrow. From the perspective of the disk, in the morning, toInsuranceThe financial weighted stocks represented by the company have become the main force driving the index's rise. 5G, the free trade port and industrial cannabis have been pulled up one by one, but the overall strength has declined. After the high index fluctuated, the trend of the index dropped slightly. In the afternoon, the white sugar concept stocks strengthened. The city has not seen improvement, it is still falling, and the GEM is turning green. Overall, today’s weights are better thanthemeThe market opened higher and lower, and the market slowed down or was opening.

  Good accumulation, difficult to change short-term adjustment rhythm

The weekend market has three positives: First, the central bank released financial data for March and the first quarter.CreditThe social welfare is more than expected. Second, the diversified development of China's foreign trade,import and exportThe commodity structure continued to be optimized, export data increased year-on-year, and the trade surplus reappeared, expanding by 75.2%. Third, US stocks rose sharply. With the advent of global integration, the current capital market still has strong linkages. These three positives have a positive impact on the start of this week, we believe that MarchNew creditGeneralizedcurrency(M2) Key data such as growth rate and social welfare increase exceeded expectations again, indicating that the financial system has further strengthened the “blood transfusion” of the entity, releasing a clear signal of economic stabilization in the first quarter, although the current adjustment rate is not changed, the second quarter economy It is expected to stabilize.

Today, the two cities are more divided,The Shanghai Composite IndexMaintaining a high level of volatility, the trend has slightly declined; the GEM is unilaterally falling, compared with the main board, the weakness appears. From the daily level, the Shanghai Composite Index's focus shifted upwards, driving the 5-day moving average to level off, and the market's adjustment rhythm may be reversed. From the perspective of volume, the market sentiment has not been significantly enlarged compared to the previous period. Overall, the Shanghai Composite Index is still showing a mild repair market. The GEM is green in the afternoon and once again falls below the 5 and 10 day moving averages. The market outlook is yet to be further clarified.

  Focus on the configuration of the unexpected sector

Today's market shows good signs. In March, the social welfare data exceeded expectations, and April was still positive. Short-term A-shares continued to see a rebound. More market industry and style performance will be driven by fundamental factors, and more inclined to grow the industry's top quality prospects. April configurationPerformanceExceeding the expected sector, cycle, blue chip and part of the growth technology leader White Horse. In general, the industry focuses on cyclical products, real estate,bankWait. In terms of subject matter, the United States will make a speech on the 5G deployment on Friday, and the 5G concept stocks may go up again and may focus on it in the near future. The theme focuses on the reform of state-owned enterprises, the Belt and Road Initiative, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. Operationally, rational layout, beware of risk volatility.

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(Article source: Yuanda)

                (Editor: DF064)

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