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Bo Xing's investment: good integration is conducive to A-shares to a good long-term adjustment, accelerating short-term risk clearing

April 15, 2019 15:51
source: Bo Xing

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[Bo Xing investment: good integration is conducive to A-shares to adjust to high positions for a long time to accelerate short-term risk clearing] The short-term market is still in the process of risk release, before the emergence of a clear stop signal, you need to look more and less, beware of chasing after the high Losing the initiative, especially for the relevant stocks with short-term profitability and stagflation signals, it is necessary to set a corresponding take profit point to prevent profit retreat. In the medium and long term, with the adjustment of the market, it is expected to welcome A reasonable opportunity to absorb the bargain.

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On Monday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened up sharply under the influence of the weekend news. After a brief tentative high, they began to explore all the way. The three major stock indexes turned green in the end, and the GEM fell nearly 2%. In terms of northward funds, the outflow has increased, among whichShanghai Stock ConnectNet outflow of 682 million yuan,Deep shareThe net outflow was 1.095 billion yuan.

On the disk, heavyweights dominate the position.InsuranceThe sector led the two cities,bankHousehold appliances and other resilience are strong, but the ointment is that the plate effect is not strong, and the superimposed securities sector has a large volatility throughout the day. From the early gains to the end of the market, the leading decline has become the main driving force behind the continued decline of the stock index. Therefore, it failed to push the stock index to form a strong pattern of high opening and high. From the perspective of capital driving force, the whole industry continues to maintain a stage of weaker pattern of more and less, the securities sector.Cash flowThe output rate was as high as 7.649 billion yuan. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals still failed to reverse the capital outflow situation. The market's profit-making effect was once again sharply reduced. Even though communication equipment was reported to be red-plated today, it still showed a net outflow from the perspective of capital performance. Insufficient kinetic energy.

However, from the performance of individual stocks, there has been a slight improvement in recent times. The number of stocks in the down limit has decreased and the daily limit has remained at more than 40, indicating that although the market capitality has somewhat converged, it has not completely subsided. Opportunities still exist, but the difficulty of operation has increased.

  Shanghai index: The stock index today closed with a barefoot line for the next market trend to increase certain uncertainties, especially after the 5th and 10th moving averages fell at the same time, then the market went back to step 3100 points, that is, near the 30-day moving average. The probability increases greatly.

  GEM: The trend of the GEM is obviously weaker than the broader market. In the early trading process, it will fall back to the 10-day moving average and effectively fall below the 5th and 30th moving averages, which will increase the downside risk in the short term and close from today. From the point of view, from the form cooperation, tomorrow's low opening is a high probability event, below can refer to the effectiveness of the support strength of 1625 points.

On the whole, Boxing Securities believes that the reason why today's market is closed in the green disk in the process of positive promotion is mainly due to the large opening in the early session and the above-mentioned set-up and the previous profit-taking. In terms of the aspect, it is not the market that does not reflect the boosting effect brought by the weekend good news. From the news point of view, no matter whether it is to continue to expand the opening to the outside world and the latest economic data is better than expected, it will lay a strong foundation for the future "slow cow" market, but only for the previous market consensus expectations. The favorable expectations of interest rate cuts and even interest rate cuts are difficult to land in a short period of time. It does not rule out a certain degree of influence on the mood in the market.

Therefore, in the trading strategy, the short-term market is still in the process of risk release. Before a clear stop signal appears, it is necessary to look at less movements and beware of losing the initiative after chasing the high, especially for short-term profit margins and lag. The relevant stocks of the up signal also need to set up the corresponding take profit point to prevent profit retreat. In the medium and long term, with the adjustment of the market, it is expected to usher in a reasonable opportunity to absorb the bargain.

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(Article source: Bo Xing investment)

                (Editor: DF078)

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