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Summary of important industry research on the evening of April 15 (with stock)

April 15, 2019 16:00
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[April 15 evening important industry research summary (attached shares)] April 15th, a number of institutions released major industry research reports, the following is a summary of the research report, for reference only.

On April 15th, many organizations released major industries.research report, the following isResearch reportSummary, for reference only:

  Coal industry: coking coal prices are expected to rebound

Macro expectations are expected to improve, and the decline in imports will boost the price of coking coal. According to the General Administration of Customs, coal imports in March fell by 12.06% year-on-year. Australia's coking coal continued to be limited, and the blast furnaces resumed production, the marginal increase in downstream steel production and macroeconomic expectations. In the context of continuous improvement, coking coal prices are expected to pick up. It is recommended to pay attention to the relevant targets of the coking coal industry:潞安环能,Huaibei Mining,Xishan Coal and Electricity,Shanxi Coking,Kailuan shares,Yangquan Coal Industry,Panjiang shares,Jizhong Energy,PingmeiWaiting for coking coal company...[Click to view full text

  Retail industry: industry fundamentals are expected to continue to recover

We believe that Chinese cosmetics companies still have opportunities to rise. Among them, mask products are most suitable for e-commerce channels. Chinese brands are expected to rise in the cosmetics industry based on the accumulation of new channels, new users and data experience. The recent corrections are sufficient, and the domestic cosmetics companies can be gradually deployed. . Related targets:Yujiahui,Polaia,Shanghai Jahwa,Lafang Jiahua......[Click to view full text

  Media industry: continue to pay attention to the subject of property rights protection, optimistic about 8 shares

We recommend focusing on the following four logical lines: 1) Content review targetGuangyi Technology,Xuan Ya International; 2) Radio and television sector stocksGuiguang Network,Mango super media;3) Game boardGigabit,Tourist network,Chinese media,a perfect world,Baotong Technology; 4) Film and television and publishing faucetBeijing culture,Chinese film,Wanda Movie,Chinese publishing,Shandong Publishing......[Click to view full text

  Food and Beverage: optimistic about the changes in food standards

Industry focus:Keming face: Cost is expected to decrease for four consecutive years, and marketing management is actively innovating and breaking through;Guizhou Maotai: The factory batch price difference is large, and there is still room for heavy volume and price increase in the future;Shunxin Agriculture: Farming slaughter affected by African swine feverPerformanceLoss, the development trend of Niulanshan nationalization is still good;Huang Shanghuang: Management change + marketing radicalization, company performance returns to high growth...Click to view full text

  Automotive industry: sales of retail sales in the first week of April stabilized

In the 2019 auto sector configuration, the strategy is optimistic but tactical and pragmatic. The “value-added tax reduction” is a favorable factor unique to 2019, which helps to speed up the pace of the recovery of passenger cars in the current round of the boom but does not have too high expectations for the elasticity of demand. In the stock selection, it is recommended to pay more attention to the stocks with strong driving force. The whole vehicle is preferred:Jiangling Motors+Changan Automobile, parts are preferred:Wan Liyang+Xingyu shares+Top Group, service section:China Automotive Research Institute+Guanghui Automobile......[Click to view full text

  Power equipment: the wind and light policy accelerated, followed by 9 shares

Focus on the subject:Huichuan Technology(General frequency conversion / servo early recovery, powertrain layout effectiveness, acquisition thickening),Guodian Nanrui(Grid automation and UHV DC faucets, benefiting from the ubiquitous power Internet of Things),Hongfa shares(The global leader in new energy vehicle relays, general-purpose relays are expected to recover),BYD(New energy passenger car faucet, strong production in the second quarter),Ningde era(Power battery global leader, ternary battery is in short supply),Longji shares(Photovoltaic off-season price bottom, monocrystalline silicon wafers and global leader in components),Star source material(Dry-law global leader, wet law begins to measure),璞泰来(The negative faucet is driven by high-end digital power, focusing on large customers at home and abroad),Tongwei shares(Photovoltaic off-season price, silicon and PERC battery faucets),New zebang(electrolyte price increase faucet benefit, semiconductor material volume),Godsend material(Electrolyte and hexafluoride faucet, hexafluoride price increase benefit);Xinwangda,Minjiang River Hydropower,Jiejia Weichuang,Sunshine power,Zhengtai Electric,Guoxuan Hi-Tech,Billion latitude lithium energy,Polyfluoride,Maicheng,Dangsheng Technology,Tianqi Lithium Industry,Goldwind Technology,Tianshun Wind Energy,Taisheng Wind Energy, ST Xinmei,Shanshan,Enjie shares,Pinggao Electric,Xu Ji Electric,Sanhua Zhizhi,Lin Yang Energy......[Click to view full text

  Steel industry: rebar tons of steel gross profit close to 600 yuan

We are still optimistic about the differences in the anti-macroeconomic downturn and the intrinsic growth of the steel sector.Baosteel,Changbao,Daye Special Steel,Emerging cast pipeLow-cost, high-profit, high-quality long-weightSangang Shuguang,Fangda Special Steel, is still the leader in the current valuation restoration; benefit from the Brazilian mining disaster and the iron ore price logicHebei Xuangong, ST Jinling,Hainan Mining......[Click to view full text

  Computer industry: investment opportunities focused on medical informationization, optimistic about 4 shares

  Medical industryInformatization maintains a high degree of prosperity. In the field of medical informatization, the informationization of the medical industry continues to rise due to policy planning and demand within the industry. According to the industry pattern and the direction of subdividing from the policy, it is recommended to pay attention toWeining Health,Entrepreneurship,Donghua Software,New healthWait……【Click to view full text

  Machinery and equipment: construction machinery is expected to continue to exceed expectations 3 shares

Investment suggestion: Continue to pay attention to the engineering machinery sector, the first faucetSany Heavy Industry, in addition to attentionZoomlionWait. Laser plate attentionRuike Laser,attentionHan nationality laser,robotThe sector focuses on robots,Kelai Electromechanical,Yi Jiahe......[Click to view full text

  Military industry: domestic aircraft carrier flight deck coating through 5 shares

We are optimistic about the investment opportunities in the military sector in 2019. It is recommended to focus on high-quality military-civilian integration related targets with core R&D capabilities and strong profitability, such asZhongzhi shares,Guangwei Composite,Aerospace development,Aerospace electrical appliance. At the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to the relevant subject matter of the reform theme, such as *ST ships,China Shipbuilding Technology,Chinese emergency,Si Chuang ElectronicsWait……【Click to view full text

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