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(4/15) Mingbo sees the market outlook: five factors cause the market to go high and go low

April 15, 2019 16:24
source: Eastern Fortune Network

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[(4/15) 名博看后市: Five factors cause the market to go higher and lower] The reasons for the impact of the broader market are short-term, after the market is adjusted today, the construction of the interval will still be organized and will be reorganized tomorrow. On the other hand, it is expected to go up again on Wednesday. This up and down mode, such as the 60-antenna and other lower moving averages, can be lifted again. This week should be a strong rebound cycle, and the high and low runs still run above 3,150 points, and the rebound trend remains unchanged.

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  Lin Zhisheng: Five reasons for the big market to go high and go low

The reasons for the impact of the broader market are short-lived. After the market's callback today, the construction of the interval will still be organized. It will be sorted out tomorrow. It is expected to go up again on Wednesday. This up and down mode will wait for the 60-antenna and other lower moving averages. Once in place, it can be lifted again. This week should be a strong rebound cycle, running high above 3150 points, the rebound trend remains unchanged...Click to view full text

  Sixth feeling: Why is the market going high and low?

At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,177.79 points, down 10.84 points, or 0.34%, with a turnover of 355.6 billion;Shenzhen Stock ExchangeIt closed at 10053.76 points, down 78.58 points, down 0.78%, with a turnover of 420.1 billion. Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher and higher, and the transaction volume was not large. The cautious wait-and-see attitude in the market is still high. So why is the market going higher and lower today? How will the market market run?...[Click to view full text

  Trend Cruise: Market style is quietly changing

Although there is still an upside in the late market, as for the current high, the market still has to step back down to around 3100 points and then attack. Therefore, the overall operation is still recommended to be cautious, and the stocks will be evacuated first. In the later period, the market will step back and buy it back near 3100 points. On the plate, the market hotspot is being used by the previous period.themeSide turnPerformanceOn the other hand, for example, today’s gains are in front of banks, insurance, etc., and the top losers are basically the subject matter of the previous hype, because theseStock baseThere is no performance support, and the post-announced quarterly report is bad for these sectors. Therefore, it is recommended that you still focus on oversold blue-chip stocks, such as non-ferrous metals, coal, engineering infrastructure, etc.Click to view full text

  Old stockholder Da Zhang: The sensitive situation is expected to be broken

Last week, I talked about entering the short-term change point at the beginning of this week. On the weekend, there were multiple positives on the news surface, which made the market appear to have a sharply higher opening trend. In the short-term, there was an upward change, but it can be seen that the market has opened up sharply. The trend is only the rise of large-cap stocks. The trend of the ChiNext is obviously weak. The number of daily stocks of individual stocks has decreased compared with last week, and the amount of energy has not been released. The trading mood has not matched the rise of the index, which makes the market go out. After the high, the trend of falling back, and the backwardness of this high level makes the sensitive situation expected to be broken...Click to view full text

  The lighthouse on the sea: a small rebound after the inertia

The trend of the Shanghai stock market's rallying retreat is basically in line with last week's view that Bowen's "down relay has a low point." On the daily chart, the MACD indicator line and the KDJ indicator line have a dead fork resonance state, indicating that the short-term adjustment has a downward momentum; the stock index that breaks the 8-day moving average has the desire to touch the 13-day moving average (3169 points) according to the principle of “reporting system”. However, the 5-week moving average and the 8-day moving average (3099 points) are respectively upward trending, and the falling stock indexes constitute the top support. Therefore, it is believed that the market will rebound slightly after the inertia of the market, and the area where the stock index will fall back again is likely to cause a rebound between 3130 and 3093.Click to view full text

  Camel _ bell: How long will the hop on the market last?

Technically, at the high point of the index, the more the camel bell should be alert to everyone’s cautious treatment.BrokerThe agency's point of view last Monday was because there were 3,500 points of pressure on the brokerage agency after 3,200 points, which led to a lot of people rushing into the quilt. Seeing that the index was pulled back today, some people feel that they want to solve the problem, but it is not. Zhou said that the pull index is dominated by blue-chip white horses and other constituent stocks. It has nothing to do with individual stocks. When stocks do not have obvious funds to return, they will not move at the moment. It is easy to get rid of individual stocks...Click to view full text

  Yu name: 5 days to complete staged high points have been clear

After the steel stocks that watched the door stocks rose sharply on the 4.8th last week, they reminded us that we must not only clarify the correctness of the previous ideas, but also gain the benefits. We must pay attention to another meaning, that is, whether this means the future. In 3-5 trading days, the market will establish a phased top interval, which is also to be considered. The GEM is better and clearer. Although it has refreshed the long-lost high point on 4.8 (the last high point was 3.12), it just confirmed the expansion of the high and low points of the bell mouth. The primary goal is to cover up. 4.1 days gap, then the platform will be launched above the 3.4-day gap, time accumulation, today the GEM fell below the 30-day line, obviously it is going to run here...Click to view full text

  Windy wind: the main fund rallies are lightening

Today’s decline is mainly due to the fact that the macro economy is stabilizing and the anticipatory liquidity reversal indicator is also quite interesting.Main forceInstitutional funds are inevitable as they rush to lighten up their positions. For the market outlook, as long as the 3100 points are supported, the third wave of the main rising trend will still exist. If there is a gap on March 29, the adjustment will be in a difficult situation. In operation, it is more reasonable to open a position to a semi-storage today, at the end of the market or in the second half of the week...Click to view full text

  There is wealth in the stock market: Will it start to fall sharply in the short term?

As for the reason why the market opened higher and lower today, it was very simple. When the short-term technical indicators of the market were not repaired, a series of economic data was unexpectedly announced last weekend, which led to a brief short-term interruption. Although it opened higher today, it opened higher. Large financial sector insurance, bank pull-up can not attract off-market funds to enter the market, which led to only a retreat in the afternoon, the three major indexes in the end of the diving all green, which is an inevitable result. As for the next big market, is there a big drop? I think the second wave adjustment mode is based on the ABC structure mode...[Click to view full text

  Old China: Those sinful daily limit flowers

On the technical level, as mentioned in the weekly review last Friday, the adjustment did not end, and despite the big profit on the weekend, it failed to unexpectedly close. Today is the sixth trading day since 3288. After March 7 and March 21, it has only been adjusted for 6 trading days. After that, there is a flat-bottomed positive line, followed by a 5-6 trading day. Tomorrow, Tuesday, after the 10-day moving average, if there is not enough opening tomorrow morning, there may be a possibility of reversing. If we can only maintain the wide fluctuation of the box, then there is only a short-term opportunity. At that time, we should pay attention to the collective attack of some funds in some star sectors and individual stocks to find out the context to judge the big opportunities on the short-term...Click to view full text

  Bin Ge watched the market: Why did the market go high and go low?

Stimulated by the good news on the weekend and the good performance of the European and American stock indexes, the market opened up sharply in early trading. After the market opened higher, the market started to fluctuate and the market was weaker. The afternoon market continued this trend. In the trend of inaction, the index is a full-line replenishment gap, and finally the market once again closes the upper shadow line, then why the market has a high opening and low walking phenomenon...Click to view full text

                (Editor: DF062)

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