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Xiangcai Securities: A-share market local opportunity main exposure

May 15, 2019 15:04
Author: Fan wave

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[Xiangcai Securities: A-share market local opportunity main line exposure] From today's disk, the broader market out of the rising market, this is the second time after the single-day surge on Friday (May 10) The effect of making money on the disk is very obvious. Driven by the main line “low position + low valuation + high growth + high transfer”, some old hot spots in the early stage have also begun to be active, and local opportunities are in full swing.

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Today, the two stock indexes opened higher, and then the high position was consolidated until noon; the stock index continued to attack in the afternoon; the hot spot: public transportation, wine making,food and drink,oil,Culture and education,papermaking,InsuranceThe artificial meat, seed industry, hydrogen energy, fuel cell, shale gas and other sectors performed strongly; in general: today's market is showing a big rise.

If we insist on reading our opinions every day, we believe that our understanding of our ideas will be more profound. At the end of April, we will continue to remind us of the risks and give the bottom line. Recently, we have more emphasis on local opportunities. “Low level + low valuation + high Growth + high transfer has formed the main line of recent hot stocks.

In the blog post of "Several local varieties were hunted by funds", Xiang Bo Securities Fan Bo made it clear: "The personalized performance is normal after the rapid decline of the water level in the market. The index will not show a big performance, indicating that the large funds have no action for the time being. But it does not affect the presentation of local opportunities. From the perspective of these viewpoints, people with high savvy should understand that local opportunities are the focus of our views.

From today's disk, the broader market went out of the rising market of Zhongyang. This is the second time after the single-day surge on Friday (May 10). The effect of making money on the disk is very obvious, in the main line "low + low" Driven by the valuation + high growth + high turnover, some of the old hot spots in the early stage have also begun to be active, and local opportunities are in full swing.

To sum up one sentence: the essence of the stock market is about fluctuations in value. After a rapid rapid decline, for some stocks, it actually shortens the time for valuation decline. From this perspective, the interpretation of local opportunities is reasonable.

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(Article source: Xiangcai Securities)

                (Editor: DF064)

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