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Jufeng Investment: A shares have gone out of their own "feelings"

May 15, 2019 15:09
Author: Guo Yiming
source: Jufeng Finance

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[Jufeng Investment Gu: A shares have gone out of their own "feelings"] Although the short-term market trend is good, we have repeatedly suggested appropriate follow-up, but here is still recommended investors to maintain positions, play a defensive counter-attack strategy. On the one hand, mid-line investors continue to follow up on quality targets, especially those with stable operations and good performance. On the other hand, short-term investors can pay close attention to the early hot spots of the recent correction.

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   Today's summary

Today, both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher. After the opening shocks, they were ushered in with the help of heavyweights. However, the market momentum was effectively followed and the index rallied. Since then, the oil sector has ushered in and the index continues to operate at a high level. Afternoon,InsuranceUnder the leadership of the sector, financial stocks started across the board, and the index quickly rebounded to regain the 10-day moving average, continuing the rebound pattern since last Friday.

  Tomorrow strategy

After the US stock market crashed, it ushered in a small rebound, while the A-share market also opened higher and higher. It is worth noting that after the continuous correction, the recent market trend is obviously strong, especially the non-following of the US stock market crash and the surge of US stocks after the small increase, it is out of their own "feelings."

From the perspective of the day, the market has ushered in a long-lost general increase. In particular, the return of financial stocks and the rise of white horse stocks, the market sentiment quickly gathered, the mood quickly rebounded, and the short-term enthusiasm began to appear. However, it should be noted that the current market cannot be called complete security. After all, the external environmental adverse factors remain, short-term uncertainties still exist, and the market volume is not effectively released or it is also a strong wait-and-see mood.

Therefore, despite the good short-term market trend, we have repeatedly suggested appropriate follow-up, but here is still recommended investors to maintain positions, play a defensive counter-attack strategy. On the one hand, mid-line investors continue to follow the high quality standards on dips, especially in terms of business stability.PerformanceA good part of the big blue chip; on the other hand, short-term investors can fully pay attention to the early hot spots of the recent callback.

  Operational attention

In operation, the center line continues to select high-quality targets for layout, while the short-term can continue to play the stock game, and at the same time prepare for the bargain-hunting and the opening of positions. On the specific target, blue-chip stocks with good performance and excellent performance and growth leaders can give priority attention.

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(Article source: Jufeng Finance)

                (Editor: DF064)

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