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(5/15) Mingbo sees the market: shrinking the big Yang line to open the road

May 15, 2019 16:18
source: Oriental Fortune Securities Institute

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[(5/15) 名博看后市: shrinking the big Yang line to open the rebound road] Today this signal evolved into a big sun, the station stood on the 10-day moving average, but the market fell back, regretfully no more than last Friday Closing price. Tomorrow is Thursday, with the psychological impact of Black Thursday, bringing some small hidden dangers. A-shares will enter a rebound period with a rebound target of 3027 points. But just because the rebound has a goal, this goal is not an infinite reversal, so the rebound process will be very tortuous.

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  Old China: The shrinking big Yang line opens the road

Yesterday, Bowen pointed out that don't be discouraged, a good signal is faint. Today, this signal evolved into a big sun, and the 10-day moving average was on the plate, but the market fell back, unfortunately not exceeding the closing price on Friday. Tomorrow is Thursday, with the psychological impact of Black Thursday, bringing some small hidden dangers. A-shares will enter a rebound period with a rebound target of 3027 points. But just because the rebound has a goal, this goal is not an infinite reversal, so the rebound process will be very tortuous...Click to view full text

  Bin Ge Watch: Continue to do more conditions

Affected by the rise of the late market, coupled with the so-called emotional easing, the market early index showed a slightly higher open state. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher in the third line. The early market was more volatile at the high level, and the index strengthened further in the afternoon. It is also full of red on Wednesday, and the daily line is closed, so what are the conditions for continuing to do more for the current market...[Click to view full text

  Liang Zhu: Rebound continues to require heavy volume

On Wednesday, the market opened 19 points higher at 2902 points, which also became the lowest point of the whole day. After that, the market rose slightly and then walked out of the small consolidation trend. In the afternoon, the market opened up and climbed up to 2945 points, and the market fell slightly. It closed at 2938 points, up 55 points, with a turnover of 226.2 billion yuan, and closed a small Yang line. The market opened higher today and closed the Yangxian line, but the transaction volume is not large, indicating that the market continues to rebound and the volume needs to be matched.Click to view full text

  蜀人梓州: Meet the same day on Thursday, cut the leeks

The first time of the big rise finally arrived as soon as possible! The Shanghai Composite Index returned to above the key position of 2930. The three major indices of Shenzhen Stock Exchange both rose by more than 2%. From the transaction to 510 billion, after the continuous leveraged “foreign capital” flowed out, the northward capital returned to the pattern of more than 1 billion. 514 before the wind and high waves, then sunny days! After walking through this golden pit, now every upside point may be the last to get on the train, the back cover cuts the leekHershey'sMachine...Click to view full text

  Amoy Masters 2000: Focus on this main line after the big rise

Yesterday, it was said that since it is a shock pattern, the opportunity to buy and sell points is also highlighted in the shock, so that if it rises more, it will fall and fall, and if it falls more, it will rise and rise. Don't think that a fall is a bear market. A rise is the psychological sentiment of the bull market. The current amount can be continuously stabilized. It fell yesterday. Today it rebounded as scheduled. Next, it will complete the gap in the shock pattern. breakthrough. In terms of operation, it is necessary to lightly index the stocks, pay attention to the grasp of the high and low points of the turbulence rhythm, and superimpose the fundamentals of the leading stocks with industrial policy advantages as the main opening direction...Click to view full text

  Trend Cruise: There is still a bit of a shortage in the big jump

After the Shanghai-Hong Kong Shenzhen Stock Exchange began to flow into the market, the market began to pull up and strengthen, and the volume of the market began to increase simultaneously, but this amount can still be lower than the capacity of about 270 billion yuan in the front of the market. Therefore, the market is late. There is a fall in the market, but this is also a big shortage in the market today, but it is good to shrink in the morning, and the volume will start to increase in the afternoon. Therefore, we think the market is still relatively healthy. If the attack is near this, the market is still this amount of energy, we must be careful that the market will rise and fall back and adjust again...Click to view full text

  Golden Sky: Is the stage opportunity coming?

Today, there is a good increase, and it also benefits from the recent big events. When the US falls sharply, we will resist the fall; if the US rises, we will also rise. It is expected that it will continue to rebound tomorrow, but there will be more obvious pressure on 2950 and above, and the U-turn will be turned back at any time.Click to view full text

  Haixi Yiwo: After the resistance level is adjusted, it will go up again.

On Thursday, the news and the trend of US stocks have a direct impact on the market. If the periphery is favorable, then it will rebound to the 2950-2960 area, and it is more likely to fall back. It is advantageous to take the initiative to enter the 2915 area and shrink back. Then go up...[Click to view full text

  Yuhui battleship: Resonance is rising, but the amount can be overdrawn.

The Shanghai Composite Index traded more than 220 billion in the whole day, indicating that there was a heavy volume in the afternoon, but there was still an overdraft in the increase in the incremental trading and the index. Therefore, if the amount cannot be actively replenished on Thursday, the probability of the index going back is greater. On the whole, the index is still dominated by fluctuations between the upper and lower gaps. Investors still need to control their positions, or they can adopt a strategy of big sales and big sales.Click to view full text

  Jade Name: Hot-spot day trip and adjustment of the law of more varieties rebound

Wednesday is a week for the market, the most likely stage of technical rebound, and Thursday is adjusting pressure, and the news is sensitive on Friday. Therefore, the market should have an overshoot on Wednesday. At this time, the amount of energy is particularly important. If the volume is reduced, even if it is overshoot, it will lead to a fall, which also means that the capital confidence is insufficient; while the quantity can be enlarged, the index can be active, which is the focus of today. Yuming believes that from the results, it basically meets the relevant expectations, so we must also be careful about the adjustment pressure on Thursday after the rebound, mainly because the recent hot spots are not good enough, and also related to the shrinkage...Click to view full text

  There is wealth in the stock market: Why do you want to receive a cross star tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the black Thursday magic day, will the market continue to push up? My answer is definitely not, because the first volume has not been amplified, of course, the rebound may wait until the amount of magnification may be head. Second, the current market is not stable. If there is a slight ups and downs, it will fall. It is necessary to prevent the European and American markets from continuing to fall, and to prevent the United States from making a bad future. The third short-term technical support for the rebound, so the market volatility will not change, the operation is on the rhythm, holding stocks to rise, tomorrow's trend I expect to fall back, accept a small Yinxian, Xiaoyang line or cross star does not matter, As long as you don't change the rebound trend, you don't need to panic...Click to view full text

(Article Source:Oriental wealthSecurities Research Institute)

                (Editor: DF062)

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