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Chaos and Probability 1997 talks wonderfully: With these three conditions, A-shares can bottom out.

May 15, 2019 16:42
source: Oriental Fortune Securities Institute

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[Chaos and Probability 1997 talks wonderfully: With these three conditions, A-shares can bottom out] This year, from 2440 to 3288, it rose 848 points. In just 11 trading days, it was more than half of the callback, and it fell 450 points. Last Friday, the bad news was exhausted, and the Jedi rebounded, rising 88 points.

  Guests in this issueChaos and Probability 1997in5month15In the Japanese stock interview,With these three conditions, A-shares can bottom out..So what are the wonderful ideas?

This year, it rose from 2440 to 3288, up 848 points. In just 11 trading days, it was more than half of the callback, and it fell 450 points. Last Friday, the bad news was exhausted, and the Jedi rebounded, rising 88 points.

On Monday, it was reported that the two sides may continue to talk during the Japanese g20.

Under such a confusing situation, where will A shares go? Can the market continue? Or when will you see the outsole going out of the trend?

[The following is a wonderful view of the interview]

1. What theme mining tools were used before the big one? If you want to learn to engrave, is there any information recommended? For example, there are other programming language foundations, how to learn the design of stock indicators. Is there an index chaotic period, is there a chance for a stock market? Thank you

(05-15 15:29:22) Chaos and Probability 1997: I mainly look at the news of various financial websites. Then I made a timetable myself. Every month, what meeting, what subject matter, I will remember it. Every year, as long as the market is good, I will follow the steps, according to the chronological order of each subject, choose the stock according to the taste of the hot money, and lie down and wait for the hot money to lift the sedan. The key is that the market is better, the market is good, and there is a peace of mind. If you want to learn to engrave the boat, the ordinary stocks will be fine. In the chaotic period of the index, as a subject matter, I have to say that it is possible to make money, or it may be a big loss. Under this cognition, even if you choose a bull stock, you can't take it. It doesn't make sense to choose a bull stock. right?

2. Hello, can you talk about buying and selling points?

(05-15 15:32:27) Chaos and Probability 1997: I am used to the point of buying and selling. It is to find the stocks that are on the ground, urgently need to make up, buy in the fall, turn red and not chase. Try to find a drop of 1, 3, and 5 thresholds. Sell ​​and try to find the 3, 5, and 7 thresholds. After doing so for many years, I finally realized that the Chinese stock market has always been a game of high throwing and low sucking. It is silly and holding stocks. Unless you buy white wine, it is a roller coaster.

3. At the end of June, what are the investment directions at the beginning of July?

(05-15 15:39:44) Chaos and Probability 1997: I have a timetable for this. Act on the table every year. In the beginning, because we can't determine the day when the lowest point appeared, we can do etf first. why? Because in the last few days of the bottom, often the most fierce killing of stocks, buy two days earlier, maybe eat two more limit. However, if you buy etf, you can avoid the risk of individual stocks, and if you do something wrong, you will not retreat. Then, you can do flexibility, turn the subject stocks, military stocks can pay attention, because October is the 60th anniversary of the military parade. Or the GEM etf, as well as the performance stocks, because in July and August to start speculation. By the end of September, clearance, to avoid the plunge in the second half. The brokerage firm will be the last two trading days in September. After the National Day, there will be a wave of market brokers. Clearance in November. You can look at the normal non-bull non-bear year, such as 2016, 2017, 2010, 2013, is this rhythm I said?

4. I don’t know how to enter the three admission conditions that the big teacher said. Can you say it again? Thank you, thank you.

(05-15 15:47:58) Chaos and Probability 1997: I currently presuppose three conditions: 1. Monetary policy withstands inflation and exchange rate pressure, regardless of disregard, and exceeds expectations. 2. Alleviate the expectations and hopes of ending the dispute in the market. 3, time to reach the end of June, the first two conditions in early July is the reason for the bottom of the stock market this year, but also the reason for peaking. Satisfy one. When the third article is met, I have to observe the technical form of the market at that time, and the monetary policy is expected to make another decision.

5. The stock price trend and the MACD indicator deviate from the daily line. Sometimes it is adjusted to the top, and sometimes it is new, including the index. How to judge whether to peak?

(05-15 15:54:46) Chaos and Probability 1997: Sometimes macd deviates from a new high and sometimes falls. Explain that this indicator does not help to determine whether to see the top, right? How can a forecast with a winning rate of 4 to 60% help predict? Therefore, it can only be used as a standard for the operation of the entrance and exit, which may be possible. But if you use it to predict whether it is top, that won't work. At the top is the act of large capital flows, which can be seen without indicators. I can give a suggestion - bull market, uptrend big stop loss. Bear market small stop loss. Small stop loss at key times (such as April). This will help you escape.

(Article Source:Oriental wealthSecurities Research Institute)

                (Editor: DF064)

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