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List of good news of listed companies on the evening of May 15 (attached list)

May 15, 2019 18:50
source: Oriental Fortune Securities Institute

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A number of listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges released important on the evening of May 15.announcementThe following is a summary of the good news:

  Mei Kailong:AlibabaOver 4.3 billion full subscription of exchangeable bonds issued by Red Star Holdings

  Mei Kailong(601828) Announcement on the evening of May 15th, company holdingshareholderRed Star Holdings successfully issued exchangeable bonds, with a total of 4.359 billion yuanAlibabaFull subscription. The exchangeable bonds issued by Red Star Holdings are based on some of the A shares of the company they hold andPledgeThe suffocation generated during the period was the target, the bond term was 5 years, and the initial conversion price was 12.28 yuan/share.

  Huicheng Technology: Proposed to be 50 million yuan to 100 million yuanRepoShare

  Huicheng Technology(002168) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company intends to buy back shares in a centralized bidding transaction. The repurchase amount is not less than 50 million yuan, and does not exceed 100 million yuan. The repurchase price does not exceed 15 yuan/share.

  Jinglan Technology: Subsidiary won the bid of 85.5 million yuan landscape project

  Jinglan Technology(000711) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company's controlling subsidiary Jinglan Garden was identified as the winning bidder of the landscape project of Jingwu Cultural Park Project in Xiqing District, Tianjin, with a bid price of 85.503 million yuan. The project cycle is implemented from May 11th to October 5th.

  Gujiajiao: More than 1 billion plans to build custom smart home manufacturing projects

  Gujiajiao(603816) Announced on the evening of May 15th, the company signed the "Gujia Customized Smart Home Manufacturing Project Investment Agreement" with the Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster Management Committee, and plans to invest 1.007 billion yuan to build a custom smart home manufacturing project. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, and will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2021. It is expected to reach the level before the end of 2026. It is expected to achieve a production capacity of 10 million square meters of customized household products.Operating income2 billion yuan.

  Yiwei Lithium Energy: plans to expand the scale of power battery production

  Yiwei Lithium Energy(300014) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company plans to expand the scale of power battery production in China, and the investment regulation simulation will not exceed 3.5 billion yuan.

  Zhongtai Shares: Established a subsidiary to seize the hydrogen energy market

  Zhongtai Shares(300435) Announced on the evening of May 15, in order to promote the company's development in the hydrogen energy industry and quickly seize the relevant market, the company plans to invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary "Hangzhou Zhongtai Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd." with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. .

  Longji shares: Signed a purchase of about 4.25 billion yuancontract

  Longji shares(601012) Announced on the evening of May 15th, in order to ensure the stable supply of photovoltaic glass, the company's 8 subsidiaries andFollettGroup, AnhuiFollett, Zhejiang Jiafu, VietnamFollettSigned a purchase agreement on photovoltaic glass, the estimated total contract amount is about 4.25 billion yuan (including tax), accounting for about 25% of the company's 2018 annual operating costs.

  Chengbang shares: Successfully won the bid of RMB 126 million

  Chengbang shares(603316) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company became Ningbo Bay, NingboGeely AutomobileThe first winning bidder of the municipal engineering project with an annual output of 300,000 sets of body parts projects in the double-units of the component company, with a winning bid price of 126 million yuan, and a successful bidding period of 320 days.

  Kodak: It is planned to acquire Dongtian Optoelectronics for no more than 351 million yuan

  Kodak(002816) Disclosure of major assets on the evening of May 15ReorganizationThe plan is to purchase 100% equity of Hubei Dongtian Photoelectric Material Technology Co., Ltd. ("Dongtian Optoelectronics") through the issuance of shares. The transaction price is expected to not exceed 351 million yuan. Dongtian Optoelectronics specializes in precision optoelectronic thin film components, and the company is in the leading position in the field of precision cleaning equipment. Therefore, this transaction is conducive to the synergy between the two parties and expand the company's business scope. Company stock May 16Resumption of trading.

  Gold certificate: Subsidiary will receiveHong Kong Stock Exchange233 million yuan shares

  Gold certificate(600446) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company's controlling subsidiary, Ronghui Tongjin, intends to introduce capital increase and shareNew shareseastHong Kong Stock ExchangeWholly-owned subsidiaryHong Kong Stock Exchange(China), the company intends toHong Kong Stock Exchange(China), Ningbo Zhongchuang, etc. signed a capital increase agreement,Hong Kong Stock Exchange(China) intends to subscribe for the newly added registered capital of Ronghui Tongjin for 233 million yuan. After the transaction,Hong Kong Stock Exchange(China) will hold a 51% stake in Ronghui Tongjin.

  Entrepreneurship: won the bid of 594 million yuan sewage treatment project

  Entrepreneurship(600874) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company became the winning bidder of the “Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) model to build the first and second sewage treatment plant project (Second) of the Suzhou District of Jiuquan City. 594 million yuan.

  Haley: Repurchase company shares up to 3%

  Haley(002206) Announced on the evening of May 15, as of now, the company's cumulative repurchase of shares accounted for 3% of the total share capital, the highest transaction price of 5.01 yuan / share, the lowest transaction price of 3.69 yuan / share, the total turnover of 153 million yuan (excluding transaction fee).

  Ping An: 2019 annual long-term service plan completed stock purchases and purchases nearly 4.3 billion yuan

  Ping An(601318) Announced on the evening of May 15, the company's 2019 annual long-term service plan completed the purchase of shares through the secondary market from May 7 to May 14, and purchased a total of 5,427,700 shares of the company's A shares, with a total turnover of 4.296 billion. Yuan, the average transaction price is about 79.1 yuan / share.

  Di Wei Xun: Proposed acquisition of about 75% equity of Win-win Albert

  Di Wei Xun(300167) On the evening of May 15, the company disclosed the major asset restructuring plan. The company intends to acquire 75.40% equity of Winwin Weiye by means of issuing shares and paying cash. It also plans to raise matching funds for non-public offering of no more than 5 specific targets. The proposed price of the transaction is still uncertain. Win-win Albert is a dominant player in the field of enterprise network communication equipment production. This transaction will further enhance the company's competitiveness in smart city construction. The company's stock resumed trading on May 16.

  Caesar culture: The proposed increase of funds will not exceed 900 million yuan to build a game project

  Caesar culture(002425) Announced on the evening of May 15th that the proposed non-public offering will not exceed 163 million shares, and the fundraising will not exceed 960 million yuan. It will be used for game R&D and operation construction projects, agent game overseas issuance projects, and supplementary liquidity. In addition, the company's previous non-public offering plan expired.

  Kangtai Bio: Proposed to raise more than 3 billion yuan to build a vaccine project

  Kangtai Bio(300601) Announced on the evening of May 15 that the proposed non-public issuance does not exceed 120 million shares, and the total amount of fundraising does not exceed RMB 3 billion. It is used for the construction project of the new international vaccine industrial base of Minhai Biological (Phase I) and supplementary liquidity. . The above project plans to develop and produce a series of vaccines for the adsorption of cell-free white sputum poliovirus and Haemophilus influenzae type b, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, and phlegm.

(Article Source:Oriental wealthSecurities Research Institute)

                (Editor: DF062)

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