Mr. Zhang from Shanghai: I often see stocks being suspended due to various issues. Is there any time limit for the exchange to suspend the stock of listed companies?

Industrial Securities Shanghai Tianyaoqiao Road Sales Department: The purpose of the exchange's suspension of listed company stocks is to solve the problem of investor information asymmetry. It highlights the abnormal warning suspension of information disclosure of listed companies, such as untimely disclosure, suspected violations of laws and regulations, and stock price changes. After the suspension of trading, as long as the listed company fully, accurately and completely discloses the information that may have a greater impact on the trading price of the company's stock and its derivative products, the company's stock and its derivatives can be resumed.

The circumstances and time of suspension of trading resumes are detailed in Chapter 12 of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules and Chapter 12 of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules. The suspension period depends on the reason for the suspension. Some of the suspensions have time limits, and some suspensions have no time limit. If the company does not disclose the information in time, the company's stock and its derivatives will be suspended for a longer period of time. The exchange and other securities regulatory authorities will take various measures to continuously urge the company and related information disclosure obligors to fulfill their information disclosure obligations, so that the company's stock and its Derivatives will resume trading as soon as possible, effectively safeguarding the rights of investors to know and trade.

Q: Is the sales department obligated to notify the investors themselves after the allotment and new shares are signed?

A: The general sales department should handle it in accordance with the written agreement with the investor. Normally, after the investor has made a designated transaction in the securities business department, the securities business department will solicit the investor's will and sign the “new stock placement agency agreement”, and both parties must be bound by the content of the agreement.

Therefore, the securities business department is obliged to notify the winning investors to pay the payment within the specified time. If the contact address and telephone number provided by the investor are not true or the obligation is not promptly notified due to the change, the resulting losses shall be signed by the investment. Self-sufficient. If the securities business department and the winning investor do not sign the "New Share Placing Agent Agreement", the securities business department is not obliged to notify the winning investors. (Shanghai Stock Exchange)